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Setting Up Organization View in Pipedrive

Factoring Broker Sales Pipeline

Customizing Organizations View in Pipedrive

Customizing your entry display and database for Contacts and Organizations is very important since these are your primary work areas during any normal day as a broker.  Once you have been operational for over 30 days, you will likely log into Pipedrive and most of your work day will be managed from Organizations View.  As leads are generated from your website, networking opportunities, referrals, or from direct marketing phone responses, you need to manage those leads in a truly professional manner.  Since a single deal won can mean $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more in commission income to you over time, you never want to let a quality lead fall through the cracks.  Setting up the Pipedrive CRM specifically for your business, as a factoring broker, means you should never lose a prospect simply due to poor handing and management.

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Pipedrive CRM

Customizing Your Organizations View

As a factoring broker using Pipedrive CRM, your Organizations View is where you will spend most of your time when launching and following up on direct marketing campaigns.  Organizations in Pipdrive houses all of your lists other than your e-list.  These lists include..

  1. Suspects:  Compiled Lists, Databank Lists, Client Lists
  2. Referring Networks:  Banks, SCORE, SBDC’s, Chambers, Fraternal Organizations 
  3. Lenders:  This is your personal database of lenders such as factors and asset-based lenders
  4. Others:  This is a “personal” catch-all category that can include everything from a local hospital, dentist office, auto repair center, etc.

Understand Some Direct Marketing Basics

Direct marketing is all about lead-generation through response.  For example, when you you send a mailer to a suspect with an offer of a FREE booklet on factoring that can be had simply by visiting your website and completing a form, that is a perfect example of direct marketing.  You create a mailing, radio ad, classified add or whatever with an offer for a FREE report or booklet or quote.  Your direct marketing campaign contains a “call-to’action”.  It solicits a response from the receiver for something of value.  Direct marketing is always about a response.

Driving Visitors to Your Website

Though you may think direct marketing is all about getting new clients, that is an over simplification.  In most cases, your direct marketing campaigns will have a primary goal of…

  • Driving visitors to your website
  • Having them submit a form with contact information including email address
  • Building your email list through responses from direct mail

When a business owner responds to your direct mail, they are moved from your suspect list to your response list and prospected through direct contact (typically telephone).  A percentage of your response list will eventually become commission-generating clients so the use of direct mail with a telephone qualifying phone follow up to build your response list is how you generate clients using direct marketing.  As we have said before, your response list is the “gold” that is your most important asset as a factoring broker. Also remember, direct marketing ALWAYS involves an offer.  Direct marketing without a FREE offer is simply advertising for brand awareness and for your consulting business, a waste of both time and money.

Customizing Organization View:  Focus on What You Need To Know

In Pipedrive, organizations are the businesses you are seeking to prospect.  When customizing your “Organizations” view in Pipedrive, focus on those things you need to know about an organization so that it will assist you in marketing.  When making your follow up calls for all of your direct marketing campaigns, you will be working in Pipedrive’s Organization View.  A double click on any organization will display details about that organization so you can quickly add them while you are on a call.  But Organization View is where you will build your lists and launch your daily marketing processes. 

How We Customize and Set Up Organization View for Factoring Consultants

We can begin this lesson by saying there are thousands of ways to set up your Organizations View.  Pipedrive, as we have said many times, comes “out of the box” almost perfect for consultants.  Making a few customizations, however, makes it even better and an almost indespensable tool for brokers.  In the lesson below, we will show you exactly how we customize Pipedrive for our marketing operations at IACFB Wholesale.  You will be setting up suspect lists, networks, and lenders in Organization View.  We will discuss each in that order below.  You can follow the lesson by looking at the image above of our setup of Organization View.

IMPORTANT:  The Settings Icon

Throughout this lesson, we will be making some changes to standard Pipedrive.  Most are done in the “settings” area and to access this area, you will click on the small gear icon located in the drop down menu that appears when you click on your name in the upper right hand corner of Pipedrive.

What We Will Be Setting Up

If you look at the image of the Organization View in Pipedrive above you will see our modifications.  From left to right, we will show you how to set up…

  • NAME:  How to create a compiled list of suspects you will market to
  • LABEL:  Set up a quick identification system for “Hot” prospects
  • CONTACT STATUS:  A status of follow up phone contact on any campaign
  • INDUSTRY:  The industry of the entree (Note:  this can be a lender or referral source as well)
  • LEAD SOURCE:  If this contact was the result of a lead, what was the lead source
  • CONTACT LIST:  What list is this contact assigned to.  (Note: includes Avery Mailing Lists)
  • LAST CAMPAIGN:  What and when was the last marketing campaign sent to this suspect
  • LAST ACTIVITY:  What was the date of the last activity with this suspect
  • UCC STATUS:  Is a UCC filed against this business (Note: Optional field) 

Additionally, we will be showing you the custom fields we have added to “Detail View”.  This is the important detail information you will access if you double click on any entree in Organization View.  Setting up these custom fields is also important for creation of forms you will use on your website.  You cannot create an entry field on a Pipedrive web form if it has not been set up as a custom field already.

Below is an image of our Organization settings.  Once you enter “Settings”, you will see three tabs above the fields.  Click the “Organizations” tab to see the default fields in Pipedrive.  The fields in blue below are custom fields we have added which are pertinent to your business as a factoring broker / consultant.  

NOTE:  After entering custom fields, you can click and drag that field to any position you want it to display in “Details View”.  Details View is the screen that appears when you double click on any entry in you list.

We will be explaining each of the blue fields above one by one.  The fields in black text are required default fields and must remain.  We do modify one default field, however, and that is the “Label” field. 

The “Label” Field / Column

The “Label” field is the field that provides the colorful, eye-catching label by the organization’s name.  By default, they tell you at a glance whether a lead is hot, cold, or in between.  We modify these labels in Organizations list to represent the status of a lead AFTER we have made our first phone contact.  We change to the labels to…

  • CHERRY:  A “hot” lead who exhibited an immediate need for our services on the follow up call.
  • GREEN CHERRY:  A “warm lead that expressed interest in factoring but is not yet ready to commit.
  • INFO SEEKER:  Submitted a form for our FREE offer but just wanted the info for now
  • PIT:  Was rude on the call, hung up, or worse.
  • VOICE MAIL: Didn’t take the call or was unavailable.  You will recall.
  • CLIENT:  A current client of yours

So, labels show the results of your qualifying call and when you are working on a daily basis in Organizations View, labels provide an immediate “what do I do today” list for you.  An entry without a label but who has received you mailing is an entry you still need to follow up on.  Cherries require your full attention as they are likely just a phone call away from becoming a commission generating client. 

To change the color and text on labels, simply click into an empty label field in the Label Column and hen click on the pencil icon to edit.  This will pull up the label selector / editor and you can rename labels and change colors as required. 

Contact Status Field / Column

The Contact Status Column is a custom column you will set up.  This is a filed that keeps track of your “initial” qualifying contact.  And…based upon your opinion of the call, good, bad, in between…you will then assign a label to that suspect.  Qualifying suspects with a cold call is important.  Hopefully, your mailing will have warm the suspect up a bit so the call is really not a cold call but a “warm” call. To set up this column…

  • Click on the Settings icon (little gear) from the drop down menu below your name in the right hand corner of Pipedive
  • Select “Custom Fields” from the left column under COMPANY.  
  • From the DEAL/ORGANIZATIONS/PEOPLE tabs at the top of the list, select ORGANIZATIONS
  • Select the green “Add Organization Field” button
  • From the grid of choices, select “multiple option” field.
  • Name the field “Contact Status”
  • Add the following choices
    • Initial Contact Made
    • Follow Up Call
    • Left Voice Mail

That will set up your Contact Status filed and you can add additional choices as you develop new marketing skills.

Industry Field / Column

The Industry Field is where you can see the suspects industry at a glance while marketing.  We have created a list of common industries that utilize factoring for finance here.  Do not all all of the types when you populate the setup box.  When you start list building, add industry types on the fly.  For example, if you use your favorite search engine to build a list of 60 janitorial services for a mailing campaign, then add “Janitorial” as an option in this column.

To set up this column, follow the exact same steps as you did for the “Contact Status” field.  You should also select the “multiple option” field type for this data since this is the field you will also use enter lender finance areas such as factoring, ABL, merchant cash, SBA, etc. for the lenders in your Organizations.  If you are using Organizations View to build a personal lenders directory, set up an additional field for “finance niches”.  Make this a “multiple entry” field.  This is not a filed that will show in your Organizations Lists, but it will show in Detail View.  This data will be searchable so when you need a construction factor, for example, you will easily be able to create a list of construction factors right in Pipedrive.

Lead In Source Field / Column

Set up the Lead In Source Field to track where a lead came from.  Leads are typically referrals or they come from a form filled out on your website.  They can also be phone call ins from a business owner that received your mailing.  This column tells you what marketing methods are the most successful at generating leads.  NOTE:  This filed will be blank until a business owner is referred to you or until you have a response from your marketing.

When setting up this field, make it the “multiple option” types as you may often have a lead come in from more than one source.  To initially populate your choices, use…

  • Call In
  • Chamber Event
  • Classified Ad
  • SBDC Event
  • SCORE Event
  • Trade Show
  • Website Form

You can easily add additional options as needed based on your marketing campaigns.  Additionally, this is an easy way of keeping track of referrals from a specific person.  For example, if a bank loan officer refers a client to you, attribute that loan officers name in this data field.    

Contact List Field / Column

The Contact List field tells you list where this suspect business resides.  For example, is it from your compiled list or is it from a databank list.  This is additionally where you will identify the Avery Label list where this business resides making it easy to find for updates or weeding out.  Because you will commonly have multiple lists in this filed, use the “multiple options” field choice when setting up.  For example, a member of your compiled list will always be on an Avery Label list.  Initially populate your choices as…

  •  Compiled List
  • Databank List
  • Response List
  • E-List Drip
  • Client List
  • Lenders Directory
  • Networks
  • Avery#1
  • Avery#2
  • Avery#3

NOTE:  This is whee you will also identify members of you networks (SBDC, SCORE, Facebook, etc.).  Organizations is also where you will build your personal directory of lenders.