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SA Website Features

Landing Page Lead Generation
Get your site up and operational

Setting Up Your IACFB Member Landing Page

  • SETUP:  IACFB “Active” Membership includes a Broker / Agent WordPress Landing Page to assist our members in becoming operational as quickly as possible.
  • HOSTING:  $9.95 per month is included in your Membership Subscription
  • WORDPRESS:  Installed at no cost
  • ELEMENTOR EDITOR:  Installed at no cost
  • WORDPRESS BLOG:  Included
  • YOAST SEO:  Installed
  • BUSINESS EMAIL:  One Box…Free and complimentary
  • ADD-ONS / UPGRADES:  Upgrades and Add-ons are available based on the type of broker / consultant business you intend to open.  (See details below)
Sponsored Agent Landing Pages

Questions & Answers

What kinds of websites are available through IACFB?

There are basically three (3) types of WordPress websites which IACFB provides to its brokers and consultants…

  • LANDING PAGE (LP):  This is a single page for lead-generation plus blog.  Landing Pages are the “meat and potatoes” of the Agents Program and are exceptional lead-generators.  All Landing page installations also include a WordPress blog. 
  • FACTORING BROKER (FB):  These sites are larger and are for those engaged in products in addition to factoring such as asset-based lending, purchase order finance, SBA loans, etc. and are included in the Factoring 202 Marketing and Business Development add-on.
  • BLOGS:  Blogging has become BIG BUSINESS and many bloggers earn a five figure income monthly by employing affiliate marketing techniques.  Though factors do not typically offer affiliate programs, the commissions earned by bloggers when referring clients to factors are so substantial that it is not unusual for even “Travel Bloggers” to include information on business finance on their blogs.

Do I get a Blog with my Landing Page?

Absolutely,  Writing occasional articles of interest to your prospects/business owners is a great way to generate leads and earn commissions.  All IACFB Landing Pages (LP-Series) and Full Factoring Broker Websites include a WordPress blog for lead-generation.  If you choose not to utilize your blog, it can easily be disabled by removing it from your site’s menu.

Does WordPress Have Its Own Dashboard?

Yes.  When your Sponsored Agent site is set up, you will receive log in instructions so you can access the WordPress dashboard.  Word Press is very easy to use once you spend a few minutes learning how to navigate it.

Where can I get some WordPress training?

WordPress is very easy to use and the are thousands of “Hot To” videos about WordPress to be found on YouTube.   To get excellent WordPress training, you can also go to (LinkedIn Learning).  The courses are not free, however gives you a 30 free subscription which is way more than the time you will need o learn WordPress.

What's required for me to set up my site?

There is nothing for you to do.  Your Sponsored Agent site is 100% operational and ready for use.

How Difficult is Elementor to Use?

When your SA Landing Page is set up for you, it is 100% functional and requires nothing additional from you.  Because your site includes the Elementor plugin for WordPress, you have complete control over your site’s images, colors, fonts, and content.  Basically you can add to your site and change it’s look completely with Elementor. 

Elementor is extremely easy to learn and like WordPress, there are hundreds of “How To” videos available to teach you how to use this powerful drag and drop website construction program on YouTube.  

Get your site up and operational

How to Set Up Your FREE Members Landing Page

Agent training and the Factor’s Agents Program is fast becoming the industry starting point for new independent brokers and consultants due to it’s ease of entry and exceptionally low cost of operation.  In fact, joining a factor’s agent network may well be, pound for pound, the most exceptional home business enterprise available to self-starters and today’s mobile creatives. 

Many IACFB Members will begin the business as subscribers to the Factor’s Agents Program, and your complimentary WordPress Landing Page will be your primary lead-generating tool and obviously a key component to generating residual commission income.  This is how the Landing Page works…

  • DAILY OPERATION:  As an agent for your factor, your single task is to generate “Sales Quality Leads” for your assigned BDO.  Your BDO will follow up and close the deals for you if they are viable. 
  • LOW COST OF OPERATION: Costs associated with your agent operation are ridiculously low.  On a basic operating basis, you will only have the cost of the business cards you will use when networking and your IACFB Member’s Subscription Fee ($9.95 monthly) as your required operating costs.  Anything else such as memberships to clubs, organizations, networking events, etc. is totally optional and up to you.
  • YOUR FREE OFFER:  Your WordPress Landing Page includes a FREE OFFER of a booklet entitled “When Banks Say NO…the Small Business Guide to Factoring”.   As an agent, your primary job is to give away that booklet by driving interesting business owners in need of financing to your Landing Page.
  • WHAT HAPPENS NEXT:  When a visitor to your Landing Page requests the free booklet on factoring, both you and your assigned BDO (Business Development Officer) receive a copy of the form request and are notified.  The PDF booklet isWebsite Setup dispensed through your site automatically which generates a “Sales Qualified Lead” that your BDO will quickly contact and follow up on.  

The Importance of Your Landing Page

So you now understand just how important having an operational Landing Page as it relates to your generation of SQL (Sales Qualified Leads).  Your entire job is to meet new people, network, and drive as many to your WordPress Landing page as possible.  From the agent’s standpoint, everything else is automatic and taken care of for you by your factor’s staff.  No paperwork, no contracts, just networking and passing out your business cards.

Set Up Your Landing Page Up Now

The sooner you get your Landing Page up on the web, the sooner you will be operational as an agent for your factor.  Here’s how to get up and operational.

  1. Landing page Setup:  To set up your Landing Page, you first must become an “Active Member” of IACFB.  The cost to do so is $99.95 one time fee.  If you are being sponsored by an industry factor or factor’s BDO, you may be provided a “Promo” Code” to reduce or eliminate the $99.95 membership expense.
  2. Website Domain:  You are responsible for your Landing Page  domain ($14.99 per year).  Your business name and domain name you choose for your broker/agent operation are relatively important and they will naturally be printed on your business cards and any other marketing materials you use for lead generation.  If you are not sure of a name, check out this article in the Learning Lab.
  3. Purchase Your Membership:  Once you have figured out your domain name, simply click the green button below which links to a special IACFB Membership product area at DataMax Hosting.  Simply follow the instruction at DataMax and complete the membership / hosting subscription.  If you are being sponsored by an IACFB member/factor and have been supplied with a Promo Code for IACFB Membership discount, you will use at at check out.
  4. Setup Time:  IACFB Staff will typically have your Landing Page operational within about 24 hours.  Once it is operational, we will notify you and we will make any contact information adjustments and also code your lead-generation form to deliver a copy of all leads you generate to your BDO immediately for follow up.