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Website Special Pages

Pages in Your DataMax Factoring Broker Website and Modifications

All IACFB / DataMax Static HTML websites include descriptive pages regarding the various products associated with your business.  There are, however, other pages and features that are not immediately evident and you should familiarize yourself with them.  Additionally, this short lesson with teach you how to set up sub-domains and landing pages for sub-brokers if you are developing your business under an Agency Concept.

Marketing Tip 1

You can fully manage and modify your DataMax factoring broker website using the free WYSIWYG editor from Microsoft, Expressions Web.  Download Expressions Web here.

Although this product is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is a full featured editor and works fine on Windows 10.  Complete instruction manuals are available from Amazon.

Marketing Tip 2

A great method of driving visitors to your website is through the use of “Invitation Cards” in conjunction with your site’s Invitation Page.

Pages Found in Your DataMax Static HTML Website

If you are utilizing the standard Static HTML website from DataMax for your business, this short lesson will assist you in understanding certain special features and exactly how the website operates.

Your Standard Website “Offer”

Free “offers” are the key component for developing leads from your website.  All DataMax / IACFB websites include a free offer of a downloadable booklet called “When Banks Say NO!”.  As you develop your marketing campaigns, you will likely add other free offers to your site targeted to specific types of businesses.  From a marketing standpoint, one of your primary tasks is always to employ direct marketing and networking to drive visitors to your website where they can see your offers and request them by completing a form.  The form request includes their name, business name, and email address and thus becomes a “lead” you can prospect.

Your “Invitation” Page

Your DataMax / IACFB Static HTML website includes one (1) Invitation Page or “squeeze page”.  This is a page with it’s own unique URL that is typically used in direct mail marketing.  The page is not connected through navigation with the rest of your site and contains…Direct Mail marketing for Factoring Brokers

  • A brief description of a problem (such as lack of funds for payroll)
  • A paragraph or two regarding your services to solve the problem (factoring)
  • A description of a FREE offer for the visitor to get “More Information”
  • A form for the visitor to fill out to request your FREE offer

When you create direct mail campaigns using mail stuffers, postcards, etc., you include instructions in your mailing on how to get your free offer.   This drives visitors to your Invitation Page where they can complete the form to get their copy of your booklet.  The booklet, in PDF format, is located within your website’s files and is downloaded with just a click of a button but only AFTER your lead form is filled out.

You can view your website’s “Invitation Page” by simply pulling up your site on the web and replacing the “index.html” page at the end of the URL with “invitation.htm” and then hitting ENTER from your keyboard.  The invitation page’s URL looks like this: 

Saving a Copy of Your Free Offer

You can download and SAVE a copy of your FREE booklet by simply completing the form on either your “contact” page or your “invitation” page and then clicking the “Download Button” to display the PDF booklet ready to be “SAVED AS” on your desktop or laptop computer.

Your “Contact” Page

Your website’s contact page provides all the necessary information required for a visitor to contact you but it also includes an “Additional Information Request Form”.  This form also provides a method for visitors, other than those driven to your site through direct marketing, to request and download your FREE offers.

Your “Apply or Application” Page

Your website’s “apply” or “application” page will contain a short form as well as a downloadable PDF Company Profile.  The form is typically used by a visitor that would like to speak directly with an underwriter for more information.  The PDF Company Profile is used by “serious” prospects ready to commit to a factoring arrangement.  If you receive a web form submission, contact the prospect to pre-qualify and then set up a conference call with a factor’s BDO of your choice.  Let the BDO do the selling for you.  Most are experts.  You can also download a copy of the Company Profile from this page and SAVE AS to your desktop or laptop computer.  It will come in handy when you need to attach an application to an email you are sending to a prospect.

Creating “Agent” Landing Pages

If you are building a network of sub-brokers or agents for your freelance business, you will want to create a “Landing Page” for every agent you enlist.  This gives the agent a specific URL he or she can send a prospect to to request your FREE offer or to request a conference call with an underwriter.  Agent Landing Pages are virtually identical to your website’s Invitation Page except each Agent Landing Page…

  • will be located in a “sub-domain” of your website’s domain
  • will have it’s own associated email box
  • will have its own “coded” Pipedrive custom form

Additional information on exactly how to create, set up, and manage an Agent’s Program can be found in the lessons on “Building a Sub-Broker Agency” in Factoring 202 Productivity Training.

Modifying Your Website’s PagesExpressions Web for Modifying a Factoring Broker Website from DataMax

The easiest method of creating, updating, or modifying the web pages of any html static website is with a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) “editor”  and an excellent free editor you can use for this purpose is an editor created by Microsoft called Expressions Web.  This editor is now longer supported by Microsoft but is available for free download here.  Expressions Web is powerful web design software.  It is very easy to use and useful to edit or modify sites already built or to construct completely new sites.  You will, however, likely need an instruction guide to navigate the software and several are available on Amazon.  To FTP your website into Expressions Web, you will use the exact same credentials as for your cPanel.  You can request your cPanel credentials by simply creating a “Support Ticket” form your User Dashboard at DataMax Hosting.

Adding a Blog

If you requested a WordPress blog to be added to your static html website, you will find it is located in a folder entitled “blog”.  WordPress installations include their own dashboard for adding pages, posts, etc. and once installed, you will be provided with login instructions.  Next to your invitation / offer pages and perhaps agent pages, operating a blog is by far the most important tool associated with your website.  It is your blog posts combined with social media marketing that will drive hundreds of visitors to your site every week where they can request your free offers and qualify themselves as prospects.  Blogging is NOT an option for freelance brokers with a focus on success.  It is required.  Blogging takes work and although you might not install a blog immediately upon entering the business, installing a WordPress blog should be high on your list of “to-do’s” within your first few months of operation.  You can request the installation of WordPress and the setup of the necessary navigation from the other pages of your website by logging into your dashboard at DataMax Hosting and from the NAVIGATION BAR, select Services>View Available Add-Ons.