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Agent Program Startup

Factor's Agents
Get started earning...

Your Website is Operational

Your new Factor’s Agent Landing Page is up and operational and it’s time to get started and begin earning a share of our industry’s residual, life-of-account residual commission income.

Below you will find a short check list to make certain everything is operating as it should.  As you understand, your primary function as an agent is to provide SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) to your assigned Business Development Officer and the primary method of doing that is through the built-in OFFER / GIVE-A-WAY of a FREE booklet on factoring for business owners that visit your Landing Page.  Because of its important, we want to make certain the booklet dispenses properly and both you and your BDO receive a copy of the request.


Questions & Answers

If I find an error in my site, what should I do?

If you find an error in your website such as address or phone information of if a button or the submission form is not operating properly, do one of two things…

  • Reply to the email you were sent regarding your “Website Being Operational”…or…
  • Log into your account at and from your client dashboard, select the button to complete a “Support Ticket”

We monitor both areas multiple times each day and will correct your problem quickly.

How Do I Upgrade?

If you want to upgrade to the marketing and training support area (and larger, full factoring website), you can do so by logging in to your dashboard at and from the NAVIGATION BAR after login, select SERVICES > VIEW AVAILABLE ADDONS and you can upgrade to either the Factoring 101 Independent Broker Program or the Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant Program.  Both include the Factoring 202 module with marketing aids and support as well as the larger, 7 page, full broker website.

How Do I Access My Mail Box?

Under the Agent’s Program, we provide you with a standard Horde business mailbox with an address of where the “yourdomain” is your actual domain.  To access your mailbox and log in, go to:  (where Yourdomain is your actual domain).  That will display the log in box.  In the…

UPPER BOX:  Enter the full email you wish to check  (ex.
LOWER BOX:  Enter the password we provided you in the email we sent with the link to this page.  Note:  That is also the password we sent you for access to the training Campus at IACFB.


Check / Test Your Website

Your WordPress Landing Page is now operational and your Landing Page is a critical component for generating SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) and to your business as a whole.  Your site includes 3 pages plus a blog.  Let’s make certain they are all operating correctly. As an agent, your goal is always, always, always to direct visitors in such a way they can download your FREE offer.  To make certain they can…

  • HOME PAGE:  This is your landing page and your primary page for lead generation. 
    • There are multiple “Request Our Free Booklet” buttons on your Home Page.  Clicking on the buttons should direct a visitor to your Contact Page where a visitor can complete a form or get your contact information.  Make certain all buttons, when clicked, then display your Contact Page.
  • VIDEO:  On your Home Page there is an explanatory video on factoring.  Make certain the video plays properly when selected.
  • PHONE NUMBER:  At the bottom of your Home Page, there is a phone number for contacting you.  Make certain the phone number is correct.
  • IMAGE:  At the bottom of your Home Page, there is a “stock image” of an agent.  You can, at your option, provide us with an image of yourself and we will replace that stock image for you.
  • CONTACT PAGE:  On your Contact Page, there is a column with your contact information for your business.  Make certain it is correct
  • CONTACT PAGE FORM:  On your Contact Page, there is a form which, when completed, send the form information to both you and your sponsor / BDO.  Fill out the form with the word “test” in all information fields and SUBMIT.  Make certain your receive the “test” information in your provided business email box.  Note:  The form will also send a duplicate to your factor.  They will / should respond to let you know it has been received.
  • CONFIRMATION PAGE:  After you submit your test form, your site should automatically display your Confirmation Page which has a button where a visitor can download the offer of your FREE PDF booklet.  Click the download button to make certain the booklet displays so it can be printed out by your visitor.