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Worldwide, commercial factoring is by far the most popular and widely utilized financial solution used to address those cash flow problems related to slow paying customers in B2B sales.  In addition to the obvious, there are dozens of additional benefits of factoring, however, that every commercial finance consultant should know.  Here are 10 “quick” benefits...
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What is Commercial Factoring?
What Is Commercial Factoring? Factoring is just one of the many methods and types of business finance.  While virtually everyone is familiar with the concept of “getting a business loan”, that is too simplistic.  There are, in fact, many types of business loans and, in some cases, the method of business finance is not actually...
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Factoring Broker Industry Terms
Essential Factoring Terms and Definitions for New Brokers From the standpoint of truly professional home-business opportunities that qualify as well within the budget of almost all career-minded entrepreneurs, few opportunities can compare with those found in the commercial factoring and alternative commercial finance industries.  In fact, at some chosen level of learning and participation, anyone...
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