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Campaigns: An Overview

Your First Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing Plans, Campaigns & Goals: An Overview

Marketing plans: are a business document outlining certain marketing strategies and tactics.  Marketing plans are often focused on a specific period of time (i.e. over the next 3 months) and cover a variety of marketing-related details, such as campaigns, costs, goals, and action steps.  A major purpose of a marketing plan is to set your business on a specific course.

For factoring brokers, the most important part of a marketing plan is the setting of specific intermediate term goals.  Like all consulting businesses, how we reach those goals is very flexible.  We tend to try different things and then stick with what is working.  Goals, however, should not be flexible.  They should be clearly defined and we should set them and stick with them

Marketing Campaigns:  Are the essential “nuts and bolts” part of your marketing plan and are made up of a specific, defined series of activities used in marketing your products or services.  In short, marketing campaigns will define the specific tools we will use a a specified length of time to reach a goal.  Like marketing plans, all campaigns are goal oriented and often, the goals are not what you would think.  Goals for your marketing campaigns should be focused and not overly broad.  Your campaign goals should be…


An example of a poor marketing campaign goal would be:

  • POOR DIRECT MAIL POSTCARD CAMPAIGN GOAL:  I want to get more sales and leads   (Way too broad)
  • GOOD DIRECT MAIL POSTCARD CAMPAIGN GOAL:  I want to generate 12 responses from a target mailing to 500 targets and convert 2 of those responses to clients within a 3 month period.

Goals:  Be Very Specific

When setting campaign goals, the more specific you are the better.  For example

  • GOOD DIRECT MAIL POSTCARD CAMPAIGN GOAL:   I want to generate 12 responses from a target mailing to 500 targets and convert 2 of those responses to clients within a 3 month period.
  • GREAT DIRECT MAIL POSTCARD CAMPAIGN GOAL:   I want to generate 12 responses from a target mailing of 500 targets to be added them to my response list
  • GREAT RESPONSE LIST CAMAPAIGN GOAL (STEP TWO):  I want to generate 4 client new client applications for a “free proposal” and close 2 new clients.

When setting a campaign goal, be very specific.  When setting up your campaign make it…

  • SPECIFIC:  I will send out 2 mailings of 250 direct mail pieces (2 weeks apart) to my target list followed up with telephone marketing.  The goal is to drive 25 business owners (visitors) to my website to get a FREE download of my booklet; When Banks Say NO!
  • MEASURABLE:   I will measure results through form submissions and Google Analytics
  • ATTAINABLE:  5%   50 responses for a 500 piece mailing or 5%
  • REALISTIC:  Telephone follow up should increase my normal direct mail response rate of 1% to 5% or greater.
  • TIME-BOUND:  This will be a 30 day campaign giving me time to follow up with telephone marketing on each 250 piece mailing.

Launching Your First Campaigns (Recommendations)

Industry polls show that roughly 50% of all new clients are sourced from direct marketing and 50% from networking and referrals.  Each and every quarter (90 day period), you should have at least one campaign focused on direct (response) marketing and one focused on networking.

YOUR FIRST DIRECT RESPONSE CAMPAIGN:  After your first 30-60 days of list building, it will be time to launch your first marketing campaigns.  We recommend for your first direct marketing campaign to utilize direct mail stuffers with a cover letter and telephone follow up. This will give you a great opportunity to test your Sales Story and also get your cold calling feet wet.

  • Utilize two or three of the compiled lists you have built to come up with a total of about 500 targets
  • Choose an attention-getting mail stuffer (front and back) that focuses on problems of payroll and have 500 printed with your website’s URL or a forwarded “simple” URL you are using if your website URL is too long.  Order 500 stuffers from your printer of choice.  Also order 1,000 envelopes sized for the stuffer
  •  Hand address all envelopes and use a commemorative stamp
  • Choose a mail stuffer cover letter from our direct mail letters samples.  These will be printed using your printer.  Mail merge business owner names if possible.
  • Choose a follow up telephone script from our telephone script selections.  Practice, practice, practice this script until you know it inside out and OWN it.  Telephone follow up and your telephone script is what makes direct mail work for our industry.