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Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker Campaigns

Creating campaigns around guest speakers is an especially productive tool for brokers.  Scheduling speakers online is relatively easy and inexpensive.  Live speakers will involve some expense and, of course, you will need a BDO to speak that is in your area.  

Setting up these types of conferences is a sure winner when it comes lead generation and all professional freelancers should consider holding two or three such events yearly.  Success is all about getting attendees and it will take some serious phone work, but these events virtually always pay off by generating a new account or two.

Having a Sponsor

One of the obvious benefits of working with a local factor and a BDO is your ability to hold informal workshops and have the factor’s BDO speak.  Your job, is simply to get the attendees and all BDOs will gladly speak at such events if you can produce a minimum of 15 business owners to speak to.

Live Events vs. Online Events

When creating Guest Speaker Campaigns, live events are always better and you can easily build these very economically around a “pizza lunch”.  A secondary, but important, benefit of holding these live events is gives you the perfect reason to call business owners and invite them to your luncheon.

Campaigns 101:  Guest Speakership

For new freelance IACFB brokers, holding a guest speakership is an excellent choice for an initial direct marketing campaign.  In fact, guest speakership campaigns are such powerful and productive campaigns, they may well become the most common campaign you employ.   You will need about 30 days lead time to hold a guest speakership marketing campaign.  What you will need to hold a gust speakership:

  • GUEST SPEAKER:  A business development officer from a factor
  • CRM:  Customer Relationship Manager (Pipedrive)
  • LIST:  A list of about 500 demographically chosen targets
  • INVITATION CARDS:  500 hand addressed
  • WEBSITE:  With an invitation page (modification to Factoring 101 websites required)
  • TELEPHONE SCRIPT:  A warm call telephone script
  • EMAIL SYNOPSIS:  A PDF program synopsis for email marketing

Campaign Goals

Guest Speakership Campaigns are strong lead-generating campaigns which are very easy to employ and feature multiple goals, all of which can convert clients.  Your campaign goals include:

  • ATTENDEES:  Your initial goal is to get 50+ prospective attendees
  • IMMEDIATE NEW CLIENTS:  1-2 new clients immediately
  • FUTURE NEW CLIENTS:  1-2 new clients within 3-6 months through follow up marketing
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES:  50-100 opportunities to begin building relationships with invitees. 
  • EMAIL ADDRESSES:  300 or more email addresses of business owners for follow up prospecting and drip marketing

Campaign Timeline:  How to Implement this Campaign

Guest Speakership Campaigns are relatively easy to employ and will take about 30 days from start to finish.

  1. IMMEDIATELY…ORDER INVITATION CARDS:  Order your invitation cards from your printer of choice.  We use DocuCopies due to their excellent pricing and fast turnaround times. (see DocuCopies)
  2. IMMEDIATELY…LOCATE A BDO:  Call the factor of your choice and ask to speak to a BDO and ask if he would be willing to be the “Guest Speaker” at a teleconference you are holding on factoring.  He he/she says “yes”, set the time and date of the teleconference.  Use the same guidelines for teleconferences as you would for workshops.  (see page 167 in the Factoring Guide)
  3. WEEK ONE…UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE:  Update your website’s Invitation Page for with the time and date for this teleconference.
  4. WEEK ONE…ADVERTISE: Start advertising your teleconference on your blog, social media, etc.  Also start placing small ads in Craig’s List or any other FREE media at you disposal.  MAKE CERTAIN YOUR WEBISTE IS UPDATED!
  5. WEEK ONE…LIST BUILDING:  Begin building your target list for this campaign.  You will need approximately 500 target names to generate 25-30 attendees at your teleconference.  Continue marketing on your blog, social media, and free classified venues.
  6. WEEK TWO…MAIL INVITIATIONS:  Invitations should start being mailed about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks prior to the event.  Mail approximately 100 per batch (5 batches) with each batch being about 3 days apart.  All invitations are hand addressed in cursive and affixed with a commemorative stamp.
  7. WEEK TWO – THREE:  Follow up each batch of 100 invitations with a phone call in 4 – 6 days.  Use an IACFB telephone script.