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Campus IACFB

Welcome to Campus IACFB and Freelance Broker Training

For today’s self-starters and mobile creatives seeking to launch a career in the lucrative factoring and alternative commercial finance industry, Campus IACFB sets the bar for comprehensive industry training and support.  Campus IACFB is a one-of-a-kind training facility which will help you chart a path to success as an independent consultant in factoring and alternative business finance.  

Factoring Broker Training Online E-learning

Broker Training Campus

Begin developing a career as an independent factoring broker through IACFB

Your DataMax Business Broker Setup: Getting Started

Got Started. Set Up an FB or CFC Business Website

Mial Chimp

Mail Chimp is a bulk / mass mail email service and one of the best.  It also offers a FREE account for up to 2,000 contacts….BUT…UNDERSTAND…

As a broker / consultant, you will be emailing one-on-one to develop relationships with prospects from your Pipedrive CRM and not from MailChimp.  You will only use MailChimp for the very occasional mass emailing you would do where you wanted to send a newsletter or bulletin to ALL of your prospects.  Everything else (including forms for lead-generation offers and contact) is done through Pipedrive.

Click here for more setup information on MailChimp.

Pipedrive Setup

Pipedrive is IACFB’s Contact Relationship Manager of choice for managing your business as a broker and all marketing functions.  Click the link below and complete the form to request a FREE 30 day trail of Pipedrive.

Click here and complete the form.  We will send you a link for the free trial within a few hours.


All about alternative business finance for brokers

Business Financing With Factoring With Alternative Commercial Finance Solutions

The Key to Earning Legendary Commission Income

Productivity: Marketing Training and Support

Configuring Pipedrive for Commercial Finance Consulting

Building a Lead-Generating Sub-Broker Agency

Direct Marketing for Business Development

Access the Factors and the Lenders Database

Click the link below to access the Directory of American Factors and Lenders.  This database will provide you with links to over 500 broker friendly lenders you can use to build your own “working” database in your Pipedrive CRM or similar database manager.

Factoring Broker Productivity
Articles and Resources of Interest to Freelance Brokers

Expand Your Horizons

Commercial Factor Magazine Archives

Learn more about factoring from industry professionals.  Explore the archives of  Commercial Finance Consultant magazine 

Glossary of Industry Terms

Every industry has its jargon and terminology.  Learn the language of the industry with this glossary of terms published by IACFB (PDF Download)

Mises Institute

Since all of your clients will be entrepreneurs it’s time you learned how they think.  Explore entrepreneurship at the Mises Institute.


Factoring has a long and colorful history and all brokers should know it.  Learn the history of factoring here

LinkedIn for Business

Most factoring brokers are new to the business of consulting.  Here are some publications to help in your success