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SA Costs and Revenue

Operating Costs vs. Revenue

SA Operating Costs vs. Revenue

By now, you should be well aware of the exceptional income potential that is easily attainable as a successful factoring broker.  In fact, from the standpoint of costs vs. potential for revenue, there is almost no home-business venture that can compare with investing the time and minor costs involved with learning how to make business referrals to factors and other alternative commercial lenders and earn residual, life of account commissions.  And although costs are low for full time freelance consultants, those entering the Agents Program at IACFB have costs so minimal, as to make them almost zero.  In fact, once you generate your first funded deal of any size, they are ZERO.

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Questions and Answers

Changing Sponsors

Question:  IACFB guarantees its agents 10% of the factoring fees earned as a commission.  What if I find a factoring that will pay 15% of fees earned?  Can I switch sponsors?

Answer:  Absolutely!  In fact, we fully expect you to do so as you become more familiar with the industry.  We only need make a small change to your website / landing page so that copies of booklet requests and conference call requests now go to your new sponsor and no longer to IACFB. 

Note, however, if you have not yet submitted any business through IACFB before switching, you will not be eligible for reimbursement for program costs or for hosting fees to cease.  You will need to get thaqt from your new sponsor.


Is This a Good Program for Bloggers?

The SA Program at IACFB is an exceptional program for those home-based entrepreneurs that have discovered blogging and the excellent income that can be earned from it.  Most bloggers operate more than one blog in various niches and make money from subscribing to affiliate programs and through local advertising.  Your SA Landing page simply becomes another blog you operate with a niche of “Small Business Finance”.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliate programs you can subscribe to that are pertinent to that niche.  And, you hosting fees ($9.95 per month), your cost of blogging, are FREE once you have successfully submitted your first deal through IACFB.

So, I Can Add Affiliate Programs to my SA Landing Page?

Absolutely.  In fact we expect you to and you’re foolish not to.  Your SA Landing Page comes complete with a WordPress blog.  And with blogs, affiliate links are a sure source of additional revenue as you begin to launch your business.  

Blogging has become big business and you can find out more from industry expert, Neil Patel

And if your looking for some great affiliate programs that would be just right for your SA website / landing page, check out these at High Paying Affiliate Programs.

SA Operating Costs vs. Revenue

By design, the SA Program at IACFB is designed to be a low cost / no cost program in which virtually anyone can participate.  For some, it is simply a first step in becoming a career professional in the industry and working full time.  For others, SA is the goal.  It is simply another source of income that augments the income from a current career they are happy with.  Either way, the SA Program fills a niche for almost everyone.

Hard Program Costs

You will need….

  • a business name (cost $0)
  • a supply of business cards (optional)
  • website / landing page (optional $99.95 and reimbursable)
  • website hosting (optional $9.95 per month and temporary)
  • social media accounts
  • clubs and organizations you belong to

Depending on your locality, you will likely need some sort of business license to be completely legal.  All in all, if you choose the optional marketing package with website / landing page, you can likely be in business and seeking your first business accounts to refer for about $150-$200.

Cost Reimbursement

If your SA sponsor is IACFB, upon submission, acceptance, and funding of your first deal….

  • you begin earning standard industry commissions (10% of factoring fees earned) paid monthly for the life of the account
  • you are reimbursed ($99.95) for your website / landing page setup if you chose that option
  • your hosting ceases.  Your website is now hosted for FREE by DataMax for as long as your referred client continues to use the services of the factor and you earn commissions

NOTE:  The above reimbursements are only pertinent to deals referred through IACFB.  If your sponsor is a factor, they must be paid through that factor, although few would not agree to. 


Comparing the associated costs of operating as a Sponsored Agent vs. the potential revenue that can be earned is, in fact, almost nonsensical.  Considering that even a “smallish” account you might refer, such as an average janitorial service, can easily factor $50,000 – $100,000 in invoices each month and generate $3,000 in fees ($300 to you in monthly commissions or $3,600 per year, you can begin to see the potential this business holds.  And that is for a single account!  Where will you be if you successfully refer one (1) small business owner for factoring per month?  With your operating expenses now at zero, you begin to see just how lucrative this business can be even for those with the most occasional industry participation in mind.