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Earn residual, life-of-account commission income.  Build books of business and build a new life with passive monthly income from factoring.  

A completely “under-the-radar” but highly professional home business opportunity that allows you to work from anyplace, anytime and with complete training from Campus IACFB.

The Ultimate Home-Based Business

NEW for 2021: Member Website Support

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Free WordPress for All Members

Website Questions and Answers

Can I Elect a Supersite Without the Cash Flow Products?

Absolutely!  Supersites are WordPress and to disconnect the Cash Flow Products, we would simple remove them from your Navigation Menu

How Easy is the Elementor Drag and Drop Page Editor to Use?

Elementor is an exceptionally easy page editor to learn and with it, you will be able to modify your website and add or subtract content at any time.  This is important for those IACFB Members that earn additional commission income from affiliate programs.

Is there training in the Campus for Elementor?

No, but only because there is so much quality “How To” training regarding Elementor on YouTube.  We do provide links to these videos in the Campus

Free WordPress for All Members

Factoring Broker Landing Page (Free)

All new IACFB members / brokers are now provided with the option of a free, complimentary start-up landing page or a discount full content commercial finance consultant website.  Monthly hosting is included with your membership for either website.


IACFB offers new members / consultants with a FREE landing page to assist in their marketing efforts during startup.  All landing pages are platformed with WordPress and include an Elementor drag and drop plugin which means you will have full control of the content of your Landing Page and will also have the option of building out the site over time using the Elementor drag and drop page builder/editor. 

WordPress $99.95

Factoring Broker SuperSite ($99.95)

The heavily requested new “SuperSites” available through IACFB are now available at the discounted price of just $99.95 to IACFB Members.  These 11 pages sites are designed for Commercial Finance Consultants and provide support not only for those with a focus on factoring and commercial finance products but also for those that provide services for popular cash flow products as well.  Products represented include:

  • Expansive Home Page with Image Library
  • Commercial Finance Product Pages (factoring, asset-based lending, SBA lending, export trade / purchase orders)
  • Consumer Finance Products Pages (discount mortgage notes, structured settlement / annuity cash outs, inheritance advances, pre-settlement legal advances 
  • Webforms
  • Downloadable Quote / Worksheets
  • Fully operational blog