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Classified Ad Lead-Gen

Generating Leads with Classified Ads

Generating Leads with Classified Ads

Classified advertising tends to reach people that are already shopping and it is one of the most economical methods of reach such people.  Though print ads are dying a slow death, online classified advertising is exploding.  When you place such ads, just be aware you are also opting in to the publication’s newsletters and email advertising.

Online classifieds are well worth the effort and they are a great way to build your lists of target B2B business owners.  Many factoring brokers have generated good leads from such sites as Craig’s List and while advertising in that particular venue is no longer free in many large cities, in smaller locations it continues without cost. 

Focus on Payroll Finance

When placing classifieds, most should focus on the problem of making payroll for which factoring can be a solution.  Place ads in publications where service sector companies advertise and especially those with a large number of employees.

Advertise Webinars

If you are working on a webinar campaign where you will have a factor’s BDO as the guest speaker, placing classified ads is a great method of filling seats.  Create a form specifically for this event in your Pipedrive System and place a button on your website where those interested can simply click and complete the form for a reservation.

Lead Generation With Classified Ads

Classified ads are a lead-generation tool you should have working for your brokering business 24/7.  Not only are classified ad campaigns very low cost, but they can be exceptionally productive as well.  For most busy freelance factoring consultants, the biggest problem is simply remembering to insert them.

Focus Your Classified Ads on Payroll Solutions

View this templates area of the Factoring 202 Annex , you will see several simple examples of classified ads.  Classified ads work to generate leads, but you have to stay dedicated to them.  Make certain your ads focus on the problems associated with lack of working capital for payroll.  Always, always, always provide the solution to the problem in the form of a FREE booklet, case study or white paper. In other words, all classified ads MUST incorporate an offer.

Though you will always provide your phone number on your classified ad, the primary purpose of the classifieds you run will be to drive readers to your website where they can download a PDF copy your Free Offer after completing a form.  Do not make data on the form extensive.  A name, business name, and email address is usually all that is needed.  This is a good job for a Pipedrive form which will forward the lead to your “Hot Lead” stage of your sales pipeline

How Many Times to Run Classifieds in a Publication

 Typically to get results in marketing, you will need to touch readers 4-7 times before they pay attention to your message.  Classified ads are no different.  That doesn’t mean you won’t get a “bite” or two on the very first insertion.  It simply means once you choose a publication for your classified ads, plan on running the ad at least 6 or 7 times.

Where to Run Your Classifieds

The cost / benefit analysis on classifieds is eye opening and they are a great campaign choice for those just getting started.  Additionally, there are literally thousands of publications where you can run your ads.  While placing classifieds can be a little “hit or miss”, doing some background work on the publication you plan to place your ads in will boost the amount of leads you generate from classifieds.  Here are some tips for choosing the right publication.

  • Make sure the publication has a well laid out classified section.  Publications with just one or two pages of classifieds show limited readership.
  • View the types of businesses that are advertising in the publication.  If, for example, the classified section has a lot of ads placed by service sector companies such as staffing companies, cleaning companies, maintenance companies, etc., it is a good publication for your ad.
  • All advertisers tend to view their ads to make certain they were inserted correctly.  When viewing theirs, make certain they see yours.  Look carefully at how you can insert your ad so others can easily see it.
  • Study the winners!  When looking at the publication’s classified section, make note of which ads immediately capture your attention and mimic those ads using a similar type face, size, and color, when placing your ad.

Setting Up Your Classified Offer

One of the drawbacks to using classified ads for lead generation is the limited ad width (column width) you have in any typical publication.  For example, when directing a reader to the “squeeze” page on your website, the length of the URL of that page may simple be too long to place in the ad.  To overcome this…

  • Only use your website’s domain in the ad such as  Unless you have a very long domain name, it should fit in the width of a column.
  • Insert a linked image of your FREE report or booklet on your website’s landing page which links to the “invitation” page with the sign up form for the booklet / white paper.
  • If possible, use a simple Pipedrive form on this page and code the form to send any lead information from requests directly to the “Hot Lead” stage of your Pipedrive pipeline.

Form Design

When designing this form for your website, do not ask for too much information.  You will only need..

  1. First / Last Name of the Individual
  2. Business Name
  3. Contact E-Mail Address
  4. Zip Code

Make all of the above *required fields.  You will easily be able to locate a phone number for contact with a Google search of the Business Name.  If the business is out of area, use the Zip Code to find the city and state. 

Once you design this delivery system for your website, you will be able to use it over and over again.  Or in other words, it will never go stale.  if you have difficulty setting up this page on your site, IACFB technical staff can do so for a small fee. (About $60) or if you are using Pipedrive forms, we can easily set up an “Opt In” button that will display that form and send the lead right to “Pipedrive Leads In”.

Follow Up On Classified Leads Immediately!

Leads that you receive from classified ads are almost always “Hot” Leads so follow up on these leads IMMEDIATELY!  It is very common for freelance brokers to get their first commission-generating clients for simple and inexpensive classified ad insertions.