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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone subscribe to Campus IACFB training?

Yes.  IACFB is an “Open Campus”

How much are the training programs?

The Sponsored Agents Program is $99.95 per year which includes a landing page for marketing.  The more comprehensive Freelance Broker Program is $199.95.  Both memberships are “life” memberships.

How do I subscribe and get started as a factoring broker?

Getting started with training at Campus IACFB is very easy since the prerequisite is only to be a DataMax client.  This means you simply need to purchase a DataMax Enterprise website template and then set up a hosting account.  DataMax provides web templates for factoring brokers, cash flow consultants, mortgage note brokers, mobile notaries, bookkeepers, and many others.  Additionally, they provide exceptional WordPress hosting for bloggers and affiliate marketers such as Amazon Affiliates.  All of these groups and many others can subscribe to Campus IACFB once their hosting account is active. 

What is the first step in getting started?

The first step in getting started as a factoring broker and accessing training at Campus IACFB is to decide on a business name and domain dame for your website.  In most cases, they should be similar or related.  Once you decide on a domain, you can then purchase a website template or blog template and set up a hosting account at DataMax.  We discuss this in greater detail in the free lessons found in the Learning Lab. 

Learning Lab: Free Lessons and Articles

The Learning Lab at Campus IACFB contains a group if introductory articles and lessons designed to help answer questions for those individuals exploring a part-time of full time career as a factoring broker or commercial finance consultant.  The Learning Lab is free and complimentary to Registered Guests of the Campus who will have access to the Lab and IACFB’s Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.  Registered Guest are provided with a PASSWORD to access guest content. 

Entry Level: Sponsored Agent Courses (Program)

The Sponsored Agents Program is an exceptional program for those just entering the industry and primarily for those who will work on strictly an occasional or part time basis and for those individuals still having a full time career.  The Sponsored Agents Program is the perfect program for…

  • Bookkeepers and Accounting Professionals
  • Tax Preparers
  • Cash Flow Consultants / Notes Brokers
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisors
  • Notaries
  • Insurance Professionals

Advanced Level: Freelance Factoring Broker (Program)

The Freelance Factoring Broker Training Program at Campus IACFB is a comprehensive training and support program for those entering the industry whose goal is to establish a full time career as an independent consultant.  This exceptionally affordable program provides the cornerstone for an exceptional career with unlimited potential for income and growth.  A very special program for very special people.