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Sponsored Agents Support

Sponsored Agent Support
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Get Started as an IACFB Sponsored Agent

Getting Started as an IACFB Sponsored Agent

For those seeking an initial part time entry into the industry but with career intentions, the Sponsored Agent’s Program at Campus IACFB provides an exceptional level of introductory training for purposes of client referral so you can begin to earn residual commission income from those referrals.   In addition to career oriented new brokers, this introductory training is perfect for bloggers, affiliate marketers, cash flow consultants, accounting professionals, mobile notaries, and others.

To get started, begin your training by clicking on the (+) signs on the classes below to expose the lessons.  The Sponsored Agents Program is a zero cost program that primarily focuses on networking to generate leads and the more you engage with others in after hours events, club meetings, social media, etc., the more leads you will generate and the more clients you will develop. 

For those interested in taking a more “aggressive approach” to business development, we also provide an optional marketing package which includes a WordPress landing page, blog, several lead-generating mail stuffers with cover letters, and more.

Agent Training Guides (3-PDF)

Commission & Payments

For their submitted, accepted, and funded deals, all

  • IACFB Sponsored Agents:  are paid the standard industry commission rate of 10% of factoring fees earned.  Payments are made on or about the 15th of every month following the month earned.
  • Registered Guest Members:  are paid commissions based upon a 50/50 split with IACFB.

Agent Marketing Package

NOTE $25 Discount:  if you are already an owner of the print version of Factoring 101:  A Brokers Guide to Factoring that was purchased at Amazon, you can receive a $25 discount on this optional marketing package by using the promotional Learn Lab Code found on page 198 of your guide.  Just enter the code in the promo box on the “Configuration Page” at checkout at DataMax Hosting.

Agents: Earn Affiliate Commissions

New "Friends with Benefits" Affiliate Program

Just added...

Friends With Benefits Affiliates Program

Friends with Benefits

Earn Affiliate Commissions and Amazon Gift Cards

Referral Affiliate Program

How the Friends With Benefits Program Works

One of the obvious goals of the Sponsored Agents Program is to help IACFB members to earn commissions and not only residual commissions from factoring but also commissions from Affiliate Programs of your choice.  Because your Sponsored Agent Landing Page is designed using WordPress and Elementor, it is very easy for you to expand your Sponsored Agent factoring business by adding Affiliate Links to your blog posts and what could be an easier affiliate program to add immediately than IACFB’s Friends With Benefits.  And here’s how it works.

Everyone, and we do mean everyone, in today’s pandemic economy is seeking some small business enterprise they can launch form home.  Few home business opportunities can match the income potential combined with low operating costs of being a factoring broker / consultant.  So tell your friends about factoring and your new business.  Show them your Agent website landing page.  If they decide they would like to be an agent as well, you earn $25 for every person that opts for the program.  Click the button below for full details.


Just added...

Refer Your Friends: Earn Amazon Gift Cards and More