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Current Registrations and Activity at Campus IACFB

Campus IACFB is an exceptionally affordable alternative for those home-based entrepreneurs interested in a full or part-time career in factoring and consulting in alternative commercial finance.  Those accessing the training courses found in the campus include active factoring brokers, accounting professionals, cash flow consultants, mortgage brokers, insurance professionals, and others.  One of the most active “newer” groups of members include the rapidly growing community of professional bloggers and affiliate marketers.

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Registered Guests

Email List

Our email list is comprised of those who have signed up for newsletters and bulletins and are individuals that are Registered Guests of the Campus, receiving our periodic newsletters and bulletins regarding newly posted articles on our online magazine (Commercial Finance Consultants) or recently posted blog articles here at IACFB.

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Campus Members

Community Members

Campus IACFB Members are those that have an active annual subscription and have purchased a copy of our training guide either through or through their membership subscription here at IACFB.  They have access to the community forums and can additionally select a factor and enter the Sponsored Agents program without charge.

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Sponsored Agents

Part-Time Consultants

Campus Agents are those members that are active in business through IACFB’s Sponsored Agents program, have selected a “Sponsor”, activated their agent landing page, and are actively soliciting business and generating leads for their sponsor’s BDOs..  They have forums access, Sponsored Agent training access (Factoring 101), and can participate in their sponsor’s promotions and sales contests.

Factors and Lenders

Freelance Consultants

Career Consultants

Campus Freelancers are members that are not sponsored by a specific factor but work as an industry freelance consultant, submitting clients to many different factors and lenders.  Freelance Consultants have full access to the Campus as well as access to the American Directory of Factors and Lenders. with full access to Campus IACFB.  They utilize IACFB professionally designed websites, landing pages, and blogs

Most Campus Freelancer Consultants are full time professional brokers / consultants or they are only working on a part-time basis until they can make the transition to full time career status.