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Agent Productivity Options

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Agent Productivity Options

Factor’s Agents enjoy a free and complimentary 30 day period for Factoring 101 training at Campus IACFB.  When they have completed their basic factoring course, they have two options to assist them with becoming productive.

  1. LANDING PAGE:  This is a single page WordPress landing page with lead-generating give-a-way offer of our booklet “When Banks Say No!  The Small Business Guide to Factoring”.  The WordPress landing page is free but does require hosting of $9.95 per month plus a suitable .com website domain ($14.99 per year) 
  2. WEBSITE / MARKETING PACKAGE:  This package includes a full multi-page factoring broker website and also includes full access to Factoring 202 Marketing Support at the Campus.  This package is directed towards those that want to take a more active approach towards marketing other than simply networking.  The cost of this package for agents is just $99.95 plus domain and hosting.

Questions and Answers

How Do Agents Set Up a Landing Page / Website?

It’s very easy for agents to set up their free landing page or opt for a larger, full factoring broker website and complete instructions and links are available in the Factoring 101 Training Section of the Campus.

Can a Blog be used rather than a landing page?

Absolutely and attracting active bloggers as agents is an exceptional idea.  Most bloggers are active affiliate marketers and factoring commissions paid for referrals can be looked at as a stellar affiliate marketing opportunity for bloggers. 

The importance of...

Landing pages and Websites

It’s important to never lose site of the fact that the “Agents Program” is a program strictly focused on lead-generation for your BDOs and is not designed to be a complete broker training program.  This is all about enlisting a veritable army of “bird-dogs”, provide suitable training, and then support that army with some motivational support in the form of commissions, sales, contests, etc.

Website Forms / Offers Are the Critical Component for Successful Agents

A certain percentage of the agents you enlist will come from professional ranks such as accounting, banking, leasing, and insurance professionals who will already have a website.  Many others will not and will need to set up a landing page at the very least.

From a marketing perspective, factor’s agents only have a single task and that is to generate SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) that your BDOs can follow up on.  That’s it.  That is all you expect from your agents.  And the actual daily tasks for agents is to…

  • attend face-to-face-networking events and opportunities
  • join clubs and organizations
  • get active on the web and social media platforms
  • interact with those that can be prospective factoring clients
  • send them to their landing page or website where a prospect can get more information (complete a form and download a booklet)
  • forward the prospect’s form / information request to a BDO for follow up 

Agent Operating Costs

A typical agent in your program will have negligible operating costs that will include…

  • Web hosting ($9.95 per month)
  • Business cards (monthly supply $5.00)
  • Cost associated with attending meetings and functions  (These are often costs they would incur regardless of whether they are active in factoring or not)

So agents can typically operate on about a half dollar to a dollar a day which provides an exceptional home-business opportunity when you consider the income potential from a single referral.