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SBF Landing Page

Generating Leads, Prospects, and Customers

Your SBF Landing Page

Your SBF Landing Page or “Squeeze Page” is your primary method of presenting a “Free Offer” to generate leads.  In fact, as an SBF Sponsored Agent, your primary job is simply to send prospects in need of working capital for their business to your landing page so they can request their copy of your FREE booklet, “When Banks Say NO!  The Small Business Guide to Factoring”.  The more of these booklets you give away to business owners, the more leads you will generate and the more prospective clients IACFB account executives can underwrite.

Though you will not have your own domain for your Landing Page, it will have it’s own URL or address on the web.  If you are engaged in “face-to-face” networking, such as when you attend club meetings, etc., you will likely elect to have business cards printed as an agent and you will display the URL of your Landing Page on your business cards.

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Your SBF Agent Landing Page

The single most import lead generation tool for all factoring brokers, whether operating part-time or full time, is a FREE offer.  An “offer” is something that you provide to a website visitor in return for them taking a specific action.  In your case, the action is to complete a form and provide you with their email address and business information.  As IACFB Agents, it is your valuable tool for generating leads.

To request your FREE offer, a small business owner must have somewhere to go.  That ‘somewhere” is your Agent Landing Page which is provided to you as part of the IACFB Agents Program.  Your Landing Page is a single “squeeze page” only designed to capture contact information of visitors.  

Sub-Domain URL

Your SBF Landing Page will have a sub-domain URL.  This means you will pay no annual domain fees nor will you pay hosting.  The sub-domain will relate to your name such as “bill.smith”.  The complete URL that you can print on business cards and that you can share with others on social media will be (for example): 

Business Email

You are also 

No Links

Your Agent Landing Page is set up as a true “Squeeze Page” in that there are no links that visitors can select to go to other areas of the Small Business Finance Center website.  When you give a prospect your dedicated URL, it is the only page available for them to see.  To receive your FREE offer of more valuable information, they must click the button and complete the request form.