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CFC Magazine Content Restrictions


Magazine Content Restrictions


If you’re viewing this page you have selected an article at Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine that is restricted to public access and is limited to viewing by IACFB Members or our Factor / Partners.

  • MEMBER ONLY CONTENT:  Certain categories of articles on the magazine support IACFB training programs and are available only to IACFB Members.  You can find out more regarding membership in our organization by clicking here or by selecting CAMPUS IACFB > GET STARTED > MEMBERSHIP-JOIN US from the Navigation Bar on any page in the Campus Website.
  • FACTOR ONLY CONTENT:  Articles listed in the “For Factors Column” at Commercial Finance Consultants Magazine provide content regarding “Broker Networks” and accessing IACFB lender support.  Access to the content from that column is limited to factors and lenders only.  To learn more about becoming an IACFB preferred factor / lender, click here or from the Navigation Bar, select COMMUNITY > IACFB FOR FACTORS > BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AT IACFB.

How to Login at the Magazine

For IACFB Members, your login credentials are exactly the same as your login credentials here at the broker training campus.  If you cannot remember your login credentials, contact us.