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To navigate in the Campus training areas, simple select a “CLASS TAB” in the left hand side of the page to display information of LESSON LINKS.  Lessons will be coded for access:

  • Registered Guest (RG):  Lessons our logged in guests to the Campus can access primarily in the Learning Lab and IACFB Magazine
  • Factor’s Agents (SA):  Lessons the supported Agents of our Member Factors can access. 
  • Freelance Brokers (FB):  Lesson can be accesses by all subscribers to the Freelance Broker Program (Factoring 101 and 202)
  • Freelance Consultants (CFC):  Advanced and Continuing Education Lessons are part of the Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant Program. (Factoring 101, 202, 303)
Welcome to Campus IACFB

Navigating the Training Campus

Welcome to Campus IACFB.

Campus IACFB is the e-learning online training center here at IACFB for our registered guests, sponsored agents, independent freelance factoring brokers and commercial finance consultants.  Access to the various training classes and lessons is determined by subscription and you can view the comparative programs here.

As you will learn as a subscriber, Campus IACFB is expansive and provides professional training in factoring for all types of individuals including…

  • professional independent brokers
  • factor’s business development personnel
  • bank employees and loan officers
  • business consultants (S.C.O.R.E. members and SBDC personnel)
  • accounting professionals
  • insurance professionals
  • local incubator employees
  • cash flow brokers and consultants
  • business bloggers
  • many more

Who's in the Factoring Broker Training Campus?

Factoring Broker Registered Guest

Campus IACFB Registered Guest

Exploring our industry and its opportunities through articles in our blog, Learning Lab, and IACFB Online Magazine.
Factoring Broker

Factor's Agents (Sponsored)

Attending Factoring 101 classes and lessons with complimentary sponsorship from an IACFB approved industry factor.
IACFB Factoring Broker

Freelance Independent Factoring Brokers

Career-oriented freelance factoring brokers currently focused on a full time career as an independent industry broker in factoring.
Freelance Factoring Broker at IACFB

Freelance Commercial Finance Consultants

Career-oriented independent business finance consultants with a focus on providing services in all aspects of alternative commercial finance to small business owners
Getting Started

Campus Introduction for Guests and Active Members of IACFB

Introduction to the Campus
Getting Started
How to Subscribe to Campus IACFB. Become an "Active" Member
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Reimbursement Program
Campus Access & Navigation
For Our Registered Guests (RG)
For our Sponsored Agents (SA)

Welcome to Campus IACFB.  

Campus IACFB is the e-learning training and support facility for agents, brokers, and consultants operating in America’s factoring and alternative commercial finance industries.  Access to the various classes and lessons found in the Campus are based upon your level of membership here at IACFB.

There are four (4) training areas or “sections” at the Campus.

  1. Learning Lab:  This is a complimentary area for Registered Guests of the Campus that provides some basic training in factoring primarily though links to articles in IACFB Magazine at Commercial Finance Consultants.  
  2. Factoring 101:  Factoring 101 is core training area which is all about factoring and provides comprehensive product training for all agents, brokers, and consultants.  Factoring 101 is the cornerstone for those launching a home-based factoring broker business as a factor’s agent (referrer) and operating under one of IACFB’s Sponsored Agents Programs.
  3. Factoring 202:  Factoring 202 is all about lead-generation, prospecting, and enhancing productivity for freelance brokers and consultants.  Factoring 202 provides members with CRM training, full featured factoring broker websites, collection of downloadable templates for attention getting brochures, flyers, mail stuffers, postcards and more along with telephone scripts, sample cover letters, and more.
  4. Factoring 303:  Factoring 303 is a continuing education product area primarily for freelance Commercial Finance Consultants expanding their business beyond the factoring product itself.  Expanded product training includes asset-based lending, inventory finance, export trade finance, SBA loans, equipment leasing, and more.  

Learning about the factoring industry and more specifically, how to refer prospective clients to industry factors and banks with factoring departments means you will now have the opportunity to earn residual commission income as a benefit of that referral.  Some who discover our industry turn the knowledge learned here at Campus IACFB into a completely new and prosperous career.  Others are very content occasionally earning monthly commissions from simply being in the right place, at the right time, and armed with the knowledge they accrue here at the Campus.  Either way, the industry welcomes you.

To get started at Campus IACFB…

  1. If you have not done so already, register with us and become a Registered Guest so you can access the introductory free content in the Learning Lab and Magazine.
  2. Join the Campus IACFB Factoring Broker Group at LinkedIn.  Aside from acting like our bulletin board, this is where you will find industry factors willing to sponsor you for free basic Factoring 101 training.  (Click Here)
  3. We also recommend you join several other factoring related groups such as Factoring Brokers Group and Factoring Lead Referral and Networking Group.

After learning more about the industry as a “Registered Guest” of the Campus, you may be ready to become an “Active Member” here at the Campus, access the classes and lessons found in Factoring 101, and begin earning commission income.  If you are ready to become an IACFB Active member, click here.


To enter IACFB as a Registered Guest, Factor’s Agent, or IACFB Member, you will need to login using the credentials provided by our staff when you registered.  This typically occurs within 24 hours of your registration.  Your…

  • USERNAME:  This will be your capitalized first and last name with a space such as “Bill Smith” 
  • PASSWORD:  This will be your capitalized last name followed by the # sign and your numerical 5 digit pin number.  Example:  Smith#12345

Once you have been provided your USERNAME and PASSWORD, you can log in for Campus use at anytime.  From the NAVIGATION BAR at the top of any page on the Campus site, select LOGIN > LOGIN NOW.  Once you have logged in, you will have access to your approved training areas here in the Campus.

When it comes to Factoring Broker Training, Campus IACFB provides the industry’s most comprehensive yet affordable training bar none.  But did you know you can enjoy completely FREE training?  That’s right!

  • Sponsored Agents Program:  Completely free training by joining the in-house training program of any IACFB Factor / Lender with a Sponsoring Subscription
  • First Deal Reimbursement:  If you are a Freelance Broker or Commercial Finance Consultant and are seeking IACFB to assist in closing your deal, as a “First Deal Bonus” you are paid either $180.00 (for Freelance Brokers) or $280.00 for Commercial Finance Consultants to COMPLETELY REIMBURSE YOU FOR YOUR INITIAL PROGRAM COST!
  • Registered Guests:  Learn about factoring basics in our free Learning Lab, explore the successful examples of how others closed their first deals in our magazine articles, and then submit your first prospect / deal through IACFB.  We close your deal for you and in addition to you regular residual commissions, you will earn free access to Factoring 101, 202, and 303 here at the Campus.

To navigate in the Campus training areas, simply select a “CLASS TAB” in the left hand side of the page to display information regarding LESSON LINKS.  Lessons will be coded for access based upon your membership level:

  • No Access:  Those not logged into the Campus
  • (RG) Registered Guest Access:  Guest that have registered, are logged in to the Campus, and have access to the Learning Lab
  • (SA) Agent (Sponsored) Access:  Lessons can be accessed by Sponsored Agents of factors
  • (FB) Independent Brokers:  Lessons are included in the Factoring 101 Freelance Broker Program which includes Factoring 101 and Factoring 202
  • (CFC) Freelance Consultant Access:  Lessons are part of the Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant program and accessible only by that group (Factoring 303)

For our Registered Guests at IACFB, our complimentary Learning Lab lessons found here at the Campus will not only provide you a “first look” at our exciting industry but will also provide you with the ability to actually begin earning residual commission income through IACFB co-broker operations.  In today’s post-COVID economy, almost anyone can earn income with the assistance of IACFB underwriters and in the lessons found in the Learning Labe here at the Campus, we’ll show you exactly how.

The Factor’s Agents Program has quickly become the most subscribed program at IACFB and especially among those intending to operate as “referrers” that will be working closely with a particular factor’s BDO to assist in closing deals.  Factor’s agents are networking opportunity seekers that position themselves to be in the right place, at the right time, and armed with their new factoring knowledge to be able to identify a business owner through networking as an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) and subsequently turn that lead over to their BDO for closing.  For those referred to IACFB by member factors, the Factor’s Agent Program is a complimentary FREE training program that provides all the basic factoring training required to be productive lead-generators and referrers.  

To find a factor to sponsor you into this program, go to IACFB’s new LinkedIn Group designed to support the Factor’s Agent Program at Campus IACFB Factoring at LinkedIn.


What is your...

Campus Access Level

  • RG - Learning Lab and Magazine articles accessible to Registered Guests
  • SA - Access to Factor's Agents and IACFB Sponsored Agents
  • FB - Access to members in the Freelance Factoring Broker Program
  • CFC - Access to members in the Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant Program
Factoring Broker: The Ultimate Home-Based Business Opportunity
Getting Started

The Learning Lab for Registered Guests (RG)

Introduction (Learning Lab)
Learning Lab (RG): Factoring as a Home Business Opportunity (5 Articles)
Learning Lab (RG): 7-Part Crash Broker Course
Learning Lab (RG): Getting Started with Factoring Broker Fundamentals (4 Articles)
Learning Lab (RG): Broker Case Studies and Examples (4 Articles)
Learning Lab (RG): Registered Guest Deal Submission (2 Articles)
Agent / Broker / Consultant Website Options

Welcome to Campus IACFB.  

The Learning Lab is a free and complimentary “introduction to the industry” area for Registered Guests of the Campus that provides some very basic training in factoring primarily though our blog and links to articles contained in IACFB Magazine at Commercial Finance Consultants.   While the information contained in this area of the Campus is relatively basic and for those just learning about our industry, it is extensive enough for all interested entrepreneurs to make referrals to their factor of choice and begin earning residual commission income.

Learning how to act as a middleman (broker) in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industries is a very, very, unique business opportunity that for most, exists a bit under-the-radar and although Yahoo’s HotJobs discovered this industry and recognized it as a “Top Ten” opportunity, they did not really understand what they had found.

Becoming an industry factoring broker is a true “Home Business Opportunity” and one of the most attractive features of the factoring industry is that anyone, and we do mean anyone, can earn attractive commission income just by referring a new client to a factor.  But, the attraction does not stop there.  Commissions paid to referrers are of the most attractive type.  They are “residual” which means you will earn a commission, month after month, year after year, for as long as your referral continues to use the services of your factor.  

Explore this opportunity and find out more by accessing the following articles at IACFB’s Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.

Our seven (7) part crash course on how to launch a home-based business as a freelance factoring broker will provide you with important startup information so you can judge for yourself if commercial factoring is the right industry for you.  This informative seven part course is accessible to all logged in users and Registered Guests.

One of the most attractive features of operating a home business as a factoring broker (and as we already said) is that anyone can do it.  In other words, since there are no professional licenses required, anyone can refer a client to a factor and get paid for the referral quite easily.  To do so, you simply need to invest some time in learning what factoring is and what types of businesses can utilize it. 

Additionally, this is a career that runs the full spectrum when it comes to costs and investment.  For example, some individuals such as bookkeepers and other accounting professionals learn about this business opportunity and simply add the service to their existing business website.  Their entire investment is likely no more than $100 for some basic training here at IACFB since they already have a website and marketing in place for their existing business.  

On the other end of the spectrum are career-oriented commercial finance consultants who enter the industry to operate as full time professionals with significant marketing and travel budgets and typically investing 40 or more hours per week in prospecting and lead generation.  One thing is for certain, however.  In the factoring industry, there is a niche for everyone and the only thing you need to participate and to begin referring clients and earning commission income is to acquire some basic knowledge and you start with the articles below.

For our Registered Guests that are now just discovering factoring and alternative commercial finance,  there is no reason for you not to begin earning a share of the incredibly attractive commission income right now.  Our comprehensive training can help you turn an occasional referral into an actual business but here are some ideas on how you can land the “occasional referral” and get started today!  Other members did it and so can you!

Campus IACFB is the factoring industry’s most recognized broker training facility but you do not need to enter or complete any of our training programs to begin earning a share of the industry’s life-of-account residual commission income.  As a Registered Guest of the Campus you can submit a qualified lead at anytime to our highly skilled account executives (deal closers) who will follow up and contact your lead and, if qualified, arrange for a factoring or business finance facility.  As the co-broker of record on any deal submitted through IACFB, you will receive standard industry co-broker RESIDUAL commissions. 

Website’s and their ability to generate leads for brokers, agents, and consultants are an essential component to successful business development.  IACFB offers three (3) types of WordPress websites for our members.

  1. LANDING PAGES (LP Series):  Our Landing Pages are specifically designed for Sponsored Agents (Referrers) and are single page WordPress designs that include an exciting informational offer that will attract business owners and generate leads that can be “turned over” to your BDO.  (View templates)
  2. FREELANCE BROKER / CONSULTANT (FP Series):  These are fully functional WordPress websites that include not only factoring but also information on additional financing tools such as asset-based lending, purchase order finance, merchant cash advance, and more.  These sites also include a blog and feature Elementor Drag and Drop editors making it very easy for brokers / consultants to update and add content.  (View templates)
Factoring Broker Training Guide

Commercial Finance Consultant Training Guide

Available as an "add-on" for all IACFB Active Members, our 5-star rated 200+ page Factoring Broker Training Guide. This informative guide is now included when 'adding-on" either the Factoring 101 Program or the Commercial Finance Consultant Program to your "Active" Membership.
For Sponsored Agents and Freelancers

Factoring 101: Factoring Fundamentals for All Active Members (SA, FB, CFC)

Course Documents and Downloads
Intro to Factoring (5 Lessons)
Industry Terminology
The Factoring Transaction (6 Lessons)
Important Concepts
Factoring 101 Quiz #1 (Factoring Fundamentals)
Factoring Niches (8 Lessons)
Spot Factoring
D.I.P. Factoring
Reverse Factoring
International / Cross Border Factoring
Purchase Order Finance
Factoring 101 Quiz #2 (Factoring Niches)
Understanding Factoring Fees
Broker Commissions
Common Broker Mistakes
Deal Submission
Proficiency Exam

This is the Introduction to Factoring Course and Lessons for all “Active” Campus Members and including Factor’s Agents utilizing the Campus for their basic training.  This series of classes and lessons includes all the comprehensive product training you will need to begin referring clients to factors, your sponsoring factor, or IACFB Wholesale.

To get started, click the link below to download support documents and training guides for the Factoring 101 course.

Welcome to Factoring 101.  In the classes and lessons that follow you will be introduced to commercial factoring as a product.  As a broker / agent / consultant a significant portion of your business development efforts will involve simply explaining what factoring is, how it works, and how it can smooth out many cash flow problems for small business owners and especially those involving cash on hand shortages that occur when customers pay their invoices too slowly.  So much of your job will actually be that of “educator”. 

Factoring is not a household word but it is an immensely popular financial tool worldwide.  Your job is to educate small business owners about its availability to help them grow their businesses.  Make certain you have a firm grasp of how it works and how it solves the common cash flow problems that so many small business owners experience.

For new brokers and agents, it’s important you learn the basics of the terminology used in the factoring industry.  It will not only assist you when you are referring deals to factors and lenders, but also assist you when explaining factoring and how it works to prospective clients.  Click the short lesson below to learn the basics.

The following lessons will provide you with answers to the “How does it work?” question you will commonly receive.  Factoring is a “transactional” method of business finance and fundamentally, each and every invoice that a client submits is accounted for as a separate transaction.  Each invoice is purchased.  Each invoice is collected.  And each invoice is settled based upon the amount paid.  From your client’s standpoint, it is a simple and clear cut way to get advances of capital.  From the factor’s standpoint, there is lot that occurs to make certain the financing facility, and in fact, every invoice represents a secure transaction. 

View the lessons below to learn more about the transactional side of factoring. 

Working in the independent business development side of the factoring industry as a broker / consultant, you will find yourself educating those you meet (prospective clients) about factoring and its role in business finance as a powerful problem solver when it comes to cash flow issues.  In short, it’s vitally  important that you fully understand the difference between factoring and a typical business loan so you can easily explain factoring and generate business.  

Take our Class Marker Quiz #1 on Factoring Fundamentals and gauge your progress so far.  Click the link below to start.  (20 questions – 20 minutes)

NOTE:  If this is your first progress quiz, you will need a PASSWORD to take our quizzes and exams.  Click here for your PASSWORD and exams / quizzes information.

In some cases, purchasing invoices can be problematic due to the ability of the factor to secure a first rights to payment or to verify the validity of the invoice.  In factoring, these are called “niche” industries and while many factors avoid them, other factors will specialize in them.  Brokers should be aware of the niche industries and why they are problematic.  (A, S, F)

Spot Factoring  is the factoring of a very occasional, large invoice that’s out of the norm for a company.  Many factors will accommodate clients with spot factoring services if the transaction is exceptionally secure and they believe it might lead to the client contracting for a more permanent factoring arrangement.  It is relatively easy to find a factor that will entertain spot factoring if is secure.  If you are a Sponsored Agent, ask your sponsoring factor if they offer spot factoring occasionally before you market this niche area.

Factoring is a powerful financial tool for small business finance with many unique applications and one of those applications is its ability to provide financing for businesses operating under a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing.  This unique ability obviously opens doors and opportunities for “tuned in” agents, brokers, and consultant.  

Reverse factoring, also called supply chain finance, works in the opposite direction of traditional invoice factoring.  From the broker’s standpoint, your prospects will not be seeking to factor their invoices, but rather arranging to provide factoring for the invoices of their suppliers as a group.  In doing so, the company is factoring part of their supply chain.   For brokers and consultants, understanding reverse factoring and using this concept for prospecting can lead to multiple new accounts from a single3 client.

Click the link to learn more about reverse factoring.

Factoring is one of the most well-practiced methods of commercial finance worldwide with trillions of dollars in receivables financed each and every year.  For U.S. exporters, international export factoring solves the problems associated with timely payment from foreign customers upon large orders where no credit history has been established.  And, it does so without the need for expensive and complicated letters of credit.  Explore international export factoring.

As the name conveys, “Purchase Order Finance” most often involves to financing that is required to manufacture a product so that it can be delivered to a creditworthy distributor or retailer based upon a contractual purchase agreement.  This is an important product area for all brokers, agents, and consultants to firmly understand and to be able to differentiate between what constitutes an easily financed purchase order and what type of transaction requires contract financing or “mobilization” funding.

Micro-Factors are factors that specialize in small client factoring and quite often, are actually industry “Master Brokers” that are slowly making the transition to factor.  Micro-factors often finance clients who invoice less than $10,000 per month, an amount most regular generalist factors will not entertain.

Sponsored agents should ask their sponsor about “minimums” so they can, if required, send such small deals to a source where commissions can still be earned.

Take our Class Marker Quiz #2 on Niche and Specialty Factoring Transaction and gauge your progress so far.  Click the link below to start.  (20 questions – 20 minutes)

NOTE:  If this is your first progress quiz, you will need a PASSWORD to take our quizzes and exams.  Click here for your PASSWORD and exams / quizzes information.

Factoring fees are an important topic since as a broker / consultant, you will almost assuredly find your self in conversations with prospective clients on this subject.  For the services performed, factoring fees are quite modest and really not much different than the fees charge for the processing of a credit card.  Additionally, your consultant commissions are almost always based upon the factoring fees earned by the factor.

One of the most attractive features of the business of commercial finance consultant (factoring broker) and what draws most to the industry is, of course, the lucrative commission income paid to consultants for their referrals.  In fact, there are very few home-based business opportunities than can compare to the residual, life-of-account commission arrangements that have made the factoring industry famous. 

he business of working as a freelance independent broker in factoring is not a difficult business to learn but you want to maximize your time spent in seeking out new prospects by fully understanding exactly what makes a good factoring client.  In other works, know full well what characteristics qualifies a business owner for factoring so you do not waste precious time prospecting businesses that are not of the right type.

Below are several of the most common and typical errors made by new industry brokers.  

Submitting a deal referral to your sponsor or any factor is a relatively simple process.  For Sponsored Agents having the support of their sponsors BDOs, submitting you deal amount to no more than an email and phone call to set up a conference call.  When submitting a deal to a factor with such sponsor support, submission is still very easy only requiring minor documentation.  Learn how to submit your deal referrals in the articles below.

Take our Class Marker Proficiency Exam on and gauge your factoring knowledge.  Click the link below to start.  (125 questions – 120 minutes)

NOTE:  If this is your first progress quiz, you will need a PASSWORD to take our quizzes and exams.  Click here for your PASSWORD and exams / quizzes information.

Factoring Broker training at Campus IACFB
For Sponsored Agents and Freelancers

Startup and Website Setup for Agents and Factoring Brokers

Startup Marketing (Agents)

As opposed to full-time commercial finance consultants and brokers, sponsored agents typically operate strictly as occasional “referrers” and their business development efforts focus almost exclusively on face-to-face networking and networking and building relationships on social media.  Other than the computer, printer, etc. found in their home office, their essential tools for marketing will usually be limited to business cards, an email marketing program, and a website of some kind.  This can be a full broker website, a landing page, or a blog.  The website is relatively vital since it is the primary method of generating leads by using offers.

Member, Agent, Consultant Website Setup

The FREE Sponsored Agent Program provided by industry factors does includes an agent landing page provided through DataMax.  Additionally, agents have the option of upgrading to the optional “Marketing Package” which includes a larger full service factoring broker website and also Factoring 202 Marketing Aids. The cost to upgrade is just $99.95 and can be done at checkout when you set up your account.

Freelance Factoring Broker or Consultant (FB Series) Websites and Setup Instructions

IACFB Factoring Broker and Commercial Finance Website templates are WordPress and include the Elementor drag and drop editor.  They feature 7 standard pages with additional pages easy to add.  Standard Pages include…

  1. Home / Landing Page
  2. Factoring (How It Works) Page
  3. Factoring (Benefits) Page
  4. Other Services Page (ABL, SBA, Export Factoring, PO Finance, and more)
  5. Referrals Page (for referrals and ad to build sub-broker network)
  6. Confirmation Page for free download of offers
  7. Contact Us Page with form for Proposal / Quote Requests

Additionally, all site templates include a downloadable PDF of the FREE lead-generating offer of the booklet “When Banks Say No!…The Small Business Guide to Factoring“.

You can…


For Independent Freelance Consultants

Factoring 101 Program / Business-in-a-Box Add-On

Intro to Business Development
Structuring Your Consultancy
Productivity Tools
Direct Marketing Sales Aids and Templates
Overview: Your Business Website
Setting Up Your FB Series Broker Website at IACFB
Introduction to Effective Lead Generation (6 lessons)
Networking & Relationship Building
Building a Sub-Agents Network
Pipedrive Configurations

Of course, building your product knowledge of factoring and the various other products found in alternative commercial finance is essential to your success as a broker / consultant.  But just as important, is the task of developing your marketing and business development expertise.  As we have said before, no particular college degree will prepare you fully to become a successful industry broker.  These skills, soft skills, typically must be learned and developed over time.  Mastering soft skills and developing an in-depth working knowledge of a few types of software will allow you to turn a part-time business that refers just an occasional client into a highly successful career with virtually unlimited monthly income.

Fortunately, there are numerous applications, books, training programs, and software products that will assist you in becoming a top notch industry professional, whether you are simply seeking to build a business as a sponsored agent “referrer”, or a career as full-fledged high-profile commercial finance consultant.

Business Development includes everything that you, as a broker consultant, will do to identify and market to prospective clients for factors and lenders and subsequently forward them to a financing firm for contracting.  One of the attractive characteristics of being an industry agent / broker is the minimal paperwork that is involved in the deal submission process.  Find out more in the articles below.

Much like shoppers view the latest fashions in a department store window, business owners view financing options in your “online” department store window…your website.  Almost no business can operate successfully in this era of high-tech marketing without an online presence.  Fortunately, websites have become not only relatively easy to create but also inexpensive to maintain.  And one of the reasons for this is something called “WordPress”.  

To provide leads in the greatest numbers, websites require certain parts which include:

  • An attention getting Landing Page (front page)
  • Story Pages (product pages)
  • At least one “offer” with a call to action page (squeeze page) such as a FREE booklet on factoring
  • Forms which document requests for your offers and deliver “leads” to your CRM sales pipeline.
  • A blog, one of your most powerful tools whose articles are responsible for driving visitors to your site

IACFB members have a host of affordable options when it comes to setting up their business website which includes: 

  • Sponsored Agents: a free WordPress landing page or WordPress blog.
  • Freelance Agents: a free WordPress factoring broker website
  • Cash Flow Brokers:  Cash Flow “SuperSites”
  • Additional “custom” websites for bookkeepers, tax preparers, etc.

One of the most important recent developments in website construction and in particular, WordPress website construction, is the development of powerful “drag and drop” building tools such as the immensely popular Elementor.  The Elementor / WordPress combination means you can build, modify, and expand your website easily without the need for any “coding”.


Setting up your IACFB website is very easy but you first will need a domain.  Your domain is your website address on the internet.  If you look at your website as a house, your domain is the lot the house is build on and the lot, not the house, actually has the address.  View the articles below for complete instructions on how to set up your website and suggestions on domain names and a link for purchasing your domain.

For brokers and consultants operating in the business development side of the factoring and alternative commercial finance industries, it all comes down to “lead-generation”.  In fact, if you can develop marketing strategies that develop a sufficient number of quality leads for your business, everything else will take care of itself.  Few brokers actually are involved in the final sales process.  Most simply qualify and “prepare” a prospect (lead) and then turn them over to a factor or factor’s BDO for closing and to handle the contracting.  Below are some lessons and articles to help you become more familiar with lead-generation and its importance..

Surveys of industry factors continue to evidence that every year, roughly 50% of all new clients are sourced as a result or networking and referral with the balance as the result of some form of direct marketing.  Social media has dramatically changed the opportunities available to brokers and consultants when it comes to networking which are now realistically unlimited.  Networking, however, is just half the story as it provides the raw material for much more important relationship building.  Learn more about these powerful lead-generating tools.

All brokers and consultants understand the need to build networks and will typically focus on developing networks of lending officers and accounting professionals that can ultimately send business their way.  What almost all professional consults overlook is their ability to build networks of “referrers” or sub-agents very similar to how IACFB factors build networks of “Sponsored Agents”. In today’s economy, everyone is looking for some kind of home-based “gig” so they can make extra money and there are few home-based business opportunities that compare with factoring.  Commercial finance consultants can easily build powerful networks of sub-agents and should begin doing so immediately.  We show you exactly how.

For lead-generation and business development, your two most important tools are your CRM (Pipedrive) and your website and associated blog.  Over time, these two tools alone synced together can carve a clear path to success for you as a broker.  You must, however, master their use.  There is no shirking responsibility and the more time you spend master these tools, the quicker you will become successful as an independent consultant.

In this series of lessons, we will show you how we, at IACFB, configure our Pipedrive CRM.  We assume…

  • You will be using Pipedrive
  • You have already viewed Pipedrive’s basic operation from Pipedrive Academy

Pipedrive Configurations


Your Most Essential Business Development Tool

Pipedrive CRM

An Introduction to Pipedrive and 30 day FREE Trial

All factoring brokers and consultants serious about their business will require a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)  it is simply impossible to operate effectively without one.

At IACFB, after testing dozens of CRMs for use by our members, we chose Pipedrive due to both it’s simplicity and low subscription cost.  Some of Pipedrive’s most powerful features can be seen in videos in the lesson below.

Pipedrive Sales Community / Help Center

An unlimited source of information with over 40,000 users of Pipedrive CRM.  Learn from others how Pipedrive can help to make your factoring consultant business a success.

Pipedrive Academy

Get started with Pipedrive the right way by viewing the videos in Pipedrive Academy.


For Independent Freelance Consultants

Factoring 303: Commercial Finance Consultant Add-On

Factoring 303 Overview
Course Documents & Downloads
Asset-Based Lending and Revolving Lines of Credit (7 Lessons)
Small Business Administration Loans (8 Lessons)
Introduction to Export Trade Finance (4 Lessons)
EXIM: The Export Import Bank of the U.S. (3 Lessons))
SBA Export Trade Loan Programs (3 Lessons)
International Purchase Order Finance
Introduction to Equipment Leasing (4 Lessons)
Merchant and ACH Cash Advance (2 Lessons)
Introduction to Venture Capital (5 Lessons)
Certification Exam
Lenders Directories

Factoring 303 is an area of Continuing Education training for career-oriented commercial finance consultants and will significantly expand a broker’s product knowledge.  Factoring 303 is accessible to all IACFB Members subscribed to the Freelance Consultant Program.

Take our Class Marker Certification Exam on and gauge your factoring knowledge.  Click the link below to start.  (200 questions – 180 minutes)

NOTE:  If this is your first progress quiz, you will need a PASSWORD to take our quizzes and exams.  Click here for your PASSWORD and exams / quizzes information.

The Lenders Directories are a Database of industry factors and lenders that can be access by our Freelance CFCs.  The database currently includes over 500 financing sources.

Factoring Broker Training at IACFB