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Broker Website Options

Website Options for IACFB Factoring Brokers
Powerful Lead-Generating Websites

IACFB Website Options for Factoring Brokers

A website is the cornerstone of all your marketing and business development efforts and actually, as everyone know, you are not really in business in today’s online world without a professional website.  Fortunately, IACFB offers several very affordable website options for it’s members through DataMax.  In addition to the site itself, DataMax provides your factoring consultancy with domains, web hosting, business email, SSL certificates, and more.  Current website options include…

  1. IACFB Landing Pages:  Single page lead-generating landing pages designed to be used by Sponsored Agents and some accounting professionals (Free with Program)
  2. IACFB FB-Series:  Full WordPress / Elementor websites by DataMax complete with form fields and marketing offer.  Included with both freelance programs.   View Here
  3. IACFB WordPress FB-Series:  The ultimate for Factoring Brokers and Cash Flow Consultants featuring unlimited modification and customization options (View here $149.95)
One Page Lead Generation

Landing Pages

Single page landing pages designed to be used by agents and other part time consultants are free and complimentary with IACFB membership and popular for the sponsored agents of factors.  All landing pages feature the factoring product only but can be easily modified and expanded to represent other products. They are powered by WordPress utilizing Elementor’s drag and drop page builder which allows these sites to be easily updated and modified.  Standard WordPress blog is optionally included with all installations without charge.  Hosting is included with IACFB membership and domain is just $14.99 per year. 

CostComplimentary with Membership
Blog IncludedYes
Business Email Included
ModificationsEasy (Elementor)
SSL CertificateOptional $59.95 annual
Hosting$9.95 per month
Domain$14.99 annually
Exceptional and Easily Expandable

WordPress (FB Series) Factoring Broker Websites

IACFB Factoring Broker (FB Series) websites are state-of-the-art professionally designed WordPress templates.  These templates have all the exceptional features of all WordPress sites including colorful hero images, SEO plugins, WordPress forms, and, of course, a standard WordPress blog for lead generation.

All of our FB Series website templates are easily modified using the include Elementor drag and drop editor.  This allows you to easily change text content, colors, images, and just about anything on the site.  Additionally, you can easily expand your FB Series site by adding pages for new products and as with all WordPress sites, add advertisements for affiliate marketing opportunities.  

NOTE:  FB Series websites are included at no cost with both the Freelance Factoring Broker Program at IACFB as well as the Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant Program.

Cost$139.95 Setup
Blog IncludedYes
Business Email $5.95
ModificationsEasy (Elementor)
SSL CertificateOptional $59.95 annual
Hosting$14.95 per month
Domain$14.99 annually
Unlimited Features for Business Development

WordPress Cash Flow Broker Supersites

Our new WordPress Supersites are designed for the freelance professional and with the powerful Elementor drag and drop page builder (provided), offer IACFB factoring brokers with complete control over the website’s look and features.  All supersite websites are constructed from a standard template that features eight standard products for Factoring / Cash Flow consultants and broker training for all products is provided in Campus IACFB’s Factoring 101, 202, and 303 class areas.

With the user-friendly WordPress dashboard and powerful Elementor editor, IACFB Supersites make it easy for brokers to add additional business finance product areas and even more importantly, high payout affiliate marketing links that can turn all of their blog posts into not just lead generators for factoring, but affiliate marketing commission generators as well.  

CostSetup $149.95
Blog IncludedYes
Business Email Included
SSL CertificateOptional $59.95 annual
HostingIncluded with Membership
DomainFree Domain (First Year)