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Agent Programs: What’s the Difference?

Factor's Agent training at Campus IACFB

Those entrepreneurs that have discovered the unique opportunities the factoring and alternative commercial finance community offers to middleman (or woman) freelancers often find their way to the IACFB website as they look for training and new broker support.   It does not take long for such self-starters and mobile creatives to understand why we say that as a truly professional home-business opportunity, the factoring and asset-based lending industries almost have no equal.  It is a home business that not only caters to career-oriented individuals, but also to those seeking to launch a home business that can be profitably operated on strictly an “occasional basis”.   And for those seeking such a part-time “occasional” enterprise operation that can truly be  started and operated with little or no capital and for just pennies a day, IACFB offers its “Agent Programs”.

What Are Agents?Factoring Broker

When it comes to a factoring broker’s needs for training and support, one size certainly does not fit all which is why IACFB created the “Agents” programs.  These “Factoring Broker Lite” programs provide both training and support for those interested in a business model that operates on an “opportunistic” approach to the freelancing side of factoring and focus on being in the right place at the right time and armed with the right knowledge to generate a client referral.  Simply put, agents are individuals that…

  • tend to be active networkers in their community.  They are movers and shakers.
  • belong to multiple clubs and organizations and actively attend meetings
  • have existing businesses and business connections in their community
  • are very active on social media

Agents are almost never involved in direct marketing and the expense that comes with it.  Instead, agents tend to be nothing more than outgoing individuals that seek to position themselves in situations where they strike up conversations about anything and everything with such conversations periodically involving business and business finance with some turning into quality leads for referral.  To operate effectively and successfully, agents only need…

  • basic training in factoring (Factoring 101)
  • an online identity (basic landing page)
  • a supply of business cards
  • networking opportunities

Factoring brokers that operate their business as “agents” do so literally on pennies a day.  It’s a side of the factoring business that anyone, and we do mean anyone, can get involved in and especially with almost ne3glible cost of agent training through the IACFB Campus.

The Agent Programs:  What’s the Difference?

For those that have viewed the training and support programs offered through IACFB, there can be some confusion about the Agent Training Programs of which there are two.  These are the IACFB Agent Program and the Factor’s Agent Program and here’s the difference.

  • IACFB Agents Program $99.95:  This is a program where the broker (agent) will work directly with an IACFB account executive when submitting leads.  IACFB with qualify the prospect, submit the deal to an appropriate factor, and share the commission through a co-brokering arrangement with the agent.  The agent receives a commission of 10% of the factoring fees earned on a residual, on-going basis.  The setup cost of $99.95 provides a landing page, domain, and annual hosting for lead-generation and is reimbursable after successful submission and funding of the agents first deal.
  • Factor’s Agent Program FREE:  With this program, the agent will work directly with an industry factor (or factor’s Business Development Officer) that is a member of IACFB.  The agent is provided FREE training through IACFB with an optional landing page available for $9.95 monthly plus domain.  Besides being a free program, Factor’s Agents typically enjoy a slightly higher commission rate of between 10% and 15% depending on the particular factor.
  • Factoring 101 Training:  Both programs utilize Factoring 101 training at the Campus.

Both Agents Programs offered though IACFB provide the new IACFB member with comprehensive Factoring 101 training.

How to Enter an Agents Program

Even if your ultimate goal is a career as a full time, career oriented factoring broker, the Agents Programs at Campus IACFB are a great place to start and successfully enter the industry for little or no cost.  To sign up for the…

  • IACFB Agents Program:  To sign up as an IACFB agent, you will set up your account through DataMax Hosting.  For all the details, visit
  • Factors Agents Program:  To sign up as a Factor’s Agent, you will call / contact a participating factor directly.  The best place to find factors who are part of the program is the Campus IACFB Group at LinedIn.

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