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Is Factoring the Full or Part Time Home Business for You?

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Last Chance Before the Campus Academy Opens

The new Campus Academy for the newly expanded Sponsored Agents Program officially opens this Tuesday, June 14th with even more exciting content and opportunity.  Because of IACFB’s 2022 greater focus on Sponsored Agents and “Wholesale Operations” at IACFB’s actual finance and funding, the entire training facility for Agents has been quickly moved to the new Academy (  Shortly, ALL training for our greatly expanded agent training and program will be provided at the Academy Campus rather than 


And, the GREAT NEWS for most home business entrepreneurs wanting to get involved in factoring;

  • The Sponsored Agent Training Program provides a great FREE Look!!!
  • Training has been expanded and with more video training

Our Factoring 101 “Lite” Sponsored Agent training and support program now provides a FREE LOOK for new agents / brokers.  As a home-based business for entrepreneurs and mobile creatives, we feel there is almost nothing that compares to our industry and it’s income potential when you consider its almost legendary residual referral payments for simple referrals….and the Sponsored Agent Program now makes your earning a share of that residual monthly income easier than ever. 

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Take the FREE training for Sponsored Agents (Factoring 101 “Lite”) and learn all about this highly professional opportunity.  This side of the business (the referrer side) is a great way to get your feet wet as becoming an eventual professional  freelance professional loan broker working with IACFB, any factor of your choice, or with any Commercial Finance Consultant.   If you decide we’re right and this is the perfect home-based business for you, we will invest in your success.  Anyone registering for this FREE 10 Day Training will also receive a $50 off PROMO toward their Sponsored Agent Activation.  That’s right!  Pre-Register before the grand opening of the new Academy and you PAY ONLY $50.00 (50% off) of our normal Factoring 101 “Lite” program rate.