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Sponsored Factoring Agent

Building Referral Networks with the Sponsored Agents Program

Building Referral Networks with the Sponsored Agents Program Regardless of size, all factors and those engaged in alternative commercial finance strive to build networks of partners that can refer business their way.  The most common source of referrals for factors is generally lending officers at local community banks as well as the occasional local accounting […]

Building a Database of Lenders

Creating a Lenders Directory

Building Your Directory of Lenders Though often overlooked in the excitement of launching a new home-based business as a freelance independent factoring broker, one of the most important early tasks associated with this unique business opportunity is to construct your own lenders database.  Not only will you develop a solid directory of specialty lenders you […]

Factori8ng Brokers Networking

Startup Networking Opportunities for Factoring Brokers

For virtually all new industry brokers, networking represents their first steps toward business development. This is often because their first ventures into lead-generating networking can be relatively without cost and with roughly 50% of all new factoring clients being sourced as a result of networking and relationship building, it is easy to understand why networking […]

Factoring Broker Commissions

The Story of Martha

One of the most common question asked by career seekers exploring the opportunities for freelance consulting (brokering) in the factoring industry is…“Can I succeed as an industry factoring broker?” The answer to that question is definitely…“It depends on your definition of success”. From a true career standpoint, launching a career as a freelance factoring broker is […]

Factoring Broker Learning New Skills

Give Yourself a Personal Tune Up

A career as a consultant in factoring and commercial finance means you will be engaging with all types of individuals and many on a very professional level.  As we said, having good communication skills is essential.  But just as important is how people perceive you when you walk into a room.  Do you project the […]

Factoring for Cash Flow Mortgage Note Brokers

Factoring for Cash Flow Note Brokers

For Cash Flow Brokers:  Expanding Your Potential The business of brokering factoring transactions is strictly a “consulting” business which is fast becoming one of the most popular vocations in America today.  Factoring consultants occupy an especially lucrative niche in this industry and like all consultants, freelance factoring brokers come in all shapes and sizes.  One very […]

Bill Porter: The Ultimate Inspiration

Bill Porter Success as a consultant, regardless of specialty, takes both determination and perseverance and consulting in the factoring industry is no different.  Most that enter the industry come complete with a list of things they cannot or will not do when it comes to marketing their business and if that attitude does not change, […]