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Bill Porter: The Ultimate Inspiration

Bill Porter

Success as a consultant, regardless of specialty, takes both determination and perseverance and consulting in the factoring industry is no different.  Most that enter the industry come complete with a list of things they cannot or will not do when it comes to marketing their business and if that attitude does not change, most are simply doomed to fail at the business.

As most entering the industry are aware, success as a factoring broker means an opportunity to completely change your life.  The unique method factors compensate brokers and others for referrals is virtually unmatched in the consulting field.  It is so lucrative in fact, that there should be little question as to enormous benefits that come with investing the time and monies necessary to learn, train, and remake yourself so as to develop the necessary skills required for industry success.  Anyone can succeed as a factoring consultant regardless of shortcomings and there is no better example of such success against adversity than Bill Porter. 

Determination and Perseverance

Success as a freelance factoring consultant often means a complete change in lifestyle for many.  The residual income methods used by factors to compensate those referring business is near-legendary and there are very few career paths that can compete with this under-the-radar niche business.

But success as a factoring broker is a career path that takes time and patience to perfect.  Many who are looking at a “fast buck” business do not recognize it for a true career opportunity it is and drop out when they discover they will actually have to develop “success skill” and work hard to reach their goals.  In short, success in the industry takes determination and perseverance and there is no better example of an individual that succeeded through determination and perseverance than Bill Porter.


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