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Using Avery Label List for Direct Mail

Managing Direct Mail Campaigns with Avery Labels

Building quality compiled suspect lists is the cornerstone of lead generating with direct mail.  Once you have created your list, you will then need to design a campaign, launch it, and finally follow it up with contact.  Using Avery’s online label maker will provide you with the perfect tool to create campaigns of manageable size that will work hand-in-hand with your daily Pipedrive operations.

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Setting Up Campaign Lists Using Avery Labels

One of the keys to launching direct mail campaigns for lead generation is to both create campaigns of manageable size and to create campaigns that you can easily follow up on.  While there are many ways to do this, the following is how we create and manage direct mail marketing at IACFB using Avery labels and Pipedrive.  With Avery’s online label capabilities, you can easily create an easy to use campaign labeling system that can be used over and over again and which will print labels right from your desktop printer using Avery labels or generic equivalents.

Recommended Campaign Size…60 Pieces

When you launch a lead-generation direct marketing campaign for factoring using direct mail, to get the maximum response you need to follow up that mailing with a qualifying telephone call.  To do so, it’s important to make the mailing of a size that you can make that follow up call within 7 days. 

We find a 60 piece mailing to be about right in most cases.  A 60 piece mailing is manageable, can be easily followed up on, and if you have additional time during the week you can call the recipients from the previous mailing you have yet to contact.  Telephone follow up is critical when using direct mail for lead-generation.

Mailing Label Size and Identification

For your direct mail, you will use standard 1″ x 2 5/8″ Avery Labels (or a generic version) that come 30 labels to a sheet.  Two full sheets of labels will provide addresses for your 60 piece mailing campaign.  When setting up these 2 sheets, use 60 suspect businesses from your compiled or databank lists that are from the same industry.  For example, fill the 2 sheets of labels with 60 janitorial services or 60 construction sub-contractors.  Name the list.  For example, we might name this list Avery #1 Janitorial.  Keep each list segmented to a specific industry. These Avery lists are semi-permanent lists. 

You will remove names from this list if you…

  • Get a very negative response from your follow up call ( “pit”)
  • Get mail returned as “undeliverable” 

You will add names to this list to fill the empty labels created from those you have deleted.  This is a very easy and foolproof way to keep your mailing lists up to date. 

Attributing the List in Pipedrive’s Organization View

In Pipedrive, you will want to relate or “link” this list to the suspects on it in Organization View.  This is important as a time saver since you will be working daily from your Organization View, making follow up calls and from a call’s response, gauging whether a particular business owner deserves your continued attention or should be deleted.  If you have not yet set up and customized your Organization View in your Pipedrive system, you can learn how to do so here.

Direct mail (with telephone follow up) is a very productive tool for generating quality leads.  It is, however, too expensive to waste on those that clearly have no interest in your services.  If you make a call and reach a “pit”, remove them from the appropriate Avery mailing list.