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Factoring Broker Learning New Skills
A career as a consultant in factoring and commercial finance means you will be engaging with all types of individuals and many on a very professional level.  As we said, having good communication skills is essential.  But just as important is how people perceive you when you walk into a room.  Do you project the...
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Supplemental Retirement Income as a Factoring Broker
Are you a senior retiree looking for that perfect home business to supplement your retirement income? If so, the factoring industry and the exciting business of commercial finance consulting might be the perfect fit for you. According to AARP, workers age 65 and over are now the largest segment of the labor force with many continuing to...
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Factoring for Cash Flow Mortgage Note Brokers
For Cash Flow Brokers:  Expanding Your Potential The business of brokering factoring transactions is strictly a “consulting” business which is fast becoming one of the most popular vocations in America today.  Factoring consultants occupy an especially lucrative niche in this industry and like all consultants, freelance factoring brokers come in all shapes and sizes.  One very...
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Consulting is one of the most popular and fastest growing home-based enterprises and for good reason. Like most home businesses, home-based consultants enjoy… Flexible working hours often working when and where they wantTypically low startup costs since most have a home officeTime lost commuting to and from the office is eliminatedNo risk of job loss....
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Opportunities for Factoring Brokers During Covid
With the Corona-19 pandemic forcing more and more Americans into lock down situations, those now forced to stay at home for anything other life’s necessities are struggling to find productive things to do. With schools closed or closing, parents are certainly now able to spend more time with their children and family, but finding something...
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Factoring Broker at Work
For today’s business opportunity seekers, whether you are seeking out a completely new career path or simply looking to supplement your income from a current profession, in “opportunity world” you literally have hundreds of quality choices to explore when seeking out a new enterprise.  Some may be in the form of an expensive franchise, complete...
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