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Current Promotions

Promotions and Specials at IACFB

IACFB periodically offers specials and promotions on marketing support products and training programs.  Check this page of the Campus to take advantage of periodic promotions and sale events at the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.  

Sales Contests

IACFB periodically holds sales contests for it’s network of co-brokers.  Co brokers are notified via email regarding active sales contests.

Sales contests for professional freelance consultants are sponsored by industry factors and not IACFB.  To get early notice of industry sales contests, check IACFB Magazine and make certain you sign up for newsletters from factors and other lending sources.  

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IACFB Promotions May 1st, 2021 - July 31st, 2021

Two (2) Current Promotions / Contests at IACFB

Free Factoring Broker Website with Membership

IACFB Membership includes complete access to our expansive online-e-learning training center, our 5-star rated training guide, website domain and hosting.  All for just $129.95 setup and $9.95 per month subscription.  Guide shipping included in Continental U.S.  Offer expires May 31st, 2021.

Begins May 1st - Ends May 31st

FREE Supersite with Membership

WordPress for Factoring Brokers / Cash Flow Brokers

Your most important marketing tool as a Factoring Broker and/or Cash Flow Broker is a lead-generating business website and now, for a limited time, new IACFB members will be provided with an IACFB Broker Supersite absolutely FREE including domain and hosting.  This exactly the same website used by IACFB’s Commercial Finance operations.   (see example)

Eight Popular Product Areas Plus Worksheets and Blog

IACFB Supersites include eight of the most popular (standard) product areas for Commercial Finance and Cash Flow Brokers including:

  • Factoring and Invoice Finance
  • Asset-Based Lending and Inventory Finance
  • SBA Loans including 7a, CDC 504, and Microloans
  • Purchase Order and Export Trade Finance
  • Discount Mortgage Note Cash Outs
  • Structured Settlement and Annuity Cash Outs
  • Inheritance Advances (for Inheritances locked in Probate)
  • Pre-Settlement Legal Advances (Lawsuit Advances 

All of these product areas are supported in our Factoring 101 Training Area.  All Supersites additionally include a Worksheets page so your visitors can request quotes and proposals as well as a standard WordPress blog to enhance your lead-generation and social media marketing efforts.

Powered by WordPress and Elementor

IACFB Supersites are powered by the world’s most popular website platform, WordPress and this means you will have full control over your website and its look through your own WordPress dashboard.  Additionally, all IACFB Supersites include Elementor Page Builder which means you can easily add pages for additional product areas.

Enhance Your Factoring / Cash Flow Income with Supersite Affiliate Links

Elementor’s Drag and Drop editor means you can easily join “High Payout” Affiliate Programs and add links for income-generating finance products and programs such as Credit Card Programs, Insurance Programs, Investment Programs, etc.  The ways you can build and expand your Factoring / Cash Flow Business are unlimited with the thousands of affiliate programs available.   (see examples)

Save $149.95 During This Promotion. Use PROMO Code..."SuperSite" at Checkout

Begins May 1st - Ends July 31st

New Broker / Member Bonus Cash

Receive a $500 Immediate Bonus When You Submit Clients Factoring $250,000 or More

Submit one, two, three, or more new clients between May 1st, 2021 and July 31st 2021 that are factoring a total of $250,000 or more per month and in additional to your regular commission of 10% of factoring fees earned, IACFB will send you a BONUS CASH PAYMENT of $500.  

  • This must be new business submitted to underwriting through IACFB Wholesale
  • Minimum client size is $25,000 in receivables factored monthly.  NO MAXIMUM
  • First funding must occur prior to August 1st, 2021.  
  • We will allow a 3 month “ramp up” for your submissions to reach the $250,000 plateau. (Until November 1st)

Bill Broker submits three clients during the contest period with each client initially factoring $70,000 for a total of $210,000 per month by the conclusion of the contest.  By November 1st, the total receivables factored has grown to over $250,000.  Bill Broker earns $500 bonus commission.