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Factoring 101 Website Setup

Set Up Your Factoring Broker Website

Setting Up Your Static HTML Website

If you opt for a Freelance static html website, setting it up is very easy.  You first need to “activate” your Freelance hosting account at DataMax.

  • Step One:  Log into your account at DataMax Hosting
  • Step Two:  From your client dashboard’s Navigation Bar, select SERVICES > VIEW AVAILABLE ADDONS
  • Step Three:  From the ADDON options select either “Activate Agent Landing Page”  or   “Activate Freelance Website” depending on if you are coming in as an Agent or Freelance Broker.
  • Step Four:  Write down your “Order Confirmation Number”
  • Step Five:  Complete a “Build Form” to provide us with your business information for the site.  Have the name of your website template of choice handy.  See Button Below

NOTE:  Domains are provided for Agent Landing pages based upon their location.  If you are building a full static html or WordPress site as a freelance broker, you will need to purchase a domain as well which again is done from your dashboard after login at DataMax.  Again from the NAVIGATION BAR, select DOMAINS > REGISTER A NEW DOMAIN.

Typically, your site will be up and operational within 24-48 hours once we have received the Build Form and match it to your “activation” order at DataMax.