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Factoring 101 Guide

Broker's Guide to Factoring at
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Factoring 101: A Broker's Guide to Factoring


This is just one of those “Back by Popular Request” issues as we said we would not republish this guide once we had the new Campus well on its way to completion by we’ve now had so many requests for it that we’ve decided to go ahead and print a second run. 

This will be just a slightly updated version of the guide with updated links to content here at the Campus but we are going to include a scaled down version of “Business-in-a-Box” with purchase so those individuals buying the guide from Amazon will have access to a selection of flyers, mail stuffers, brochures, telephone scripts, etc. to help them get started along with a discount to one of the new WordPress design websites.

Anticipated printing and delivery to the IACFB offices around Feb 25th and to Amazon warehouses about March 3rd.  Priced at $59.95.  See pre-order discount info below.