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Proficiency Exam

Proficiency Exam

One of the greatest fears that new industry brokers experience is the fear that they do not yet know enough to begin networking and prospecting for new business.  They feel they will be exposed as inexperienced by other professional in the community such as lending officers, accounting professionals, and other. 

The reality is that if you learn the content presented in Factoring 101 and read the many blog posts on the Campus website along with the articles found in Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine, you will find you know much more than virtually anyone you meet.  Almost no one you interact with, other than factors themselves, will be able to match your factoring knowledge.

To help you better understand the become comfortable with your new depth of knowledge, we provide our members with a “Proficiency Exam” which will better test your knowledge.

Factoring Broker Training

Proficiency Exam

The Factoring 101 Proficiency Exam is provided for IACFB members through Class Marker.  Content for the exam’s questions is pulled from the Factoring 101 training course and articles from Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.   The exam…

  • Is Free
  • Allows 2 hours for completion
  • Allows to save results and resume later
  • Allows unlimited attempts to pass
  • Has a proficiency (passing) percentage of 75%
  • Is multiple choice
  • Pulls 320 random questions from a databank of 450 questions 
  • Provides test takers with a Proficiency Certificate upon passing
  • Results will be emailed to you