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IACFB Sponsored Agent Promotion

Is Factoring the Full or Part Time Home Business for You?

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Sponsored Agents: Earn FREE Campus Consultant Training

Are you a Cash Flow Consultant or Discount Mortgage Broker seeking to expand your products to include business finance?  If so, the IACFB is the perfect program for you.  Start out with this unique intern, lead-generation program and once you land your first funded client, you are upgraded automatically to the IACFB’s Campus for training and professional broker website. 

Find out more at the IACFB Academy at 
PROMO CODE:  $20 OFF through May 31st.  Regularly $99.95
Now just $79.95.  Limited Availability (Limited to 100)
  • Factoring 101 “Lite” Training
  • PDF 221 Page IACFB Training Guide ( Very Limited Time Availability )
  • IACFB WordPress Landing Pages (Includes Blog)
  • Access to IACFB Magazine
  • Complete Campus Professional Training with your first accepted and funding submission
  • 50% commission on your first accepted deal (then standard rate)
Member Savings in May

IACFB Member Promotions Begin May 1st, 2022

Cash Flow Consultant's Month at IACFB (Expire may 31st)

OFFER 1:  Note Broker / Cash Flow Consultant Support 

May is the month we role out our new Note Broker / Cash Flow Broker Support Program at the new Academy for Sponsored Agents (opens May 15th) and to get IACFB Members ready for the consultant program, we have loaded some “teaser” articles in a special “archive” slider of at the IACFB magazine.  

To access the articles in the new Cash Flow / Note Broker slider, you only need to be an IACFB Member. To be an IACFB Member and upgrade you Registered Guest magazine permissions, simply…

  1. Request FREE Access:  Do you have any factoring broker or note broker website currently hosted byWebsite Setup DataMax?  If so…you’re in.  Simply log into your account at DataMax and from your client dashboard, request CFC Magazine Access by submitting a “Support Ticket”.  (Click Here to Log In)
  2. Become an IACFB Member:  If you are not currently an IACFB Member, you can upgrade from your current Registered Guest status here at IACFB by simply having any domain hosted by DataMax (no website hosting required)  A full one year domain registration at DataMax for any “.com” domain is just $14.99 per YEAR!!  View some tips on choosing a GOOD domain name here,  Then, purchase your great new domain name here at DataMax
  3. BONUS:  All new Magazine Subscribers (IACFB Members) have access to the new “Members Archive Factoring Articles”.  FREE for all IACFB Members.

OFFER 2:  Note Broker / Cash Flow Consultant Website Upgrade / Reinstate 

Ready to reinstate or upgrade your DataMax Mortgage Note Broker or Cash Flow Consultant Website?  If so, now is the time during May’s website specials at DataMax / IACFB with our 50% Savings through May.  Your option to…  

  1. REINSTATE Your Website / Program:  Upgrade your Mortgage Note Broker or Cash Flow Consultant website at DataMax with a 50% DISCOUNT on any DMS Mortgage Note Broker, DMS Cash Flow Broker, or DMS Commercial Finance Consulting (“Super Site”)…or….
  2. UPGRADE Your Current Website:   Upgrade your current operational website with a DataMax state-of-the-art WordPress note broker or cash flow consultant website at 50% off.
  3. BONUS:  All existing hosting clients will receive…
    1. Sponsored Agent Training at IACFB’s new Academy
    2. Note Broker and Cash Flow Consultant Training 
    3. FREE access to the “archives” training and lessons at the IACFB Magazine.

Choosing a New / Upgrade Website:

Click hyperlinks below to view template and samples.

To subscribe to reinstate your note broker / cash flow website or to “upgrade” your current site

  • Log into your account at DataMax Hosting
  • If you no longer have account access, purchase a new domain so you reestablish your account 
  • From your client dashboard, select OPEN TICKET
  • Tell us which website site you are selecting and we will email you with directions.  You MUST have a domain set up at DataMax to reinstate a note broker or cash flow broker WordPress website