What It Takes to Get Started

What It Takes to Get Started at Campus IACFB

Virtually anyone can earn a lucrative submission fee simply by referring a business in need of specialized financing to a factor or other alternative funding source.  Doing so, however, exposes a business opportunity.  What if you could…

  • turn that single referral into many referrals?
  • develop a consulting business and purposely seek out cash-starved business owners?
  • create powerful marketing plans that would help you locate such businesses

Becoming a member at Campus IACFB will assist you in doing just that.  Whether you are seeking just a part time home-based business or a completely new full time career, our comprehensive training programs will provide you with everything you need to launch your factoring broker business successfully.

Agents Program for Part-Time Broker

The Agents Program at Campus IACFB is the perfect way to get started in the industry.  This is an exceptionally low cost, co-brokering program for those seeking a part-time entry and is designed for “networkers” and those individuals active on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkeIn, Twitter, etc.  Find out more about the Agents Program by clicking here.  

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What It Takes to Get Started

If you’re one of those in-the-know, mobile creatives that have just discovered the unique, residual commission-generating opportunities associated with referring business to specialty banks, factors and other alternative commercial finance providers, your probably now wondering just how difficult and costly it will be to get some training and to get involved. Well relax! While a total understanding of this unique industry can be a little complex and daunting (and especially so from the factor/lender side), learning how to begin earning our industry’s near-legendary residual commission income by becoming an industry intermediary really could not be much easier. And, without question, the brokering side of the industry offers entrepreneurial self-starters the perfect “template” for a low cost home-based business.

As you will find out by exploring the Campus, virtually anyone can participate in the industry with just a minimal amount of training and/or online research. And, though you may not be able to kiss your $10 an hour day job good bye right away, it is actually relatively easy to launch a home-based business as a factoring broker simply by arming yourself with some basic industry knowledge and by…

  • having some corner of your house for a small office
  • having a laptop or desktop computer with printer (of recent vintage)
  • subscribing to an email service
  • create business identity
  • creating some business cards
  • building a small website
  • having a business email address
  • developing some networking and social media opportunities

Gaining Some Industry Knowledge

To be certain, you do not need to have years of experience in factoring to enter the industry as a freelance consultant.  You do, however, need to have a sound understanding of the basics of this powerful source of small business financing.  Many new to the industry actually land their first deals simply by being in the right place, at the right time, and armed with some very basic  factoring knowledge.  And, one of the most affordable and easiest methods of obtaining such knowledge is by simply registering with IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) and spending some time reading the many FREE articles and posts available on this site as well as IACFB’s Magazine, Commercial Finance Consultants.  

The Agents Program at Campus IACFB

For many seeking an easy, low cost entry into the industry, the Agents Program at the Campus provides the perfect solution.  The Agents Program is a co-brokers program and designed for those working in the industry on a very occasional basis.  Features of the Agents Program include:

  • Low cost entry:  $99.95 per year
  • Pre-Built Landing Page at IACFB’s Wholesale Finance Website
  • No Hosting Costs…No Domain Fees
  • 50% – 50% Co-Broker Commissions
  • 100% Training Reimbursement ($100) upon acceptance of your first deal