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Productivity Tools

Reach your goals with these...

Productivity Tools

if you are entering the industry with career intentions, there are certain productivity tools that you will find to be absolutely necessary.  These “tool requirements” do not pertain to those part-timers and referrers, but to those with a professional mindset.  Fortunately, most that enter the industry will find they have the majority of tools on the list already if they have any type of home office.  Many of the other tools are low cost or no cost tech items that, none the less, you will find to be essential.

If you are opening your doors, don’t delay in purchasing or setting up these productivity tools.  They really are essential.


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Purchase or set up these....

Productivity Tools That Ares Essential

Before you can launch your business and open your doors, you need to “stock the shelves”.  Below are some absolutely essential items required for industry success if you are entering the field as a true professional.

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

You cannot possible market, manage your networking, and develop leads without the help and technological organizational power of a contact relationship manager.  You can’t…at least not in this business.   And the sooner you bite the bullet and subscribe to a suitable CRM, the faster you will learn how to use it and the bettor off you will be.  The cost of subscribing to a CRM worthy of the job you will doing as a commercial finance broker / consultant will be roughly $10 per month to $99 per month.  Lots of bells and whistles in the various CRMs so do some research.

Email Marketing Platform

When we are talking about email marketing here we are talking about a marketing automation platform.  You will do daily one-on-one emailing to prospects from your CRM.  You will, however, want to periodically blast out an email to thousands of leads / prospects at one time.  That is the job of an email marketing platform.  Cost here run from free to a hundred or so a month when you hit the 10,000 mark on prospects.


Desktop or Laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM.  If you are planning to be marketing out of your home office, running an agency, etc., a desktop is recommended with a large monitor…the largest your budget will allow.  You will be surprised in the difference a large monitor makes (or even dual monitors) if your working primarily from home and behind the desk for long hours. 

If you are planning on being out of home office most of the day, networking and working from your car, a laptop is your answer.


Any quality 4-1 printer will do.  Watch for sales.  Just make certain the printer you buy has scan capabilities. 

Microsoft Office 365

You will definitely need this software.  We recommend the “Standard Subscription” which runs about $12.50 per month.