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How to Order a Program and Enter the Campus

Campus IACFB is all about “productivity” as either a part-time or full time factoring / commercial finance consultant.  We refer to all our Campus Members as “Active” meaning they are soon to be in business.  To enter a program, you must first become an “Active Member” of the IACFB Broker Community.  You can find out more and become a member and subscribing to Campus IACFB by selecting the green button below. 

Ordering a Program

Training Programs are ordered as “add-ons” when you subscribe to Campus IACFB as an “Active Member”.  The two primary add-ons are the Factoring 101 Program and the Freelance Program.  You will also see several “add-ons” for specific website products such as “Business Email” and SSL Secure Site Certificates.  If you do not chose a program add-on when initially subscribing as an “Active Member” to the Campus, you can log into your account at DataMax Hosting and upgrade at any time. 

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Professional Programs and Ordering

To get started at IACFB and launch your career in factoring, view the short video at left and then review the program contents and features below.  Choose the program that’s right for you.  It all starts with IACFB Membership.

Factoring 101 Program

Comprehensive training in the factoring product, this low cost program is perfect for…

  • bookkeepers / accounting professionals
  • sponsored agents (factors)
  • sponsored agents (IACFB)
  • professional business bloggers
  • legal professionals
  • college students (business major)
  • lease brokers
  • commercial insurance sales people

Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant Program

Our “professional” program for entrepreneurial individuals seeking to create a full time career as a high-profile loan broker / commercial finance consultant.  Product training is expanded dramatically beyond just factoring to include asset-based lending, export trade finance, inventory and equipment finance, leasing, SBA finance, and more.  Additionally, this program provides in depth classes and lessons on marketing and business development as well as a suite of templates for lead-generating marketing aids such as brochures, flyers, mail stuffers, postcards, cover letters, telephone scripts, and much more.



Factoring Brokers on Sailboat

Factoring 101
Broker Program

Join the Community
Factoring Broker Blogging

Perfect Add-On For...

Part Time Brokers and Agents


The Freelance Factoring Broker Program is our most popular program at Campus IACFB since it provides a ready to launch business platform, training, and support for both part-time consultants and full-time career seekers alike.  The Factoring 101 Broker Program is an “add-on” to your IACFB Membership and provides everything you will need to start a stand alone factoring broker business including:

  • Full Factoring 101 Product Training Access
  • Full Factoring 202 Productivity Training Access
  • CFC Broker Training Guide (print version)
  • Professionally designed WordPress Factoring Broker Website with Blog
  • Business Email
  • SSL “Safe Site” Certificate for your website
  • Pipedrive CRM 30 Day Trial with Setup and Configuration Training
Comprehensive Training

Factoring 101 Program
Independent Broker

Add-On $199.95
Subscription $14.95 per month hosting
Online TrainingFactoring 101, 202
Training Guide (print)Yes
WebsiteWordPress FB-Series
Website HostingIncluded with Subscription
SSL CertificateYes
Business EmailIncluded (5 boxes)
Lenders Directory AccessNo
Deal SbmissionAny Factor
Commission RatePer Factor
CertificationFactoring Broker Proficiency Exam
Professional Factoring Consultant

Freelance Commercial
Finance Consultant

Comprehensive Professional Training
Factoring Broker Business Opportunities

Perfect Add-On For...

Career-Oriented Brokers and Consultants


A highly prestigious professional career path for those seeking a full time career now or in the immediate future awaits those who “add-on” this training module.  With your training completed at the Campus, set up a DataMax professional Factoring Broker WordPress website and begin working directly with small and mid-size business owners to secure the capital they require through factoring , asset-based lending, merchant cash and other financing products to grow their businesses.  Work with the factors of your choice as a completely independent consultant.

  • Full Factoring 101 Product Training Access
  • Full Factoring 202 Productivity Training Access
  • Full Factoring 303 Continuing Education Access
  • Professionally designed WordPress Factoring Broker  Plus Website with Blog
  • Business Email (5 boxes)
  • SSL “Safe Site” Certificate installed
  • Pipedrive CRM 30 Day Trial with Setup and Configuration Training
A Professional Career

Freelance Consultant Program Factoring 303

Subscription $19.95 per month hosting
Online Training Factoring 101, 202, 303
Training Guide (print)Yes
WebsiteWordPress CFC Series
Website HostingIncluded with Subscription
SSL CertificateYes
Business Email5 boxes
Lenders Directory AccessYes
Deal SubmissionAny Factor
Commission RatePer Factor
Certification Certification Exam