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Factoring 303 Overview

Factoring 303 Broker Training

About Factoring 303

Factoring 303 is a continuing education course to Factoring 101 and is an essential course for those individuals with a focus on establishing a professional career as a freelance consultant in factoring and alternative commercial finance.  As a “professional” industry consultant, developing an expansive, in-depth knowledge of factoring and the many other alternative commercial finance products available to small business owners is critical to your success.   

About Factoring 303

Questions & Anwers

How to Sign Up for Factoring 303

Factoring 202 and 303 together make up the Freelance Broker Program at Campus IACFB which is a convenient “add-on” to the Factoring 101 Broker Startup Program.  To add on Factoring 202 and 303, simply log into your account at DataMax Hosting and from the Navigation Bar in your customer dashboard, select SERVICES > VIEW AVAILABLE ADDONS.

You can purchase the Freelance Program Addon and your account will be updated.  Once your payment is processed (within 24 hours) you will receive an email with the latest passwords for Factoring 202 and 303.

PROMOTIONS:  Always check the Campus “Promotions Page” and the Community Forums to check for promotional discounts on the Freelance Program

Past Subscriber Access

Payment for Factoring 202 and 303 subscription is a “one time” event and provides lifetime access so long as your DataMax Hosting account is current (your DataMax broker website is operational)  This means that if you are a past subscriber to Factoring 202 / 303 or the old “Business-in-a-Box” ANNEX program and have let your website hosting account lapse and your site is no longer operational, all you need do to regain access to these two areas of Campus IACFB is to reinstate your website and hosting account at DataMax.  Once reinstated and your site is operational, we will provide you with a coupon for a 100% to the Freelance Program Add-On.

Link to Website Reinstatement

Factoring 303

Factoring 303 is IACFB’s continuing education course for members and referrers focused on a making a transition into the business of factoring as a full time professional and freelance commercial finance consultant rather than a simple referrer.  Making the transition to consulting in alternative commercial finance on a “professional” basis will require a more in-depth knowledge of financing products well beyond the factoring product alone. 

What’s Included With Factoring 303

Factoring 303 provides additional comprehensive training and content with classes and lessons featuring:

  • Asset-Based Lending
  • SBA Programs / Lending
  • Export Trade Finance
  • Forfaiting
  • Equipment Leasing 
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • ACH Cash Advance
  • Venture Capital 
  • Much More

Directory of American Factors and Lenders

In addition to access to the expanded collection of training classes and lessons, Factoring 303 also provides access to IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders.  This directory, with over 500 lenders and specialized commercial finance providers, offers a valuable resource to professional brokers when constructing their own database allowing them to always find just the right lender for any deal.

Certification Program

IACFB’s Broker Certification Program is additionally located in the Factoring 303 Lessons and accessed through the Factoring 303 training area.  The IACFB Certification Program which contains a series of three (3) multiple choice exams administered through Class Marker, allows IACFB members to gain an unprecedented level of confidence in their industry knowledge allowing them the ability to market and network with their peers effectively and efficiently.