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Sponsored Agent Promotion

This Promotion has Expired

But Act Fast! This Labor Day Offer Expires at midnight, September 6th.

This Promotion Has Expired!

Attn:  New Factor’s Agents

Ready to begin earning your share of the factoring industry’s residual commission income?  If so…now is the right time to join the Factor’s Agent Program through Provident Commercial Finance  and immediately upgrade your training and support at IACFB to with our special Labor Day Business Development Upgrade.  In addition to your FREE Factoring 101 Training Access, with this Labor Day Special you’ll receive…

  • FREE Factoring 101 Broker Training:  Use Provident Promo Code (Save $99.95)
  • Factoring 202: Complete access to Factoring 202 Market / Business Development Support (Regularly $149.95) includes FREE 30 day trial to our powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) of choice, Pipedrive.  Includes
  • FB-Series Factoring Broker Website Upgrade:  A complete upgrade from the standard Agent Landing Page to a Full 7 page Factoring Broker Website
  • Training Guide (Print Version):  A complete print version of our 5-star rated Commercial Finance Consultant Training Guide (Regularly $79.95) (includes shipping in Continental U.S.)
  • Business Email:  5 Boxes  (Compare at $4.95 per month)
  • SSL Secure Site Certificate:  Make your new broker website secure for visitors.  Regularly $59.95

The perfect home-business for entrepreneurs and mobile creatives.   To get advance notice of commission bonuses and sales contests.  Join the new Campus IACFB members Group at LinkedIn.

New Members to the IACFB LinkedIn Group Under This Promo
New Provident Sponsored Agents Under This Promo
Get Started in Factoring

Sign Up Now and SAVE!!!

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Sign Up with Provident Commercial Finance as an Agent (FREE)

One of the best ways to enter the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry successfully is to “align” yourself with an industry factor and lender early on so you can work with and learn from their BDOs (Business Development Officers).  Use this Labor Day Flash Sale Event to sign up as an AGENT with industry leader, Provident Commercial Finance and get FREE Factoring 101 Training.

Click here to visit Provident Training and sign up.  It’s FREE!!

Create Your Business Identity

As an agent / broker, you will need to create a business identity which will include a business name as well as a domain name for your business website.  As part of the Provident Agent Program, you are provided a FREE lead-generating WordPress landing page to assist in your ability to generate SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) for the Provident BDO you are assigned to.  Your business name and website domain are important and you will need them when you sign up with IACFB as an “ACTIVE MEMBER”.  If you are note sure of a quality business name for your brokerage business, read this article in the Learning Lab which will help.

Join IACFB as an “ACTIVE” Member

Once you have selected a business name and domain name for your website, it’s time to join IACFB as an ACTIVE (Producing) member.  When you join IACFB, use the PROMO CODE provided to you when your receive your welcome email to the Provident Agent Program.  Your PROMO Code will provide you with a $99.95 discount making your membership to IACFB FREE!

Click here to join IACFB now as an ACTIVE MEMBER.

Optional Upgrade at Checkout

As a new Provident Agent, you have the option during this IACFB Labor Day Flash Sale Event to upgrade to Factoring Broker status at IACFB with the following benefits.

  • Factoring 202:  Full access to Factoring 202 Broker Marketing and Productivity Training which includes IACFB’s Business-in-a-Box marketing aids and templates (flyers, brochures, mail stuffers, postcards, cold call scripts, cover letters, more)
  • Website Upgrade:  Upgrade from single-page WordPress landing page to a seven (7) page full WordPress factoring broker website
  • Training Guide:  Print version of our popular 200+ page Commercial Finance Consultant training guide (free shipping in the Continental U.S.)
  • Business email (5 boxes)
  • SSL Secure Site Certificate for your website

To take advantage of this Labor Day Flash Sale Savings Event, select the “Factoring 202 Labor Day Add-On” when setting up your IACFB “Active” membership. 

Start Training, Producing, and Earning Residual Commission Income 

Typically after your subscription, we will have your access to training setup within a few hours and your landing page or option broker website operational with 24 hours.  Your training is comprehensive and includes IACFB’s optional Proficiency Exam to gauge your level of factoring knowledge as you enter our exciting industry.  Entering the industry as a “Sponsored Agent” by aligning yourself with an industry factor is one of the surest pathways to success.  You can learn more about entering our industry the right way at Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.  

Get in early and...

Get FREE Agent Training at Campus IACFB Through the Provident Training and Support Program.

The Perfect "No Cost" Home Business Opportunity

How the Provident / IACFB’s Agent Program Works

One of the best ways to become successful as an industry broker in factoring is to work directly with an industry factor’s support staff.  The Agents Program at Campus IACFB is an exceptional home-based business opportunity anyone can participate in and one of its most attractive features is that you will work directly with the BDOs of one of our broker-friendly industry factors and in this case, Provident Commercial Finance.  In fact, to enter this FREE broker training program, you only need to sign up through Provident.   

To Get Started….

  1. Join the Provident Commercial Finance team by signing up at 
  2. Complete your training through the IACFB’s Factoring 101 Agent Training Program at Campus IACFB.
  3. Work directly with Provident Broker Support and provide SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) to their Business Development Officers.
  4. Earn Residual Life-of-Account Commissions paid each and every month for successful referrals.

Labor Day Promotional Add-On

One of the features of the Factor’s Agents Program is that not only does it provide you with FREE agent training, but you also can opt for a complimentary WordPress landing page (hosting required) to assist in your lead-generating efforts.  But there’s more with IACFB’s Labor Day Promo.  Join IACFB as an “Active Member” during this exceptional Labor Day Sales Event ($99.95) and receive a completely FREE upgrade to the IACFB’s Factoring 101/202 Broker Program which includes.

  • Access to Factoring 202 Marketing Training and Support with templates for brochures, flyers, mail stuffers, cold call scripts, cover letters, and much more.
  • Upgrade from your free single-page landing page to a FREE IACFB complete Factoring Broker Website (see example).
  • Business Email

How to Take Advantage of the Labor Day FLASH Sale Event (SAVE $150.00)

To take advantage of your FREE Factoring 101 agent training though Provident Commercial Finance, you only need sign up on their Training Portal That’s it!  To upgrade to Factoring Broker status at IACFB and Factoring 202 support / website, you will… 

  1. Create an Identity for Your Agency:  This is involves selecting a business name and domain name for your agency landing page.  (Find out more here in this article)
  2. Join IACFB: Become an “Active” IACFB Member:  (Click here)
  3. Add-On:  When signing up for membership, select the Factoring 202 Labor Day Add-On option ($199.95)
  4. Training Upgrade:  Once your membership is processed, your access to the training at Campus IACFB will be upgraded and you will have access to Factoring 202 with instruction for setting up your free website and begin training. 
  5. IACFB on LinkedIn:  Join the new IACFB Group on LinkedIn to stay up to date on agent program details.

With the IACFB Factors Agents Program, you will typically work directly with your Sponsoring Factor’s staff. Your job as an agent is to do nothing more than…

  • through networking, identify sales qualified leads (SQL) for factoring.
  • refer those SQL sales qualified leads to your factor’s BDOs for closing.  That’s it. 
  • collect commissions for those referrals that qualify for factoring, sign agreements, and are funded. Agents have no paperwork and no required marketing expense and your residual income potential is unlimited.  Look at these two examples from Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.
  • The Story of Martha (+$40,000)
  • Jason Jackson:  How to Hit a Home Run

Order Now: 

If you have already signed up as a Factor’s Agent with Provident Commercial Capital and have received your PROMO CODE, simply click the green button below to take advantage of this Labor Day Sales Event.  If you have NOT yet signed up as an agent with Provident, CLICK HERE.