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Running Classified Ads

Running Classified Ads for Leads

Where to Run Your Classifieds

With the explosive expansion of online business publications, there is no limit to the number of options you have when running classified ads.  Online trade publications are now commonplace but growing in importance to the point that they soon may overshadow traditional publicans, are business blogs….and finding business blogs is easy using or any other search engine of choice.

Advertising in Business Blogs

Authors of business blogs are always looking for content.  Consider writing a short article on factoring and submit it to the blogs owner for publication.  Bloggers will always allow you to advertise your website and contact information in your article and just like that, your article / ad can reach thousands of business owners that frequent that particular blog.

Magazines:  Where To Run Classified Ads

One of the benefits of classified advertising is the virtually unlimited number of affordable publications available for publishing your ad where specific demographic groups can be targeted.  Magazine advertising, and in particular trade magazine advertising, allows you to reach many specific market segments with little wasted circulation.  People buy magazines to read and spend time with them, unlike newspapers which are generally just scanned quickly for news.  Magazines tend to involve their readers, and your ads should do the same.

When you begin to explore possible publications in which to place your ads, you will find many magazines you are not familiar with.  Spend time researching numerous publications and pay particular attention to those with well laid out classified sections.  Those with small, one or two page sections show lack of readership. Advertisers tend to advertise in magazines that “pull”.  Stick with publications that have numerous ads under the business services or business finance headings.

 Trade Magazines and Publications

Almost with out exception, every business type has at least one major dedicated publication for that industry.  For those marketing on a business-to-business basis, trade publications represent a valuable advertising medium. Taken as a group, they are usually considered “must reading” for decision makers in any particular field.

If you have a friend that is employed in a automotive body shop, for example, ask him if his employer has any old trade publications in the lobby or around the office that you might have  Almost all manufacturers and service providers subscribe to trade journals from their particular industry.  Ask friends or acquaintances who are employed in the following industries for copies of old journals or visit for access to over 77,000 publications.  Search for publications directed at industries that factors typically service.  (See Factoring 101).

Finding trade journals has become increasingly easier through use of the internet.  You can now use search tools such as Google or directories such as Yahoo to locate the websites of literally hundreds of industry trade journals.  Additionally, almost all trade journals now offer an online version of the their magazine.

Don’t be content with just placing classified ads in trade journals.  Each of these magazines will contain dozens or even hundreds of advertisers that sell on a B2B basis within the industry of the magazines readers. These magazine advertisers can be a great source of “suspects” for your next direct mail campaigns.  Research the web sites of industry advertisers to gather additional information and create a campaign directed solely at the advertisers in a particular trade magazine.

Placing On-line Classified Ads

Classified ads of all kinds reach people who are already shopping.  Online classifieds are one of the newer forms of advertising and can be useful in selling your financial services to today’s techno-savvy entrepreneur.  Many online services allow you to run your ad for free.  Be aware, however, that by registering with many such sites you will be “opting in” to receive e-mail solicitations from thousands of other advertisers.  Choose the sites where you post your online advertisement carefully.

Probably the best use of online classifieds is simply to direct traffic to your commercial finance website.  As with any other form of classified, make certain your FREE offer is enticing.  If you submit your ad to an online classified site, pay attention to its position when posted and then check it again several days later.  Most online advertisements are displayed in chronological order.  If your ad is becoming lost in a myriad of new ads and slipping down to the tenth or twentieth page, resubmit the ad to improve its position.  Many who utilize online classifieds check each ad every day to insure that it is maintained at the top of the list.

Study the Winners

No matter what media you choose to run your classifieds in, gain some knowledge regarding the writing of productive ad copy by studying the ads in current magazines and newspapers.  If possible, check several previous issues from as far back as a year to see which ads continue to appear month after month.  Those ads must be producing leads or they would not be continuously run. 

Before you begin to place your ads, spend some time browsing classifieds sections in a variety of publications.  Pay attention to the wording and format of classified advertisements that catch your interest.  If you are drawn to the look of an ad then it is likely that others are also.  When designing your ads, mimic those “attention-getters” that you find when reading your selected publications.  Writing ad copy for lead-generating
classifieds is a very special art.   Master it quickly by learning from others.