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Your Free Access to Factoring Training Access at Campus IACFB

Though many Cash Flow / Note Brokers are aware of the exceptional opportunity offered by the brokering of factoring and other alternative commercial finance products, most are not.  But you now have the opportunity to find out why factoring is by far, the most popular area of expansion for Cash Flow Brokers with this exceptional offer of discount training by DataMax.

As a DataMax Cash Flow Broker hosting client, we appreciate your business and have a vested interest in your success.  And in today’s COVID economy and business environment, nothing spells success like commercial factoring and the many other methods of alternative commercial business finance.

For those that take the business of note / cash flow brokering serious, DataMax and it’s affiliated association, IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers), will now provide you with complete Sponsored Agent training (Factoring 101) and support in this powerful commercial finance industry and opportunity at no cost.

This discount training and support program offer provides an exceptional opportunity for Cash Flow / Note Brokers to dramatically expand their business.  It is provided to you on a complimentary basis as a DataMax client.

Free Landing Page or Marketing Package Upgrade 

In addition to the complimentary training, you also have the option of a FREE S/A Landing Page or a Factoring 202 Marketing Package upgrade.

  • WordPress Landing Page (Free and just $9.95 hosting per month plus domain)  (See templates)
  • WordPress Factoring 202 Broker Website ($99.95 plus $14.95 monthly hosting)  (See templates) 

The Factoring 202 upgrade provides you with full access to Factoring 202 Marketing Aids and support as well as one of our new WordPress Factoring Broker Websites.

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