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Financing Products

Working Capital for Today's Entrepreneurs and Mobile Creatives

Business Financing Solutions Through IACFB

For over 30 years, IACFB and its associates have been providing creative alternative financing for America’s small business entrepreneurs as well as today’s mobile creatives.  While we are best known for our solutions involving commercial factoring, we additionally provide working capital through asset-based revolving lines of credit and inventory finance, SBA loans, purchase order finance, equipment finance and leasing, export trade finance, and more.

What type of financing best suits your needs and requirement?  If your small to mid size business is need of cash flow and working capital right now, spend a few minutes looking at your many options available through IACFB.  Select any image below to find out more.


Worldwide, factoring is one of the most utilized financial tools for small and mid-sized businesses when dealing with the crippling cash flow problems associated with slow paying customers enjoying generous payment terms.  Factoring provides you with the mechanism to continue to quickly grow your business and continue to attract new, creditworthy customers with your accommodating terms of payment on orders, while you receive cash in hand immediately.  A perfect solution for B2B companies in the early to growth stages of business  (learn more)   

Asset-based loans are typically structured as “revolving lines of credit” and while factors provide financing for invoices and slow paying customers, ABL lenders are more beneficial to manufacturers and distributors since they provide capital for not only invoices, but also inventory (and often equipment) as well.  Unlike traditional lenders such as local banks that focus entirely on your financials, creditworthiness, and your ability to repay the loan, asset-based lenders focus more heavily on their ability to liquidate the collateral if the loan fails.    (find out more)

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