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Building Suspect Lists

Building Your Suspect Lists?

Suspect lists are compiled lists of businesses that are possible candidates to become clients.  In our case, factoring clients.   As opposed to databank list which are simply lists of businesses or individuals based upon demographics and which are purchased from a list vendor, compiled list are lists you create through your own investigation and hard work.  Building compiled lists of suspects takes both time and effort, but is the key to successful direct marketing.  Not only will you need to actually “sleuth out” the entries to include in your compiled list, but you also need to manage the numbers, which will grow exponentially.  To do so, you will definitely need to use a CRM such as Pipedrive. 

Below is an expansive list of the various types of business entities that can utilize the services of a factor.  Use your search engine of choice to begin building you compiled lists.  This is a task you will devote an extensive amount of time to during your first three to six months of operation.

Marketing Tip 1

Beginning to develop your compiled lists of prospects takes center stage in the first several months of operation as a new broker along with building your database of lenders.

Marketing Tip 2

As you build your compiled lists, develop your Avery mailing label list at the same time.

3D Printing Equipment

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Svcs.

Abrasive /Sandpaper Manufacturers

Accounting / Bookkeeping Services

Adhesives Manufacturers

Adult Products Manufacturers

Advertising Services

Agricultural (Growers)

Agriculture (Medical Marijuana)

Air Conditioning / Maintenance

Air Purification Equipment & Supplies

Aircraft Charter Services

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Parts & Accessories

Airport Shuttle Operators

Air Transportation

Alarm and Horn Manufacturers

Amazon Sellers (Specialty)

Apparel Manufacturers

Appliance Repair (Commercial)

Armored Car Services

Armored Vehicle Mfg.

Art Supply Manufacturers

ATV Manufacturing & Equipment

Audio Production Studios

Audio / Video Equipment Mfg.

Audit / Inventory Services

Automotive Accessories

Automobile Brakes / Suspension Comp.

Automobile (Collector Car Parts)

Automobile Detailing (Commercial)

Automobile Electronics Components

Automobile Exhaust Components

Automobile Interior Components

Automobile Parts (Remanufacturing)

Automobile Racing Products

Automobile Radiator Manufacturers

Automotive Repair (Commercial)

Automotive Waxes and Chemicals

Automotive Wheel Manufacturers

Automotive Turbo / Superchargers

Automobile Towing (Municipal Contract)

Background Check / Fingerprint Services


Baking Mix Manufacturers

Ball Bearing Manufacturers

Barrel and Drum Manufacturing

Battery Manufacturers

BBQ Equipment Mfg. (Specialty)

Bed Manufacturers (Medical / Specialty)

Bee Keepers

Beverage Distributors

Bicycle and Parts (Specialty)

Billboard and Sign Manufacturers

Biotechnology Consultants

Blinds & Shade Manufacturers

Boats and Equipment

Body Armor Mfg.

Body Shops (Commercial)

Boiler / Heat Exchangers

Book Distributors

Brewers (Micro / Craft Beers)

Broadcasting (Advertising)

Building Inspection Services

Bus Transportation (Charter)

Business Coaching

Business Concierge Services

Business Service Centers

Business Valuation Services

Cabinet Makers (Custom)

Candy Manufacturers

Canning (Specialty Products)

Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturing

Cardboard Products Mfg.

Cargo Inspection Services

Carpet Cleaners (Commercial)

Carpet / Rug Manufacturers

Casting Agency Services

Catering Companies

Cement Manufacturers

Ceramics Manufacturers

Chemical Products Manufacturers

Chipping and Grinding Services

Chicken / Turkey Production

Child Care Services

Circuit Board Manufacturers

Clay and Brick Manufacturers

Cleaning Products Manufacturers

Clothing / Garment Manufacturers

Coffee / Tea Products (Specialty)

Coffin / Casket Manufacturers

Commercial Cooking Equipment Mfg.

Commercial Oven Mfg.

Communication Equipment

Compressor Manufacturers

Computer Components

Computer Programming

Computer System Design

Concert & Event Promoters

Concrete Pipe Manufacturers

Construction (Building Finishing)

Construction (Carpentry Contractors) 

Construction (Commercial Building)

Construction (Concrete Contractors)

Construction (Demolition and Wrecking)

Construction (Drywall Installers)

Construction (Electricians)

Construction (Elevator Installers)

Construction (Excavation Contractors)

Construction (Fence Installation)

Construction (Flooring Installation)

Construction (Garage Door Installation)

Construction (Glass and Glazing)

Construction (Heating and Air Conditioning)

Construction (Heavy Equipment Operators) 

Construction (Highway & Bridge)

Construction (Industrial Building)

Construction (Insulation Contractors)

Construction (Masonry)

Construction (Municipal Building)

Construction (Pipelines)

Construction (Painting Contractors)

Construction (Paving Contractors)

Construction (Plumbing Contractors)

Construction (Road and Highway)

Construction (Roofing Contractors)

Construction (Steel Framing)

Construction (Swimming Pool-Commercial)

Construction (Tile and Paver Installers)

Construction (Transmission Line)

Construction (Water and Sewer Line)

Construction (Waterproofing Contractors)

Construction (Window Installers)

Construction (Wood Framing)

Construction Equipment Manufacturing

Consulting (Environmental)

Consulting (Technical)

Cookie, Cracker, Pasta Manufacturing

Corporate Wellness Services

Cosmetic / Beauty Products

Crop Services

Cutlery and Knife Manufacturing

Data Recovery Services (Digital Recovery)

Dairy Farmers

Dairy and Cheese Products

Data Processing Companies

Design Services

Detective Agencies

Direct Mail Advertising Services

Dish and Glassware (Designer Products)

Document Preparation Services

Drafting Services

Dredging Services

Drilling Services (Water and Test Well)

Drilling Services (Oil and Gas)

Dye and Pigment Manufacturing

Education Consultants

Educational Services (Specialty)

Educational Services (Language Related)

Educational Services (Sports Coaching)

Educational Services (Testing Services)

Egg Production

Electrical Parts & Equipment Mfg.

Electronics Instrument Manufacturers

Electronics Repair

Elevator Manufacturing

Employee Assistance Services

Employee Relocation Services

Employment / Recruiting Agencies

Energy / Utility Consultants

Engineering / Design Companies

Engraving Services (Business)

Environmental Testing Labs

Equipment Rental Companies

Executive Search Recruiters

Expert Witness Consulting Services

Explosives Manufacturer

Farm Product Storage / Warehousing

Farm Supplies

Fence and Scaffold Manufacturing

Fertilizer Companies

Fiberglass Mfg.  (Auto Body Products)

Fiberglass Mfg. (Hot Tubs)

Fiberglass Mfg.  (Specialty Products)

Financial Data Service Providers

Fish / Seafood Aquaculture

Fishing Equipment (Specialty)

Flowers and Nurseries

Foam Products

Food (Frozen Foods)

Food (Gourmet Products)

Food Processors

Food Service Contractors

Footwear Manufacturers

Forensic Accounting Services

Forest Support Services

Forestry / Logging

Forklifts and Related Mfg.

Freight Delivery / Trucking

Freight Packaging Services

Fruit & Nut Farming

Furniture Manufacturers

Glass Products Manufacturers

Glass (Laboratory Specialty)

Golf Carts and Equipment

Graphic Design Services

Greeting Card Publishers

Guard Services

Guns, Ammunition, Shooting Products

Gym / Fitness Products

Gym Health & Fitness Clubs

Gypsum Products

Hand Tool Manufacturing (Specialty)

Hardware Manufacturers

Heavy Equipment Service Providers

Hood and Duct Cleaners

Hosiery Mills

Hoist and Winch Mfg.

Hose and Belt Manufacturing

Human Resources Consultants

Hydraulic Products (Specialty)

Ice Cream Products

Industrial Gas Manufacturers

Infection Molding Equipment

Ink Manufacturer

Information Technology Consultants

Interior Design Consultants

Iron / Steel Products (Specialty)

Janitorial Services

Jewelry Manufacturers

Juice / Mixes Manufacturers

Laminated Coverings / Products

Landscape Design Consultants

Landscaping Services

Lawn Care Equipment

Leather Goods / Luggage

Leather Tanning & Products

Lighting (Specialty Products)

Limousine Service (Commercial)

Linen and Uniform Services

Livestock Production Support Svcs.

Lock Manufacturers (Custom and Specialty)

Lubricants (Specialty)

Machine Shop Services

Machine Tool Mfg., Parts, Accessories

Magazine Publishers

Management Consultants

Marine Diver Services

Marine Salvage

Marketing Consultants / Research Companies

Medical (Adhesives and Sealants)

Medical (Biotech-Related)

Medical (Equipment, Devices, and Instruments)

Medical Equipment Repair Services

Medical (Diagnostic Lab and Test Facilities)

Medical (Home Care Providers)

Medical (Sleep Therapy Services)

Medical (Toxicology labs)

Medical (Transportation Non-Emergency)

Metal Cans and Containers

Metal Door Manufacturers

Metal Plating Services

Metal Products (Other)

Metal Stamping and Forging

Metal Tank Manufacturing

Metalwork (Ornamental)

Metalworking Equipment Mfg.

Millworking and Equipment

Mineral Products

Mining (Coal and Minerals)

Mining Machinery and Parts

Model Agencies

Motorcycles and Parts Mfg.

Motor Home Accessories

Moving Services (Business)

Music Producers

Musical Instrument Manufacturers

Navigation Equipment

Occupational Health / Welfare Services

Office Administrators / Management

Office Supply Manufacturers

Oil and Gas Products

Oil and Gas Services

Oil and Gas Machinery, Equipment

Optical Equipment (Binoculars and Telescopes)

Optical (Glasses and Sunglasses Mfg.)

Optical (Night Vision Products)

Optical (Protective Eye Wear)

Optical (Recognition Software)

Optical (Scopes)

Oxygen / Gas Distributors

Packaging & Labeling Services

Paint / Coatings Manufacturers

Painting Contractors

Paper Products Manufacturers

Parking Lot Maintenance

Pest Control Companies

Pesticides / Traps Products

Pet Foods, Toys, Etc.

Petrochemical Products

Petroleum Products

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


Physical Therapy Rehab Services

Plant and Flower Growers

Plastic Bottle Manufacturers

Plastic Films and Sheets

Plastic Production and Machinery

Plastic Tube and Pipe

Plastic Products (Other)

Plastic and Resin Manufacturers


Plumbing Supplies / Products

Portable Toilet Rental / Septic Tank

Pottery Products

Power Conversion Equipment

Printing (Custom Screen Printing)

Printing Equipment Manufacturers

Printing Services (Documents)

Promotional Services

Property Management Companies

Public Relations Service Providers

Pump Manufacturers

Radio Broadcasters

Recycling Providers

Recycling (Batteries)

Recycling (Cooking Oil)

Recycling (Document Grinding Svces)

Recycling (Electronic Goods)

Recycling (Oil and Automotive Waste)

Recycling (Scrap Metal)

Recycling (Tire and Rubber)

Refrigeration Equipment & Repair

Remediation Services

Repossession Services

Restaurant Cooking Equipment Maint.

Rubber Products Manufacturers 

Safe and Vault Manufacturing

Scale and Balance Equipment Mfg.

Screw/Nut/Bolt (Specialty Fasteners)

Seafood Manufacturing

Seasoning, Sauce, and Condiment Mfg.

Security Related Services (Including IT)

Sheet Metal Fabricators

Shoe and Footwear Mfg.

Soap Products (Specialty)

Software / Video Game Designers

Solar Panel Installation

Sound Recording / Studios

Speech and Voice Recognition Equip.

Sports Promotions

Sporting Goods Manufacturers

Snow Removal Equipment 

Snowmobiles and Equipment

Spring Manufacturers

Staffing Companies

Stenographic Services

Supply Chain Management Services

Surveying / Mapping Services

Synthetic Fiber Products

Syrup and Flavoring Products

Telecommunication Services

Telemarketing Services

Textile Manufacturers

Telephone Call Centers

Tile and Marble Mfg. (Specialty)

Tobacco Products

Tour Operators (Group)

Toy / Doll / Game Manufacturers

Tractors and Agricultural Accessories

Trade Show / Conference Planners

Traffic Control Equipment

Trailer Manufacturers

Translation Services

Tree Trimming Services

Uniform Manufacturers & Services

Valve Manufacturers

Vitamin and Supplement Mfg.

Warehouse / Storage

Waste Collection / Disposal Services

Waste Collection (Medical, Hazardous, etc.)

Water Delivery

Wax Products and Candle Mfg.

Welding Equipment / Supplies Mfg.

Welding Services

Wheelchair Manufacturers

Wig and Hairpiece Manufacturers

Window Cleaners (Commercial)


Wire and Cable Manufacturers

Wood Keg / Barrel Manufacturers

Wood Pallet Manufacturers

Wood Paneling Manufacturers

Wood Products Mfg (Specialty)

Woodworking Machinery (Specialty)