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LinkedIn Marketing Power for Factoring Brokers
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The Social Medium of Choice

When it comes to networking for business, and in particular your business of factoring broker, the elephant in the room is LinkedIn.  And unless you have an alternative reason not to, you can kick most of the rest (Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.) to the curb.  With the exception of Facebook, which is making headway into the business side of social media, every minute you spend building a network at LinkedIn will be beneficial, the others are mostly a waste of valuable time. 

LinkedIn is a “High Value” professional network and you, as a factoring consultant, are a high value professional.  It is on LinkedIn that you will not only find other professionals with which to network, but LinkedIn is also a goldmine of business data.  In fact, few know that LinkedIn, not Google, is the largest business oriented search engine.

LinkedIn Demographics

LinkedIn demographics are impressive.  Recent counts show…

  • 766 million users
  • 310 million active users
  • 171 million users in the U.S.
  • 47% are active on LinkedIn each month
  • 51% of college graduates use LinkedIn
  • 90 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers and 63 million are in decision-making positions.
  • LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs
  • 92% of all B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix

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Your Social Media of Choice

Getting Started on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional business network in the world.  It is the largest B2B lead-generation website in the world where consultants / brokers can connect with both customers and referral partners.  LinkedIn is no longer simply a place where you can post your job resume.  By posting in LinkedIn Groups, you can demonstrate your business finance expertise and attract new clients.  For bloggers and those freelanceLinkedIn for Business brokers  authoring blog articles, you can keep up with factoring and small business finance news and have it appear right in your news feed.  For those blogging and always looking for great ideas for a subject that will interest your financing prospects, LinkedIn is a bottomless well of such content. 

Your LinkedIn Objectives

As a freelance professional factoring broker, you should view LinkedIn as a recurring marketing campaign and you should devote at least a an hour per day just to LinkedIn.  Agents may want to spend less time as their business model is decidedly different but freelance professionals need to learn how to get the most from LinkedIn and that includes posting comments, articles, and building their network.  Objectives will include developing:

  • a solid network of bank lending officers and accounting professionals on the platform and then building meaningful relationships with them.  These are the individuals that can send significant amounts of referrals to you
  • a network of “agents” or sub-brokers.  There are millions of LinkedIn users seeking jobs, either full or part time and for freelance brokers, developing your business as an agency with sub-brokers “bird-dogging” for you is an absolute sure pathway to success.
  • relationships with business owners where your expertise and resources for alternative commercial finance are of high value when needed.
  • posting articles, comments, and links to your blog posts in your “groups”.  As a freelance broker, you should post a blog post on your website at least every three (3) days.  When doing so, make sure you post an excerpt and link to it on LinkedIn.    
LinkedIn Learning (

The best way to begin with LinkedIn is to take selected courses at LinkedIn Learning (formerly  These courses are by subscription, however the platform offers a free 30 day trial which is plenty of time to take the course and learn the latest and greatest about LinkedIn.  

Courses to Take to Get Started with LinkedIn