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IACFB Freelance Factoring Broker Program

One of the most exceptional home-business opportunities out there…bar none.  Become an IACFB Freelance Factoring Broker and begin earning your share of the factoring industry’s RESIDUAL, LIFE-OF-ACCOUNT COMMISSION INCOME.   

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  • Factoring 101 factoring broker training program
  • Factoring 202 marketing aids and support program
  • Commercial Finance Consultant Training Guide (5-star 200+ pages)
  • WordPress Factoring Broker Website (NEW)  View Templates Here
  • Business Email (5 boxes)
  • Website Hosting required ($14.95 per month)
  • FREE shipping in Continental U.S.
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Regularly $199.95...order within the next 24 hours for just $99.95

With its life-of-account residual commissions paid for referrals, there is little to compare with the business of “factoring broker” as a professional home business virtually anyone can excel at.  Explore the Campus and learn more.  Visit ‘Orientation”.