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Affiliates / Bonus Program

IACFB Affiliates Program
Two IACFB Affiliate Program

Affiliate Bonus Earnings at IACFB

Everyone, and we do mean everyone, in America today is looking for a great home-based business opportunity they can work at part-time and earn some serious money. When it comes to home-based business opportunities that fit that bill, almost nothing compares to IACFB's Sponsored Agents and Freelance Factoring Broker Programs and for our existing program members and subscribers, you now can share the news about these exceptional programs and earn an affiliate commission in doing so. Read all the details about "Friends with Benefits" below.
Earn Affiliate Points for Leads

IACFB Sponsored Agent "Leads" Affiliate Bonus Payments

How It Works

Under the IACFB’s Sponsored Agents Program, all agents earn an affiliate payment of $5 for each qualified lead that results from a form submission from their Sponsored Agent’s Landing Page.  Generating just three (3) “qualified leads” per month generates $15 which can be used for web hosting or “banked” for other prizes.  See the Sponsored Agents Training Area for more information on “Qualified Leads”.

P.S.  It’s also important to remember that once you have generated your first client and are earning residual factoring broker commission income, your website hosting at DataMax ceases and remains zero so long as your client is actively using the services of the factor. 

What You Earn

You earn $5 Affiliate Credits to your Affiliate Bank at DataMax for each qualified lead received as a result of your submission form on your Sponsored Agent Landing Page.

Earn Affiliate Points for Leads

"Friends with Benefits" Member Referral Affiliate Payments

How It Works

With the recovery now slowly under way from the COVID pandemic, there has never been a greater need for  knowledgeable individuals (brokers) that can assist small business owners in locating the working and growth capital needed to re-start their businesses.  And without question, IACFB Sponsored Agents can play a pivotal role in assisting many of such struggling business owners.

Under the Friends with Benefits Program, IACFB Sponsored Agents can earn affiliate credits toward cash and prizes for every referral (friend) they direct to IACFB that joins the Sponsored Agents program.  It’s Friends with Benefits.

What You Earn 

Under Friends with Benefits, you earn $25 Affiliate Credits for each new referral you make to the IACFB Sponsored Agents Program.  This is above and beyond the Affiliate Credits you earn for lead submission.

How to Refer a Friend

To refer a friend to be new Member or Sponsored Agent, submit the “Refer a Friend Form” from the Campus Training Area.