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Member Website Options

Factoring Broker Website Options

A website is the cornerstone of all your marketing and business development efforts and actually, as everyone know, you are not really in business in today’s online world without a professional website.  Fortunately, IACFB offers several very affordable website options for it’s members through DataMax.  In addition to the site itself, DataMax provides your factoring consultancy with domains, web hosting, business email, SSL certificates, and more.  

Website Tip 1

The vast majority of new freelance brokers will launch their business using an inexpensive static html website from DataMax ($49.95 plus hosting).  All brokers, however, should make it a goal to construct (or have it constructed for them) a WordPress website with blog.

Website Tip 2

Purchase a domain from Datamax that will be your final domain and install WordPress in that domain.  You can then construct your WordPress website in that domain in your spare time.  Additionally, purchase a similar domain where you can set up a static html website for immediate operation.  You can temporarily “point” your permanent domain to your temporary domain for business purposes.  You can use your permanent domain’s web address on your business cards, letterhead, etc. and there will be no need to have them printed a second time when you publish your finished WordPress site

Website Options for Campus Members

When it comes to business websites, IACFB members have a variety of options and it’s important to remember that no matter how you choose to set up your site, your website is your primary method of disbursing offers and generating leads so the sooner you’re up and operational, the sooner you will actually be in business. 

Option 1:  Sponsored Agent Landing Pages

Sponsored Agent landing pages are single page WordPress “lead capture” pages with a blog.  They are our most popular style of site simply because they are part of our most popular program.  To set up a Sponsored Agent Landing Page…

  • View the template choices here
  • Log into your account at DataMax Hosting
  • From your dashboard’s Navigation Bar, select SERVICES > VIEW AVAILABLE ADDONS
  • At checkout, under “Additional Notes”, add the Template Number of your landing page template choice.
  • Check out

These Landing Page sites can, however, be built out with unlimited pages added at your option since they include the Elementor drag and drop editor.  Agent sites include an offer (give-a-way) of a FREE booklet “When Banks Say Know”…The Small Business Guide to Factoring” that is used to generate leads.  The lead capture form on all Agent Landing Pages submits any lead to IACFB Account Executives as well as to you and once submitted, IACFB staff will follow up and contact the lead within 24 hours.   

Sponsored Agent lead capture pages work hand-in-hand with the IACFB’s Affiliate / Bonus Program which actually pays the agent each time a qualified lead is generated.  (See details here)

Option 2:  Factoring 101 HTML Static Website 

IACFB’s professionally designed html static websites are a popular option for those just starting out primarily due to the fact that with this option, you site is up and operational within 24 hours.  Through DataMax Marketing,  IACFB maintains a suite of 12-15 designs from which to choose.  All IACFB static html sites come equipped with a built in booklet “offer” (When Banks Say No!  The Small Business Guide to Factoring) to assist in the lead generation process as well as an application form which, if you are utilizing the Pipedrive CRM, can be easily be upgraded to use Pipedrive forms.  The cost of a static html factoring broker website is just $99.95 for setup and $14.95 for monthly hosting.  And, your website domain through DataMax is just $14.99 per year.  Additionally, you are a provided a FREE domain and a substantial hosting discount if you optWeb Marketing to pay your website hosting annually rather than monthly.

  • View Static html website templates (click here)
  • Website Add-Ons:  Add-ons include…
  • Geo Trust SSL and installation
  • 25 Business Email Boxes

To set up a Static html Freelance Website…

  • View the template choices here
  • Log into your account at DataMax Hosting
  • From your dashboard’s Navigation Bar, select SERVICES > VIEW AVAILABLE ADDONS
  • At checkout, under “Additional Notes”, add the Template Name of your landing page template choice.
  • Check out
Pros and Cons of HTML static websites

Pros:  IACFB’s HTML Static websites are priced at just $49,95 and get you up and operational immediately (within 24 hours of payment).  They come equipped with everything necessary for lead generation.  

Cons:  Unless you have some familiarity with html coding, static HTML websites are difficult to upgrade should you want to add additional pages and products or if you want to add affiliate links.  DataMax technicians will naturally do this for you but there will be a small charge. 

Option 3:  WordPress Business Website

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world with a nearly 60% market share (Joomla ranks second with just 6%) so if you are going to construct your own business website, WordPress is the way to go.  There are also over 10,000 WordPress website themes to choose from with thousands of designs being completely FREE, so you are certain to find one just right for you.  Building and updating WordPress websites are relatively simple once you become familiar with the WordPress dashboard and you will not need to know or be familiar with any coding such as html or css. 

With WordPress, you will be constructing your own site (or hiring a WordPress designer) so your site will not be operational immediately.  Don’t let this sway you, however, as there is an abundance of excellent instructional videos on how to build websites with WordPress on the web.  One of the best resources for building a WordPress website are the excellent instructional videos found at  Additionally, there are thousands of WordPress “plugins”, most of which are free, and which add functions and features to your site which would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to design and add in html.  The new WordPress Toolkit included with your cPanel allows you to easily install WordPress in your domain for free or you can opt to have DataMax staff install it for $59.95.  Once installed, you can add and activate any one of thousands of WordPress themes.

Pros and Cons of WordPress Business Websites  

At IACFB, we highly recommend WordPress for our members if you have the time and motivation to construct your site.  The only real disadvantage to going this route is that it will likely take a week or two before your site is constructed to the point you are completely satisfied with it, whether you build it yourself or hire a professional.  WordPress website designs tend to be striking due to their image content and with the thousands of available plugins, you can add just about any feature you can imagine to your site.  Additionally, all WordPress website themes include a blog and posting informative articles on your website which can be shared on social media is one of the most powerful tools available to all brokers and consultants. 

For IACFB members, DataMax provides a special discount hosting package specifically for those going the WordPress route with domain, monthly hosting, cPanel, and FREE WordPress Toolkit for installing WordPress all included.  Click here to view.

Option 4:  WordPress Business Blog

For those entering the industry on strictly a part time basis and who will be primarily using networking and social media for business development and lead generation, there simply is not a better website option to than to set up a WordPress Blog.  Blogging has become big, big business and being a blogger gives you instant credibility as a consultant.  Most important for new consultants, setting up a WordPress blog is very easy and can be accomplished in just a few short hours.   WordPress Blog website themes are also perfect for those members that will be generating additional income from affiliate marketing.  In fact, bloggers can easily add affiliate links to “Fin-Tech” companies such as Kabbage, Lendio, etc. and earn attractive commissions anytime someone clicks an affiliate link and sets up an account.

Just as with setting up a WordPress Business Website, there are hundreds of WordPress plugins you can use to add exciting features and functionality to your blog.  And once you are familiar with the WordPress dashboard, adding pages and features to your site simply could not be easier.  Additionally, WordPress SEO plugins make certain your website is always optimized so that your pages and posts are easily found on Google and other search engines.

Pros and Cons of a WordPress Blog

We would be hard pressed to find any disadvantages to setting up a WordPress blog and for those entering the industry part time or who have limited hours to devote due to the need to maintain their current 9-5 job, there simply is no better website option than to set up a WordPress Blog.  Choosing this website option means you will have the ultimate in flexibility in operating your business.  In addition, affiliate marketing opportunities can make blogging very profitable and add thousands in additional revenue to your consulting business each and every year.  For those with the incredible flexibility of blogging and affiliate marketing in mind, we recommend the low cost WordPress Affiliate Marketer Domain and Hosting Package at DataMax