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Three (3) Current Promotions at Campus IACFB

Your Entry to the World of Factoring…Campus IACFB

Three money-saving promotions are (or will soon be) available at Campus IACFB.

  1. Factors Agents Program FREE Training:  This is the first of IACFB’s FREE Factoring 101 training programs we will be providing our member factors.  See details below.
  2. Factoring Broker Website Upgrades:  The first series of new WordPress Factoring Broker website templates are now available.  Existing IACFB Factoring Brokers can upgrade their websites to our new WordPress sites for 50% off or just $49.95  (Click here for details)
  3. Cash Flow / Note Brokers (and former Cash Flow Brokers) can upgrade their Mortgage Note / Cash Flow Broker websites to our new Word Press sites for 50% off or just $49.95. Includes Factoring 101 Training.  (Click here for details)

The perfect home-business for entrepreneurs and mobile creatives.   To get advance notice of commission bonuses and sales contests.  Join the new Campus IACFB members Group at LinkedIn.

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Get FREE Training Now as an IACFB Registered Guest

The Perfect "No Cost" Home Business

Big NewZ

The new FREE Factoring 101 Training to support the new Factors Agent Program is now open and you can read more about it here.  To support this new FREE training program at IACFB and to provide more interaction directly between IACFB members and industry factors, we have created our own support group at LinkedIn called Campus IACFB Factoring.

How the Factor’s Agent Program Works

The Factor’s Agent Program is a tremendous home-based business opportunity anyone can participate in and one of its most attractive features is the program is absolutely FREE.  To enter the program…

  1. Register at Campus IACFB.  If you are already a Registered Guest at the Campus, you already have your 30 day access.
  2. If you are first registering, you will be given credentials for Factoring 101 access by email within 24 hours of registration
  3. Go through the program’s classes and lessons and take the optional broker proficiency exam
  4. Join IACFB as a member, set up your landing page, and then select a factor to work with (those advertising on the new LinkedIn Group) or work directly with IACFB staff.

Agents in this program will typically work directly with a factor’s BDO (Business Development Officer).  Your job as an agent is to do nothing more than…

  • through networking, identify sales qualified leads (SQL) for factoring.
  • refer those SQL sales qualified leads to your BDO for closing.  That’s it. 
  • collect commissions for those referrals that qualify for factoring, sign agreements, and are funded. Agents have no paperwork and no marketing expense and your residual income potential is unlimited.  Look at these two examples from Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.
  • The Story of Martha (+$40,000)
  • Jason Jackson:  How to Hit a Home Run

Join the new IACFB LinkedIn Group for Membership Discounts

Join the new IACFB LinkedIn Group to receive a 50% ($50) off for your IACFB Membership

What’s Included With This FREE Program

When you sign up for the Factor’s Agent, program you will…

  • receive FREE access to the IACFB Factoring 101 Broker Training Program for 30 days
  • receive FREE access to all training support articles at IACFB’s Factoring Broker Magazine
  • optional FREE WordPress landing page when you join IACFB to help you generate leads for your BDO. (hosting required)

You have a full 30 days access to the Factoring 101 training material as a Program Guest at Campus IACFB.  Opting for your free landing page extends that access indefinitely. 

Program Options

This access to to Factoring 101 and the Agents Program is a free and complimentary program just for becoming for all IACFB Registered Guests.  In addition to your training, you may also opt for….

  • IACFB Membership which includes a free Factoring Broker WordPress Landing Page to assist in your lead-generating efforts.  The page is free w2ith your membership, but you will need to purchase a domain ($14.99 per year) and pay a monthly hosting fee of just $9.95.
  • an upgrade to an IACFB full WordPress Factoring Broker Website and marketing support (access to Factoring 202 at the Campus).  The cost for the “Marketing Upgrade” is $99.95 with additional hosting of $5.95 per month

**With either upgrades, your 30 day access to the Campus is extended indefinitely.