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Factoring Broker Promotions at IACFB

Promotions and Specials at IACFB

IACFB periodically offers specials and promotions on marketing support products and training programs.  Check this page of the Campus to take advantage of periodic promotions and sale events at the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.  

Sales Contests

IACFB periodically holds sales contests for it’s network of co-brokers.  Co brokers are notified via email regarding active sales contests.

Sales contests for professional freelance consultants are sponsored by industry factors and not IACFB.  To get early notice of industry sales contests, check IACFB Magazine and make certain you sign up for newsletters from factors and other lending sources.  

It's 2021: Get Started in Factoring as an IACFB Sponsored Agent

It's "Martha's Madness" at Campus IACFB

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Promotion Q&A

Promotion Duration

This promotion will run until all SBF slots (domains) are filled.

Features and Benefits of this Promo

This promotion is to establish new IACFB Sponsored Agents in designated cities / municipalities nationally.  Features include:

  • SBF Landing Page (WordPress) in designated SBF domain
  • Blog included
  • Sponsored Agent Training
  • Business Email
  • Elementor Page Builder for landing page expansion and affiliate links
  • Commission Rate:  10% of factoring fees earned (residual)
  • Exceptionally low cost program ($29.95 setup) with monthly hosting reimbursement based upon leads
  • Complete sales and deal closing support

What Are My Website Template Choices?

There are four (4) new landing page templates for Sponsored Agents and you can view them here.

What Are My Total Program Costs?

This is basically a FREE program although there is a brief probationary period.

  • Your initial program cost is $29.95 plus your first month’s hosting of $15 for a total of $44.95 at checkout.
  • Your goal is, of course, to generate clients so you can earn residual commissions.  We do, however, pay you for “qualified leads” each month which is credited to your affiliate account.
  • For each “Qualified Lead” you generate from your Landing Page each month, you earn $5 affiliate lead award.  Generate just 3 leads per month and you earn $15 which completely pays for your hosting.    Additional qualified leads earn you affiliate points for prizes and awards.  (See IACFB Affiliates Programs)

What is a Qualified Lead?

Under the Sponsored Agents Program, your primary task is just to generate leads for factoring.  Period.  IACFB Account Executives follow up on those leads and close the deals.  Although your job is simply lead-generator, you do still receive the full standard industry broker commission of 10% of fees earned and these commissions can add up quickly.  (See the story of Martha)

To get credit for a “Qualified Lead”, that lead must…

  • Come from the form on your Landing Page
  • Must have spoken to you previously and be prepared for our call
  • Must be a business operating B2B (no retail or contract finance)
  • Must accept our call and speak with us

So long as those four conditions are met, it is a “qualified lead” and you will earn your affiliate bonus.

Do I Get Paid for Leads?

As a Factoring Broker, it is always your goal to generate clients because it’s the clients that earn you your residual commissions.  But it takes leads to develop your clients and with Sponsored Agents, you will earn $5 affiliate credits for every “qualified lead” you generate from your Landing Page.  You can find out more about Affiliate Payments here. 

How Do I Subscribe?

This is a New Member subscription offer.  To take advantage of the savings…

  • Visit DataMax Hosting and select IACFB Membership  (click this link)
  • On the “Configure Page” select the “Add-On” Activate Agent landing Page”
  • Press the “Continue” Button
  • Enter Your Promo Code of…       Martha
  • Check Out
  • Once we process your membership and activation, we will upgrade your permissions at the Campus for accessing training and landing page setup

Sponsored Agent Features

  • Low, low cost of entry.  Just $29.95!  ($50% off)
  • WordPress Landing Page with Business Email
  • FREE Domain (Small Business Finance Center)
  • 10% Residual, Life-of-Account Commission paid for Clients
  • $5.00 Affiliate Commission paid for Qualified Leads
  • Complete training
  • Expandable Landing Page with Elementor Editor
  • Total Deal Placement Support

You generate the leads…we do the rest.  You earn standard factoring industry commission of 10% of factoring fees earned on a residual monthly basis for the life of the account.

Become an IACFB Member

It's Martha's Madness at IACFB

Anyone that has spent any time here at Campus IACFB as read the story of Martha (not her real name) and her $42,000 payday but if you haven’t, just click here. 

As a factoring broker, Martha was not unique or unusual in any way.  She was simply in the right place, at the right time, and was armed with the right knowledge.  High-powered factoring knowledge.  And if you would like to earn some residual commissions just like Martha, then it’s time to join IACFB’s Sponsored Agents.


Join Campus IACFB as a Sponsored Agent today for just $29.95 (Regularly $59.95) plus subscription and get all the benefits of Campus Factoring Broker training and support.  YOU SAVE $30!!!


Learning how to broker factoring transactions and assist small business owners in their quest for growth and working capital could not be a more important (and lucrative) business to be in as America slowly works it’s way out of the COVID-19 menagerie.  Factoring can make YOU part of the “solution” in helping business friends you already know and / or all local business owners you’re soon to meet to get back on their feet while also making an excellent living for yourself by earning the factoring industry’s near legendary commissions for each successful referral you make. 

Get Started Today!  SAVE $30

USE PROMO CODE:   “Martha” at checkout.