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Campus Access

Launch a Career as a Factoring Broker

Campus Training Access

Welcome to IACFB…Your Source for Factoring Broker Training and Support.

At IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) we have an exceptional Campus community training and support facility for those interested in pursuing a career in factoring as a professional independent freelance factoring broker / consultant.  IACFB training programs and broker support products are provided through IACFB Association Membership.   Campus Program and Pricing information is here. 

For those just exploring the industry, we have a Learning Lab which will provide you with links to our magazine and blog articles and some basic training lessons here at the Campus.  The Learning Lab is accessible to all visitors and you can access it by clicking the green button at left.

Welcome to Campus IACFB!
Launch Your Career

How to Access the Training Campus

Accessing the Members Factoring Broker Training Campus is very easy and access to all password protected areas of the Campus are controlled by the Community Forums / Bulletin Boards which act as a ‘hub” to all “Members Only” content in the Campus. 

If you are a Campus IACFB Member, to access training is simple.

  1. Click on the “LOGIN” tab on the main NAVIGATION BAR above.  
  2. Click the GREEN BUTTON to access the Forums / Bulletin Boards
  3. Using your provided credentials (USERNAME & PASSWORD), log into the Forums / Bulletin Boards
    (See complete instructions here)
  4. After successful login, mouse over the “TRAINING” tab in the MAIN NAVIGATION BAR at the top of the page.  (NOTE:  The pretty girl is pointing to it)
  5.  Click on the “Enter Campus IACFB (Members) tab to enter the Campus Training Area.


What's In the Campus?

Factoring Broker Training & Support Products

Campus IACFB is the industries largest and most affordable factoring broker training and support facility and provides new industry entrants with everything necessary to launch a business as a freelance factoring broker successfully and profitably.  In addition to it’s extensive portfolio of classes and lessons on factoring and alternative commercial finance, the Campus also proves professionally designed broker websites, landing pages, telephone scripts, templates for flyers, brochures, and mail stuffers, and much much more.

Factoring Broker Support Products