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Factoring Broker at Home Office IACFB International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers Alternative Commercial Finance for Entrepreneurs and Today's Mobile Creatives

Campus IACFB Independent Training and Support
for Factoring, Small Business, and Cash Flow Broker Services

Business and Personal Non-Bank Finance
Factoring Broker Business Opportunity

The Ultimate Home-Based Career Opportunity

An exceptional opportunity for those seeking a professional home-business with low initial costs and unlimited income potential.

Programs for Part Time and Full Time Consultants

An exceptionally flexible home-based business enterprise and perfect for those working part-time as well full time career seekers. 

Factoring broker e-learning career training.

Affordable E-Learning. What You Need to Get Started

An exceptionally affordable online e-learning training campus.  Get started today and begin earning your share of our residual commission income.

Expand Your Horizons. Complete Support for America's Growing Independent Network of IACFB Members

Available Business Financing and Personal Finance

You Earn Exceptional Commissions Helping Small Business Owners Source the Capital They Need and Deserve

One of the most popular home-business opportunities for today’s individual is brokering business transaction such as financing Small Business Loans, factoring invoice finance, asset-faced loan, inventory and many, many, more.  Complete training as a home-based broker is FREE with IACFB’s DataMax Factoring and Small Business Finance.

Provide Immediate Liquidity for Owners of Private Mortgage Notes, Personal Cash Needs, and personal capital need.

In addition to providing to ready capital for business needs, IACFB brokers provide “Cash Flow” individual solutions for holder’s of private real estate mortgage notes, structured cash-outs, inheritance cash advances, and many more.  Additionally, such professionals use their expertise to connect individuals to all source to kinds of capital to everything thing to new home finance to automobile loans.  Today’s “Cash Flow Brokers” are providing unlimited opportunities for home-based entrepreneurs.    

A Freelance Factoring Broker Studying at Campus IACFB

500 Broker-Friendly Capital Provider. Find your capital for client's as an IACFB Member with access to the Directory of American Factors and Lenders.

One of the most valuable results provided by independent consultants is, of course, experience.  Never again worry of finding the perfect source of capital for one of your clients.  The Directory of American Factors and Lenders with  over 500 broker-friendly is now available to your.

Assist Your B2B Clients with Their Business Finance Needs

Accounting Professionals: Earn Lucrative Residual Commission Income Both During and After Tax Season

For those entrepreneurs operating a business on a B2B basis and invoicing for their services, serious cash flow problems can present themselves when good customers are also “slow payers” on their invoices.   Solutions for such problems of cash flow become critical when the ability to make timely payroll is at risk and it is very common for clients to turn to their trusted CPA or similar accounting professional when seeking solutions to such problems of cash flow.

Worldwide, factoring is the most common method of business finance readily brought to bear to solve capital deficiencies when it comes to making company payrolls and all accounting professionals should familiar with factoring and it’s benefits.  And, the great news is that by learning more about factoring and alternative methods of small business finance, accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparers can not only assist their clients with their financing needs, but also create a dependable source of residual income for their own firms. 

Expand Your Private Mortgage Note Consulting Business as a Private Cash Flow Consultant.

Provide Capital to Factoring and Asset-Based Borrowers
Start a Factoring Broker Business

At IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers), we provide comprehensive factoring training for not only independent brokers, but for all types of interested professionals.  And, accessing out training couldn’t be easier.  To begin, all you need do is register by clicking the REGISTRATION button below to begin learning all about our exciting industry with our FREE 7-part Factoring Broker Crash Course as well as other complimentary basic factoring lessons located in the Campus Learning Lab.

Once we have received your registration and request for guest access, we will set up your “USER” account here at the Campus and you will enjoy a full 60 days access to our Learning Lab as well as our Campus Magazine for factoring consultants at Commercial Finance 

Become an IIACFB Registered Guest

Register...Guest Membership is FREE

Become an Industry Broker / Agent.  Learn Factoring with Comprehensive IACFB Training

Do Monthly Residual Commissions and Life-of-Account Payments excite you?  If so, you’re not alone and that’s what draws most to this unique, under-the-radar, home-based profession.  And for today’s mobile creatives and entrepreneurial self-starters, becoming a factoring consultant and successfully entering the industry can mean a home-based professional career almost like no other.

Like most work-from-home niches of consulting, factoring brokers enjoy an exceptional amount of flexibility as to how and how often they work which makes this business perfect for those simply seeking a part time profession they can enter to supplement the income from a current career.  For example, bookkeepers and other accounting professionals can benefit enormously from learning about factoring and other alternative commercial finance products and can become indispensable to their clients seeking growth and working capital and especially so in today’s COVID economy.

At IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers), we provide comprehensive factoring training for not only independent brokers, but for all types of interested professionals.  And, accessing out training couldn’t be easier.  All you need do is register by clicking the button at left to begin learning with our FREE 7-part Factoring Broker Crash Course

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Student Testimonials

  • If you are considering a new source of income, and are investigating the factoring and accounts receivable industry as a broker, then this program is a great place to start to get the background. The first half of the program explains the industry itself and the second half of the program will help you in marketing and setting yourself up as a broker.

    Jonathan Mills
    Freelance Broker
  • What a program which teaches you all the ins and outs of factoring business; nothing is left to imagination, contains A to Z instructions to know the industry, set up your business and market it for generous returns that keeps coming to you with very little maintenance effort.

    Mohammad Ejaz
    Independent Broker