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Factoring Broker Commissions

The Story of Martha

One of the most common question asked by career seekers exploring the opportunities for freelance consulting (brokering) in the factoring industry is…“Can I succeed as an industry factoring broker?” The answer to that question is definitely…“It depends on your definition of success”. From a true career standpoint, launching a career as a freelance factoring broker is […]

Factoring for Cash Flow Mortgage Note Brokers

Factoring for Cash Flow Note Brokers

For Cash Flow Brokers:  Expanding Your Potential The business of brokering factoring transactions is strictly a “consulting” business which is fast becoming one of the most popular vocations in America today.  Factoring consultants occupy an especially lucrative niche in this industry and like all consultants, freelance factoring brokers come in all shapes and sizes.  One very […]

Factoring Broker at Work

Factoring Broker: A Perfect Career for Self Starters and Mobile Creatives

For today’s business opportunity seekers, whether you are seeking out a completely new career path or simply looking to supplement your income from a current profession, in “opportunity world” you literally have hundreds of quality choices to explore when seeking out a new enterprise.  Some may be in the form of an expensive franchise, complete […]