SBF Agent’s Program

SBF Agent’s Program

For all DataMax web hosting clients, the SBF Agent’s Program at Campus IACFB provides an adequate level of introductory training for purposes of client referral and to begin to earn residual commission income from those referrals.  The SBF Agent’s Program, along with the free articles in the Campus Learning Lab, Blog, and IACFB’s Online Magazine at is all that is necessary for virtually anyone to participate in our lucrative industry.  This introductory training is perfect for bloggers, affiliate marketers, cash flow consultants, accounting professionals, mobile notaries, and others.


The only prerequisite for access to SBF Agent Training is having an established an active website hosting account at DMS WebHost.  

Welcome to SBF Agent Training

If you are registered as an SBF Agent at Campus IACFB, this is the place to begin your training.  To get started, click the “+” sign to open the course and view the course lessons.  Click on any lesson to begin.

Factoring Basics

Agent Productivity

  • Home Office Setup
  • Business Startup
  • Website / Blog Options
  • Networking Basics
  • Organizations to Join
  • Developing Your Blog

How to Submit Your Deal

Commissions, Bonuses, Contests

Proficiency Exam

About the SBF Agents Program

The SBF (Small Business Finance) Agent Training Program is designed for our newest members, part-time brokers, IACFB Sponsored Agents, and community professionals such as accountants, bookkeepers, insurance professionals and others.  The SBF Program is a “co-brokers” program and is the perfect place to start earning our industry’s residual commissions if you are new to the business.

Using IACFB Pre-Underwriters

As a member of the SBF Program, you will utilize IACFB Pre-Underwriters with nearly 30 years experience in the industry to both screen and close your deals.  In fact, as you will learn, under this unique program, you need do little more than initially qualify a prospect through conversation and then complete a short online application form to submit a prospect for prospective financing.  We do all the rest.

Co-Broker Fees and Commissions

As the Co-Broker / Agent, you will receive a full 50% of the factoring commission, placement fees or other commissions earned on your submission.

How to Enroll in This Program

This program and training is free to all Enterprise Website and Hosting clients of DataMax. To access this introductory training and / or enroll in the SBF Program at Campus IACFB, simply click the button below.