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Deal Submission (SA)

Factoring Broker Submitting a Deal

Deal Submission (Sponsored Agents)

Deal submissions for Sponsored Agents could not be easier since all submissions are done through the “Account Executive Contact Form” located on your Sponsored Agent landing page.

Most “Leads” and “Deal” submissions will be automatic and come in normally as a website visitor / prospective client completes either the form request for our free booklet / report or when they request to speak with an account executive.   If you have someone you want your sponsor (IACFB or your sponsoring factor) to call, you can complete the form yourself and submit it.  It will then be followed up on.

What if my prospect doesn't take the call?

That happens.  Your BDO or IACFB Account Executive will try to contact your prospect three or four times.  If the prospect does not take the call, we will consider that lead “dead” and you will need to generate renewed interest with that prospect on your end.

Can I be on the conference call?

Of course.  If you would like to be on the call just coordinate that with your factor’s BDO or IACFB.  In fact, being on the call is a great way to learn more about prospecting since your BDO or you IACFB account executive will be an “expert” in answering questions and handling objections your prospect might have.

Deal Submission (Sponsored Agent)

Because the Sponsored Agents Program is a “Lead Generation” program, there are no Company Profiles or other paperwork to complete to get the client submission process started.  To submit a “lead”…

  • your prospect (lead) with complete one of the two forms on your landing page…or…
  • you with complete the lower form on your landing page.

Prospect Completes a Form

If a prospect (website visitor) completes either form, his / her request is fulfilled by your factor’s BDO or by IACFB account executives depending on who your sponsor is.  When the website form is completed, both you and the sponsor receive a copy of the information request or the request for a conference call.  

You Complete the Form

If you complete the form to have your BDO or an IACFB account executive contact your prospect, the process is identical.   However, if you are requesting a call to your prospect, make certain…

  • you have spoken with the prospect (business owner) within the previous 48 hours
  • the prospect is expecting a call to discuss factoring

When you submit a request to have your prospect contacted, just make certain it is a legitimate request and the prospect is expecting a call.  In other words, don’t just submit a name for contact because YOU think factoring might be a good fit for this company.