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The Ultimate Home-Based Business

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Membership and...

Joining Programs

  • AGENT:  By joining IACFB and becoming an “Active Member”, you automatically have access to Factoring 101 and “Agent” status.  This will provide you with a professionally designed production website and all the training necessary to begin earning commission income by submitting sales qualified leads and deals to factors.   (more on agent status)
  • FREELANCE FACTORING BROKER:  Freelance Factoring Brokers tend to be much more engaged in direct marketing and business development as opposed to agents and this means Factoring 202 Training and Support.  Factoring 202 is an “add-on” to your IACFB Membership.  You can add Factoring 202 on during your initial account / membership set up or at any later date.  (more on freelance broker status)
  • COMMERCIAL FINANCE CONSULTANT (Loan Broker):  Loan Broker Training greatly expands the product areas for Agent and Factoring Brokers and this training is provided in Factoring 303 which also includes access to our expansive Lender’s Directories.  As with Factoring 202, Factoring 303 training and support is an “add-on” to your membership and you will see its availability during your initial account / membership activation or it can be added at any later date.  (more on commercial finance consultant status)
It All Starts Here

Get Started! Launch Your Career

Ready to launch a career in factoring and commercial finance consulting?  If so, it all starts with IACFB membership and here’s how to get started.  

  • All IACFB Members are “active” or ready to become “active” in the industry meaning they are actively engaged in developing business and earning commissions.  To join IACFB and become an “active” member, you must first establish your business identity.  This means you need to decide upon a….
    • business name
    • domain name for your website

If you are having trouble deciding on a business name and domain name, we have an article to assist you here in the Learning Lab.  (You must be “registered” and logged in to access this article)

  • Once you have decided upon an identity, you are ready to become an “Active IACFB Member”.   By default, all IACFB Members are granted access to Factoring 101 Broker Training at the Campus so they train and begin submitting deals to industry factors or IACFB.

Getting Started

To become an “Active Member”, simply click the green button below and set up your account along with your website domain and hosting account.  Once your order is processed (within 24 hours), you will be notified and the USERNAME and PASSWORD you were given as a “Registered Guest” will now also provide you with access to Factoring 101 Training at the Campus.

The Ultimate Home-Based Business

Joining a Broker Training Program

Get Started as a Factoring Broker Today!

Membership Questions and Answers

Do you offer or provide websites for brokers?

Yes, we offer…

  • WordPress Landing pages for Sponsored Agents
  • WordPress Factoring Broker (FB-Series) Full Websites for Freelance Brokers and Consultants
  • WordPress Supersites (NB-Series) for Mortgage Note and Cash Flow Brokers

Websites or Landing Pages are included with all programs.  Hosting is included with the Sponsored Agents Program but is additional with the Freelance Program.

Will I Need a Domain for My Landing Page or Website?

An assigned domain based on your location with Sponsored Agent. For the two freelance programs, you can purchase your domain through DataMax as you purchase your program.

When you sign up through our WHMCS system at DataMax Hosting, you will have three (3) domain options…

  1.  Register a New Domain
  2. Transfer a Domain from Another Registrar
  3. Use My Existing Domain and Update My Nameservers

If you already own a domain you wish to use for your website, you would select option #3.

As a Sponsored Agent, am I required to Use IACFB for placing my deals?

If IACFB is your Sponsor, you must use IACFB.  If you are being provided IACFB training through an industry factor, you will only use that factor for deal submission from the site. 

What is the standard commission rate paid to IACFB Registered Guests

When submitting a deal through IACFB as a Registered Guest, we typically share commissions (co-broker) with a 50%/50% sharing arrangement.

IACFB Sponsored Agents are paid 10% of the factoring fees earned.

Sponsored Agents of our Member Factors earn the factors’ standard rate (10-15%)

I already have a website. What if I just want IACFB training access and a training guide?

If you simply want to access Factoring 101 training, you can do so by signing up with a factor that offers IACFB Factoring 101 “Lite” training as part it’s broker network under Sponsored Agent.  Print training guides are only available with our two freelance programs at this time.

Am I required to join a training program?

Absolutely not.  For many, simply enjoying IACFB as a Registered Guest provides enough training between the informative articles in the Learn Lab and articles in Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine to be able to…

  • identify factoring prospects
  • explain the benefits of factoring
  • and then refer the prospect to IACFB letting us close the deal for you
  • and then earn your referrer’s co-broker commission

As we have said many times before, this is an industry where anyone, and we do mean anyone, can earn some part of factoring’s near-legendary residual, life-of-account monthly income.

Are there any training discounts?

Yes.  Many factors use IACFB Agent training to train their own brokers and some factors that are building large referrer / partner programs purchase bulk “blocks” of training packages from IACFB.  These factors can provide discount PROMO CODES for their Sponsored Agents and in some cases, will offer FREE training.

Additionally, if you were one of the 800 “Factoring 101” training guides previously offered on Amazon over the last few years, you can receive a $40 discount when purchasing either the Freelance Factoring Broker Program or the Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant Program.  Use the Promo Code found on page 198.

Start Earning Today!

Standard Training Programs

For many, IACFB membership alone is all that’s necessary to successfully begin making referrals to industry factors.  Others, however, will be more focused on the career potential of developing and launching an actual “home business” as a freelance industry agent, broker, or consultant and for those entrepreneurs, IACFB provides three (3) Campus training programs…

  • SPONSORED AGENT:  Our newest broker training program at IACFB, the Sponsored Agent program is a no cost “referrer” training program centered on factoring and developing a profitable business relationship with a single lender, your “sponsor”.   The program features classes and lessons taken from Factoring 101 at the Campus and you can explore this unique program in more detail here.  
  • FREELANCE BROKER (Factoring 101 & 202):  This is our most popular program since it provides all the tools necessary for both part-time members as well as full time career seekers.  Factoring 101 provides everything necessary for a successful entry into factoring including complete training, marketing support, and website.  Explore the Freelance Factoring Broker Program here
  • FREELANCE CONSULTANT (Factoring 101, 202 & 303) The Freelance Consultant Training Program is a “full campus” training program for those individuals seeking a full time professional industry career and provides access to Factoring 101 (factoring training), Factoring 202 (marketing and productivity training), and Factoring 303 (continuing education and advanced products training).  You can learn more about the Freelance Consultant Program here
What to do next...

After Your IACFB Subscription

After you have successfully subscribed to IACFB Membership though our WHMCS at DataMax…

  • We will process your new subscription.  If you subscribe during normal IACFB operating hours (9-5 Eastern), your subscription will process within a few hours and you will receive a “Welcome Email”.  If not during normal office hours, your order will always be processed within 24 hours.
    • Guest Registration:  When we process your guest registration account, we will set you up as a “member” at the Campus and at Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine and you will have full access to all articles.
    • Sponsored Agent Program:  If you sign up for the Sponsored Agent Program at your sponsor’s special IACFB training domain, we typically process that within 24 hours and you will be provided login credentials to enter the Factoring 101 “Lite” training area of Campus training.
    • Freelance Factoring Broker and Freelance Consultant Program:  If you enter either of the Freelance Programs, you will be provided with “User” credentials for Campus access within 24 hours.
  • Website Setup:  Both the Sponsored Agents Program and the two Freelance Programs include WordPress landing pages or websites.  Complete instructions for website setup and links are located within the designated training areas.
  • Pipedrive CRM:  Both of the Freelance Programs includes a FREE 30 Trial for Pipedrive CRM.  You will receive a separate email with a link for this FREE trail subscription.  Support training and configuration training for factoring brokers is in the Campus Factoring 202 Productivity Training area.