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Website Modifications (SA)

Making Modifications to Your Landing Page

Your Sponsored Agent Landing Page is constructed using WordPress and Elementor Page Builder.  Although it is set up completely operational and ready for you to begin generating leads, you do have complete control over its content.  You can add pages, change colors, add images, add videos, virtually anything.  

At left is a short “getting to know” Elementor” video to help you with any adjustments you would like to make to the site as it exists.  We have additional videos posted at DataMax that will assist you in making more complex changes, designs etc.

Elementor is a powerful tool for home business entrepreneurs as it opens enormous doors for those wanting to expand their home-based businesses and create multiple income streams.  We hope that having Elementor pre-installed in you IACFB landing page will provide you with the introductory knowledge you need to build multiple (other) web-based business income streams quickly and easily.

Getting the Most From Your Landing Page

Questions & Answers

When a Lead Comes in, How Do You Know It Id From Me?

Every Sponsored Agent Landing Page is provided with a “custom” form that contains an identifier telling us which agent submitted the lead / deal.

What If I Want To Change Sponsors?

IACFB is the “default” sponsor for all Sponsored Agents.  It is perfectly permissible to send deals to another factor, however, should you find one you want to work with.  Just make sure that when a deal comes in, you alert us that you want to send the deal elsewhere or…register the other factor with us so we know not to call the prospect.

As a broker, you should never submit a deal to more than one factor at a time.  Send it to one factor and let them accept or decline the deal.  If it’s declined, find out why and then send it to a factor that may accept the deal even with its “hair”. 

Alternatively, you can then send the deal to IACFB as we can almost always find a home for any deal that is possible.

What if I need more Bandwidth?

Your IACFB Landing Page is provided with adequate bandwidth (Bronze Plan) for virtually any normal number of visitors.  If you utilize Adwords or similar marketing campaigns, you may need additional bandwidth to handle the traffic and you may need to move to the Silver Hosting Plan but the upcharge is minor at only about $5 per month.  And remember, once you have submitted a single deal to IACFB that is successfully funded, your hosting drops to “0” zero anyway so long as that client continues to factor.

Where Do I Get Ideas for my Blog Posts?

It’s very easy to get ideas for your articles simply by reading other people’s blogs.  Never copy an article directly but look for good ideas, do some additional research, and write away.  If you are a little worried about spelling and grammar, get a friend to help.  Additionally, although there is a cost involved, you can always get others to write your articles and many bloggers do, simply due to time constraints.  

About Your Sponsored Agent Landing Page / Website

Your new Sponsored Agent Landing page is constructed using WordPress and Elementor.  WordPress is by far the world’s largest content management system for building beautiful, eye-catching websites.  Elementor is a drag and drop tool that makes building WordPress websites a snap.

Your Theme

There are thousands of WordPress website themes which are site templates to give your site a certain look or function.  For example, there are themes designed specifically for blogs, themes for online stores, themes for online magazines, etc.  Your WordPress site is constructed using a theme called “Astra” which is a very popular theme used by those with Elementor.

Expanding Your Site

Because your Sponsored Agent site is constructed as a ‘Landing Page” strictly to generate leads, it has only two pages.  the first is your “Home” page which is the landing page.  The second is your “Blog” page which will contain articles you author to generate leads.  

There is no limit to how many pages you can add to your site and you can easily take it from the simple landing page it is now to a full blown business finance website as attractive as any on the web.

The Home PageBroker Productivity

The function of your home page is to capture leads and email addresses.  It contains multiple links to a Pipedrive popup form which offers:

  • a FREE booklet entitled “When Banks Say NO!  The Small Business Guide to Factoring”
  • a request to speak directly with an account executive (BDO) to discuss business finance
The Blog Page

The blog page displays the latest articles you have authored.  It displays them in descending order of date published with the newest at top.  Every time you publish and article, you will assign it a “category” which tells readers (and search engines) the focus of the article or what it is about.  As you author more and more articles, WordPress automatically adds more pages (by category) to display all your work.  

If you do not want to publish the blog, you can simply take it out of your main menu.  Not blogging is a mistake on two fronts, however:

  • Blogging and subsequently telling all those you meet face-to-face, through direct marketing, or on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. about your most recent post, is the most potent tool you have for lead generation.  Additionally, every week or two when search engines crawl your site, they look for new content to display to the world.  For good SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you need to add new content as often as possible
  • Learning to how to operate a blog simply opens an entire world of opportunity for earning money on the internet.  We have all seen videos of bloggers earning $10,000 and up each and every month while they vacation in some exotic island resort.  While some of those YouTube videos stretch the truth a bit, there are thousands of bloggers making exceptional livings simply through blogging and then monetizing their Pipedrive Deal Submission Formblogs with affiliate marketing and advertising.  In short, learn how to run a blog and learn about affiliate marketing.  Your Sponsored Agent website will give you your start.

Landing Page Forms

The lead generating “offer” buttons on your landing page are linked to a Pipedrive Popup Form which displays your two offers.  When the form is filled out and submitted…

  • It generated a new “deal” in the IACFB Sales Pipeline
  • Send you a copy of the new “deal” to your new domain-related email box
  • Send you a copy to any regular gmail, yahoo, aol or similar address (optional)
Testing Your Forms

You can test your forms by completing and submitting a form at any time.  Make certain you put the word “TEST” in some field on the form, however, since the receipt of a form at IACFB will signal us to make a call to the submitter (prospect).  

After you submit a form, check your email to make certain your received the submission.  You can display the entire form for printout right from your email box.

Your Business Email

As a Sponsored Agent, you are provided with a domain-related business email free of charge.  It will be set up with your first name @ your domain.  For example:   That is the email your lead forms will be sent to.  If you would like to receive an additional notice of a submission, you can set a forwarder for that email to be forwarded to your yahoo, gmail, aol address or similar.


Your landing page contains a generic MP4 video on factoring which will help you generate more leads.  In today’s internet…video sells.  

If you would like to replace the video on your site with a custom video branded just for your business, we recommend “Talking Heads”, where you can write your own script, choose your own actor, and have a completely custom presentation created for your site within just a few weeks.  


Your landing page contains images and you will also need images for your blog posts.  To make your site unique to you, we have added an “Image Pack” to your WordPress Image Library to get you started.  As you grow, you can always find new and exciting FREE images at these websites.