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Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Website Analytics

For factoring brokers, a core task in generating leads for factoring is driving visitors to your website where a business owner can download a FREE report or submit a request to speak with an underwriter which provides you with a “lead”.  In fact, from a “daily goal” standpoint, driving visitors to your website is your most important task and you will use a variety of marketing methods to do so and it’s vitally important that you have a way of effectively measuring the number of visitors each marketing campaign generates.  This is the job of a website analytics program such as Google Analytics

Marketing Tip 1

To judge whether your website is adding value to your marketing you will need to set goals for it to achieve.  Google Analytics enables you to set up to 20 goals for you to target. I recommend that you also assign a monetary value to each goal.

Marketing Tip 2

Want to link your email marketing efforts to the traffic in Google Analytics? Email marketing platforms such as MailChimp allow you to track traffic from links in your emails to your email campaigns.

For example, MailChimp lets you check one box to add UTM parameters to links when you create an email campaign so you can view traffic from those links inside Google Analytics.

Installing Google Analytics

Success as a factoring broker (or in almost all similar consulting businesses) is all about generating leads for prospecting and it’s really that simple.  Some percentage of the leads you generate will become commission-paying clients so it is simply a numbers game.  The more leads you generate, the more clients you will land and the more commissions you will earn.  And…your most powerful tool in your lead-generating arsenal is your website and the free offers it includes.  The  more visitors your website has, the more downloads you will have for your free offers and the more quality leads you will generate. 

You can view your website as a powerful vending machine that dispenses valuable financial information (content) to those business owners in need.  As a factoring broker, your primary job is to design and develop marketing campaigns that let business owners know your website is the place to go for that content.  Marketing campaigns cost time and money, however, and website analytics programs are how you measure the number and quality of visitors to your site so you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and time and money spent.  Website analytics programs tell you where you are getting the most “bang for the buck” and when it comes to website analytics, Google Analytics is the most widely used…and it’s FREE.  

Setting Up / Installing Google Analytics

Subscribing to Google Analytics and installing it in your website is a relatively simple task but first, you will need to set up a Google Account which can include a new Gmail address.  Since you will need a Gmail address for Pipedrive CRM as well, you can set this up now and use the same address for both Pipedrive and Google Analytics.  If possible, select an address that is domain-related.  For example, if your website domain name is something like, try to get for the email associated with your Gmail account.