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Questions and Answers about factoring broker training
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The business of freelance consulting in the invoice factoring and alternative commercial finance industry is one of the most unique and under-the-radar opportunities available to those seeking a truly professional home-business career path.  With the exceptional training programs offered by IACFB, it is also one of the most affordable and the IACFB training is something that almost everyone can benefit from.

We’ve assembles some very common questions asked about the industry and the opportunity on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of IACFB factoring broker training?

Sponsored Agent training is FREE and complimentary and provides all the factoring knowledge you will need to begin sending factoring prospects to IACFB for closing

IACFB Freelance Consultant training is available in text form from and includes free e-learning  continuing education here on the Campus.  Purchasers of the training guide online are given FREE access to the training at Campus IACFB as well as access to Business-in-a-Box marketing aids. 

Additional marketing training and Pipedrive CRM support and set up assistance are available as the “Freelance Program”.  The Freelance Program includes:

  • a professionally designed WordPress website
  • DataMax Gold Hosting Plan with SSL Certificate
  • 25 Email Boxes for building your group of Agent sub-brokers
  • “Friends with Benefits” Affiliate Program
  • Pipedrive 30 day free trail and set up assistance
  • Additional marketing assistance

How do I subscribe and get started as a factoring broker?

Getting started with training at Campus IACFB is very easy and basically all you need do is register.  All registered members are provided with Sponsored Agent training which is enough for you to begin testing the waters and even sending deals into IACFB.

Can I Start as Sponsored Agent and Work Into Being a Freelance Consultant?

Yes.  In fact, that’s what we recommend.  Having a sponsor will provide you with a bit of mentoring and someone you can ask a question to.  Once you have landed a few deals and have your feet solidly planted in the industry, making the transition to freelance broker is simply a matter of upgrading and expanding your website. 

What is a Master Broker?

Master Brokers are consultants with years of experience and will help those with less experience to close deals.  Master brokers often provide “boots on the ground” help and are able to actually make a personal call on a prospect you are having difficulty in closing.

How Difficult is this business for the average person?

It is not a difficult business to learn with the help of all the lessons and classes in the Campus.  It is a business that, however, takes some time to mature and time to develop.  You need to be the type of entrepreneur that has patience and will stick with the concept until the business begins to roll in.  Success as a factoring broker means a six-figure income and six-figure incomes don’t grow on trees. 

What Are the Broker Forums?

The Brokers Forums act as a community bulletin board.  They are primarily used so IACFB can make announcements but all IACFB members can additionally post threads, comments, and questions on the forums.

I'm already in business and a website and marketing covered. Can I still get into the Campus for training?

Absolutely!  You only need to purchase the Consultant’s Guide from Amazon then when registering here at IACFB, complete the box for your purchaser’s code (page 198 of the guide).

When we process your registration here at the Campus, you will be given full access.  Additionally, if you change your mind and find you need to upgrade to the “Freelance Program” with website and marketing training, you can use the code on page 198 to receive a $79.95 discount to reimburse you for your Amazon purchase.

Where To Start

Learning Lab: Free Lessons and Articles

If this is your first visit to Campus IACFB and you are interested in more about factoring and the opportunities available as an industry broker, the place to start is the Learning Lab which contains series of informative introductory articles and lessons designed to help answer your questions.  Whether you are planning on entering the industry full time or just part time, the Lab is the place to start.   The Learning Lab is free and complimentary. 

IACFB Sponsored Agent

The Sponsored Agents Program is an exceptional program for those just entering the industry and primarily for those who will work on strictly an occasional or part time basis and for those individuals still having a full time career.  The Sponsored Agents Program is the perfect program for…

  • Bookkeepers and Accounting Professionals
  • Tax Preparers
  • Cash Flow Consultants / Notes Brokers
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisors
  • Notaries
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Bloggers

Simply put, the Sponsored Agent Program puts you in business with a professionally designed WordPress landing page, blog, and client submission forms.  We even provide you with a FREE offer (giveaway) of a lead-generating booklet entitled “When Banks Say NO!  The Small Business Guide to Factoring”.

The job of the Sponsored Agent is that of “lead-generator”.  Their focus is to…

  • Network and “put themselves out there” live or on social media
  • Talk to anyone and everyone
  • If the conversation turns to business, let that person know you are a business finance consultant
  • Direct them to your Agent Landing Page where they can download your FREE booklet on factoring
  • Let IACFB Account Executives follow up and help close your deal.