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S/A Landing Pages

Landing Page Lead Generation

S/A Landing Pages

For Sponsored Agents, your landing page (website) is the key component to business development.  IACFB’s landing pages for agents are constructed using WordPress and Elementor which means you will be able to EASILY modify and expand your site as you grow your business, products, and affiliates and add new income streams  and sources of income other than just factoring.   Landing page INCLUDES VIDEO!

  • SETUP COST (Included):  Landing pages are now free and complimentary with the IACFB S/A Program
  • HOSTING ($12.95):  Hosting fees are now free and complimentary with IACFB S/A Program
  • DOMAINS ($14.99):  Domains are now included with the IACFB S/A Program
  • BUSINESS EMAIL (Free):  Your business email is included in the S/A Program

Training (Factoring 101 Lite)

Training for the IACFB Sponsored Agent Program is now provided “off-campus” at the IACFB Academy (  This program is, with out a doubt, one of the most exciting home-based business opportunities available which includes everything required to become a part-time business finance consultant in factoring and asset-based finance.  Getting Started includes training guide, website, lessons, and more.  $99.95.  Find out more and information for ordering at the training center at

The Sponsored Agents Program at Campus IACFB is the perfect entry point for factoring and especially for those only able to work for a few hours each week.  The program is $99.95 per year all inclusive which works out to be just 27 cents per day and even that $99.95 is reimbursable upon submission and acceptance of your first new factoring client through IACFB Wholesale.  Anyone, and we do mean anyone, can succeed with this program and here is a perfect example.  See Jason’s Story. 

To order Sponsored Agent, click the link (GREEN BUTTON) above.  Once we have processed your new subscription (within 24 hours), you will receive your new password credentials for training and a “build form” for the necessary contact information you want on your website.

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