Sponsoring Your Independent Brokers

For factors, “sponsoring” new industry brokers at IACFB is the fastest way to build a solid network of independent consultants.  Sponsoring means your consultants will not only be much more business development oriented and productive , but also will be more likely to send you, and only you, their referrals.

Cost of Sponsorship

There is no cost of sponsorship to the factor nor is there any cost to the broker / consultant.  There are, however, substantial benefits for the “sponsored” independent consultant which include significant discounts on additional training and marketing support. (Factoring 202).

How to Sponsor a Broker / Consultant

To sponsor a new broker / consultant, you simply submit a short “Sponsorship Form” by clicking the button at left.   That broker is then registered as an independent agent with your firm.  Though IACFB member/brokers are free to deal with multiple factors, they can can only be registered with a single firm at any given time and eligibility for additional discount training and support is strictly tied to business referred to their sponsor.

How many sponsors can a broker have?

While brokers can obviously deal with any number of factors, they can have only a single “sponsor” at IACFB.   

How can brokers find a sponsor?

Typically, an independent broker that is training through Factoring 101 and seeking a “sponsor” will simply call a factor and ask to speak with a BDO who will become his/her sponsor.  Factors, of course, can also refer those that have registered as brokers with their firm and on their email lists to IACFB for additional training.  Those that come into the IACFB broker network that do not have a sponsor and are seeking one, can  choose from our special “Sponsors List” found in the Directory of American Factors and Lenders.

How do I register as a "sponsor" so brokers can find me?

When you register as a factor interested in “sponsoring” brokers, your factoring firm is noted as suck in the Directory of American Factors and Lenders.  Additionally, you can submit a “Showcase” of your company which will be featured in IACFB’s Magazine, Commercial Finance Consultant.

To update your listing as a “sponsor” in the lender’s directory, simply click the “Update My Directory Listing” button above. 

Benefits of the Sponsored Agent Program

For industry factors, the Factoring 101 Program represents a powerful free training tool to assist in building productive networks of independent brokers and sources of referral and can easily be integrated into any current in-house training program at your firm.   “Sponsoring” brokers to the program is easily done by simply recommending them to the Factoring 101 Program and by place a “FREE Broker Training” link on your website.  Additional benefits of becoming a sponsor include:

  • Improved productivity of your existing broker network.
  • Enhanced listing as a “Sponsor” in the “Directory of American Factors and Lenders”.
  • Your company featured “In the Spotlight” in IACFB’s Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.
  • Ability to run powerful “in-house” sales contests featuring IACFB “Business-in-a-Box” marketing support products. (Factoring 202)
  • Ability to market to and attract new sources of referral (accounting professionals, bank lending officers, etc.) featuring FREE training through IACFB’s Factoring 101 Program.

Benefits to Your Brokers

For your independent brokers, the benefits of Factoring 101 and the Sponsored Agents Program are also many including:

  • FREE basic training and startup guidance for those new to the industry
  • Low cost (or FREE) factoring broker websites including business email and built in FREE offers to enhance lead generation
  • Powerful marketing training and support that can be earned at zero cost or purchased at a discount. (Factoring 202)
  • Advanced product training available (Factoring 303)

Additional Information

The Factoring 101 Program at Campus IACFB can greatly assist factors in expanding their referrer networks and to explore the program in greater detail, simply click the “Update My Directory Listing” button above and we will provide with a link that includes suggestions on how to use the program, examples, case studies, and more.