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Factor Showcases

Marketing Tools at IACFB for Factors
Feature your factoring company with a

Company Showcase

Company Showcases are short articles that are featured in Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine and are used to:

  • Highlight your finance companies features and funding preferences to readers
  • Attract new industry referrers to your Sponsored Agents Program

There is no associated cost involved in setting up and publishing a Showcase once you are in the Factors / Lenders Program at IACFB.

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Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine
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How to Use a Company Showcase

Company Showcases are featured articles in Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine and are primarily used to attract new brokers and sources of referral to your broker training portal here at IACFB.  This is a new column in the magazine that is strictly devoted to help our Lender / Members attract new sources of referral.  There is no cost associated with publishing a Company Showcase.  Submissions are email to IACFB, formatted, and published for you.

What Should Be Included in Your Showcase

Commercial Finance Consultant magazine is a publication for factoring brokers, cash flow consultants, and others interested in earning commission income.  When you submit your “showcase”, it should have a primary focus on attracting brokers to your company and address…

  • types of financing your provide
  • preferences for industries
  • industries you do not factor or will not consider
  • any special bonus programs you offer for productivity
  • who to contact
  • link to your company website
  • link to your training portal at IACFB so brokers can sign up as an agent with you

Adding Images

We can add any images you like such as office staff, a particular BDO brokers should contact, etc. although this is also done as part of your broker training signup portal here at IACFB.

Updating for Contests and Promotions

Periodically, you may want to update your “showcase” on the magazine if you are running a promotion or sales contest and want to attract some attention.  To do update your magazine profile, just submit an email to IACFB or call us and tell us about your promotion / contest.