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Consultants Guide to Factoring

2021 Training Guide
Pre-Order and SAVE!

2021 Factoring Consultant Training Guide

We’ve had way too many calls for a reprint of the popular Factoring 101 Guide to ignore it so a slightly updated version of the 2015 guide is headed to the printer and should be available at Amazon by the end of the month.  The price of the new guide at Amazon will be $79.95 as it now includes Business-in-a-Box access at Campus IACFB for all purchasers.  (204 pages)

Since the guides will be delivered to the IACFB offices from the printer (Docucopies) prior to shipping to Amazon, we will be offering print version guides to IACFB members for just $19.95 plus $10 shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. 

Expect Delivery on or About March 4th

2021 Guide

Questions and Answers

I have the 2015 Factoring 101 Guide. Should I order the new guide?

No.  The guides are very similar and as a purchaser of the previous version, you already have FREE access to the continuing education training at the Campus due to our “grandfather” policy.

Does This mean that all new IACFB Members will come through Amazon in the future?

Yes.  As in the past, all new IACFB members will come through the Amazon “portal”.

I'm not an IACFB Member. How Can I get the Guide?

This particular off is only available to IACFB Members and DataMax Cash Flow / Note Brokers currently hosting their websites at DataMax.  If you are not an IACFB member currently, not is a great time to become one with the current membership drive in effect.  Membership is currently just $29.95 plu subscription.   (See Promotion)

How To Order

You must be an EXISTING client of DataMax to order and we are only making the new guide available under this offer to existing…

  • Factoring Brokers
  • Mortgage Note Brokers 
  • Cash flow Brokers

To order the new 2021 guide at the pre-print price, simply…

  • Go to DataMax Hosting  (
  • Log into your account
  • From the NAVIGATION BAR on your customer dashboard select SERVICE > VIEW AVAILABLE
  • Select the 2021 Factoring Consultant Guide from the Add-Ons offered.